It is said that "Sex heals anything”! Unfortunately, the concept itself is more metaphorical, because in real, things are not nearly so. Because sex, sometimes sickens. And quite serious... For example, the bacterium "Neisseria Gonorrhea" is one of the unpleasant surprises that may come along with the sublime emotions of eroticism, causing the disease called Gonorrhea. This is a sexually transmitted disease, during unprotected intimate relationships, regardless of their way (oral, vaginal or anal). Meaning a kind of "full options" which you cannot really keep away from. The disease is also known under the name of Clap, being located in the throat, rectum, and in the cervix (the lower part of the uterus or bladder), the urethra (urine canal) or the vagina... true luxury residences for the microorganisms involved.

Basically, if the disease is discovered in its early stages, it does not involve major problems, being relatively easy to treat with antibiotics. Problems arise, however, in people HIV infected (and this is not a joke). Gonorrhea leads to inflammation of the genital organs, so that the concentration of HIV in the tissue becomes much greater and, of course, dangerous. For example, if the man is infected with gonorrhea, and it is located in the penis after an unprotected sex, he can transmit by his semen a viral load up to 10 times higher than normal. On the other hand, people infected with the bacterium "Neisseria" are more likely to contact HIV due to an already weak immune system and anal sex has the same risk up to 20 times, if gonorrhea infection is localized in the rectum.

Not treating the disease in time, the body produces a whole host of other ailments completely undesirable, because by means of its relatively incisive evolution, the infection spreads rapidly, surpassing the genital area. As a result, blood flow, the skin and wrists will also get affected, registering thus numerous heart diseases. And when it comes to heart, things get a completely different note... a very bleak one.

The manifestation of this diagnostic beyond the genital area, is called Gonococcal Infection. In these cases, patients may experience fever, to which unfortunately they do not give the due importance and thus, it favors extreme complications.

Sporadically, men feel testicle pains that are caused though by a whole different infection (adjacent to untreated clap), called Epididymitis. A sort of bonus received at "package" with Gonorrhea. They may also suffer inflammation or scarring of the urethra and last but not least, infertility may occur. All such disorders are treatable with antibiotics (Blessed be medicine!).

Clap’s symptoms differ according to gender.

In women, 80% of the specific symptoms are very subtle, often overlooked or associated with other light diseases, allowing the infection to pass the cervix and spread to the fallopian tubes or ovaries, where abscesses arise, the final result being infertility.

If they do make their presence felt, the first signs of the disease emerge in 2 - 10 days after contamination, rarely reaching up to 30 days, resulting in the form of yellow-green discharge that seeps from the rectum or vagina or by the appearance of mild itching/burning sensations during urination.

Men perceive acute pains, burning or itching accompanied by whitish discharge in the genital and anus area. Also, testicles and the penis may present swellings and urination and defecation are accompanied by intense burning or itching (a very unpleasant cocktail of sensations).

Both men and women may have minor throat sore, frequently confused with tonsillitis (if gonorrhea infection is localized in that area).

Investigations to establish the diagnosis will be made only by medical specialists. Note! The "Medical specialist" is not the name of any imbecile website where everyone can say their opinion.

For treatment to succeed, it is necessary to be followed in its entirety, without being interrupted with the disappearance of symptoms. Another essential factor to eliminate the risk of reinfection is that all sexual partners that had to do with the sick person go to the doctor for consultation and medication. If there are many, perhaps the idea of ​​simultaneity is still a little rushed and... inappropriate.

Throughout the duration of the antibiotics, intimate relationships are prohibited.

For prevention, it is recommended periodic medical examinations and tests. Ahhh... and even if you go only jogging or buying fruits from the corner store, do not forget to carry with you at least a CONDOM! You can never know "what the future holds"!