As almost always happens in daily life, what is beautiful is forbidden, what is pleasant is immoral, and what is tasty... fattens. Sex does not make any exception to this ingrate rule, bringing once with the voluptuousness of ecstasy, a lot of other troubles. And yet what troubles…

On “Top” of them, there is the Chlamydia Trachomatis, sexually transmitted disease, being the most widespread infection among adults aged between 20 and 30 years (meaning exactly when life should be beautiful).

If other diseases from this category manifest in some way or another (let’s say they are “noisy”), Chlamydia Trachomatis is famous by the fact it is absolutely “silent”... it is downright treacherous! Almost 70% of the infected women and about 40% of contaminated men will not show any symptoms. Therefore, Chlamydia is known as: the “silent infection”.

And because “an evil never comes alone”, many times, this disease is a “wonderful” pair of Gonorrhea. Birds of a feather... gather, and when it’s about doing wrong, you have no idea where from these many “friends” arise!

Chlamydia contamination risk exists only in case of sexual intercourse (oral, vaginal or anal) without a condom. Bacteria can be gained by sharing common towels, baths or toilets and not by kissing or touching the skin directly. Few however are satisfied just with hugs or cuddling.

For women (when they occur), the symptoms are manifested by itching and burning during urination (and not only), cloudy urine, viscous vaginal discharge (smelly dark yellow) or blood loss between periods which can also become irregular. A true “fairy”.

Rarely enough, there may be small excrescences or blisters around the genital or anal area. During or after vaginal intercourse, pains are felt more or less acute... so that, in case of new partners, do not rush with positive comments about their “size”!

Men have feelings of dysuria (discomfort during urination), followed by altered appearance (in terms of color and smell) of the urine. There may occur also mild secretions, somewhat viscous, or scabs on the head of the penis, and a particular sensitivity of the anus and scrotum. So, less on the living room couch and no football games! Perhaps only the first round...

Both in women and in men infected with Chlamydia, other symptomatic signals are likely, apparently without any connection with the disease in question: unjustified fatigue states, fever (exceeding 38 degrees), inflammation of the eye area, the occurrence of conjunctivitis, frequent urination, bowel disorders as diarrhea. Usually in such cases, all thoughts are turning with “tenderness” to bosses that extend daily work schedule.

However, at the lowest indices of this type, it requires immediate consultation with a specialized physician and in no case a lawyer.  

Once discovered this disease, through targeted spectrum antibiotics, healing is complete. But because not all human bodies are the same, prescription medication will only and only be made by medical specialty, completely avoiding the advice received from friends or all-knowing knowledge (from the net).

Unfortunately, healing does not bring also immunity; reinfection being possible even if treatment had formerly full effect. In order to exclude such a risk, it is necessary that all sexual partners that had contact with an infected person to follow the treatment simultaneously (in some cases, this concept could take the form of a real flash mob, quite picturesque... and multiple). Intimate contact can be resumed only after one week from the end of the treatment.

Untreated in time or fighting against this kind of infections in an inconsistent manner cause a wide variety of absolutely undesirable complications.

The best solution, though, to prevent such “joys” is that whenever you are sure that in the next 5 minutes you will remain without your underwear, you control your purse (women) or your pocket (men) to ensure that you feel that unmistakable rustling bag with CONDOMS.