Because we are different, both by physical appearance, way of thinking and behavior, each of us looks differently the own body. We appreciate ourselves either by our own beliefs or teachings, or by the effect of reactions we provoke among those who are watching us. 

Inguinal depilation is a way of body care for which you can opt or not, depending on how you appreciate yourself or feel that you are looked in terms of aesthetics.

If you decide to totally or partially remove the hair in the intimate area, the way you do it resides exclusively on your preferences. And this is not only to make you feel comfortable during intercourse, but also generally in everyday life.

Here is what options you have available:


Shortening of pubic hair. For some people, the existence of pubic hair is very appreciated for others though, on the contrary, its presence can make them uncomfortable. However, if you are among those who appreciate the "secretization" of the pubic area with hair and at the same time you want it to have a neat appearance, you can opt for the alternative of periodically arranging it by trimming. The method is practical and easy to achieve, with the advantage that you can do it home, without having to go to any specialized salon. It strictly depends on your taste.

Removal of hair that is outside the edge of the underwear.
If not uncomfortable with pubic hair, but you do not want it to be seen along the edges of the underwear or bathing suit (when you go to the pool or the sea), you can remove it very quickly and very easily. Like in the "shortening" method, it requires very little time and can be done at home.


Partial depilation. Partial depilation or french depilation as it is called, involves removing hair from the inguinal area, excepting the intergluteal one. This method is practiced by many women. Even if it requires more time and attention, partial hair removal is worth the effort, especially if the hair in the intimate area seems uncomfortable to you and if you want to always have soft skin. You should know that men love the feeling of softness they feel when in contact with a woman's intimate area depilated in French style.


Total depilation. Total depilation is also called Brazilian waxing being similar to the French one. The difference between the two versions is the fact that in the case of total hair removal, hair is removed including from within intergluteal area. This method is perfect for women who do not want at all hair in the inguinal and in the intergluteal area. Some people are more sensitive, and pubic hair provokes them irritation or itching. Especially in summer because of the heat, the intimate area sweats very easily being predisposed to mild infections. For this reason, the brazilian hair removal method is an increasingly adopted choice.

Neither the presence, nor the absence of pubic hair has anything to do with practicing sex. The important thing is to have great care of your body hygiene, both to avoid the discomfort that can make intercourse a failure, and to prevent any risk (how little) of disease.