Trichomoniasis is an infection for whose existence the protozoan "Trichonoma vaginalis" (lower animals, usually microscopic, unicellular) is guilty. As small as it is, as insidious and aggressive it is its actions.

Like many other parasites, usually, it is present in the urinary tract, not betraying its presence by any symptoms and not affecting the body in any way. Bad ideas come only in combination with various other bacteria (bacillus coli, streptococcus, staphylococcus, etc.). The same old story: "A good boy, respectful, not upsetting anyone, until one day, when entering a gang"...

Urogenital Trichomoniasis is a fairly common condition that occurs mainly in women aged between 16 and 35 years. Why be the best years of youth deprived of troubles (as if there wouldn’t be any others... enough)?

The way of transmission is mainly sexual (how else?), but not mandatory. The protozoan can survive for several hours on various items: towels, bedding, door handles and even soap. YES, the soap. That's because moisture and alkaline environment, paradoxically, favors its existence and multiplication. It always seems that the evil has more chances in front of the good. Thus, the little animal can survive up to 24 hours outside the human body. A true "ninja" of infections.

Sometimes the parasite causes also oral infections with the most serious consequences: pneumonia, bronchitis or mouth lesions. Really cute, isn't it?

Men do not show signs of this infection than very rarely, in most cases, they are only carriers and finding out about their infection just after contaminating a partner. And then see "joys"!

 Even if it happens very rarely, men can have some symptoms like urethral secretions (which appear in the morning) around the urinary opening, with wet membrane looking. Most often, those in question, smile satisfied, with infatuation, firmly convinced that the subtle nightly "ejaculation" has been caused by a secret erotic adventure (dreamed, of course) with a famous star of modeling world site, which, however, to their dismay, they do not remember anymore…

Unfortunately, this infection and the inflammation it causes is one of the factors that favor the occurrence of cancerous tumors, especially in the prostate.

In women, the disease produces malodorous vaginal discharge and severe pain present in the genital area. In addition, if not treated on time, they continue to bear vaginal pain with increased intensity during sexual intercourse. And no, it's not the partner who has found a miraculous solution to enlarge his penis.

     For women, the diagnosis is made by microscopic analysis of vaginal secretions, or by subjecting the first urine sample (from the morning) in special laboratory tests.

Trichomoniasis in men is diagnosed by obtaining urethral secretion, resulting from prostate massage or urine samples collected at the first urine of the day. In general, further analyses are recommended in order to discover also other infections, most especially syphilis or HIV. Meaning the "gang" the little parasite can walk with.

Even if it can be taken also through other ways, however, Trichomoniasis is labeled as a sexually transmitted disease. Because of this, treatment is mandatory for both partners (or in some cases, for all those who...). If they are treated together and there are no other risks of reinfection, within 10 days, the disease will be fully cured. Finally some good news! It should be noted that during this treatment is not recommended alcohol consumption.

Attention! Healing brings no immunity and the risk of regaining it is still high.

Prevention is the mother of wisdom! So, using a CONDOM with every occasion can only be beneficial. Sexual diseases are many, some avoidable, some not... but often, that small balloon makes successfully its duty.