The most frequently asked questions about couple-escorts

The most frequently asked questions about couple-escorts

The most frequently asked questions about couple-escorts

“Trust is the most important and lasting element a couple has.”

Couple-escorts are the most sophisticated form of initiative in this field and it is probably one of the most complete options of satisfying erotic fantasies for those who request such services. Both partners have to perfectly harmonize their reactions, their attitudes and their sexuality. If the couple also has a stable relationship, their feelings for one another have to be the more consensual and lasting, because only perfect confidence and joy for the feelings of the other one can keep them together. It is a very interesting manifestation of affection and devotion that very few understand and that even fewer accept.

Couples who are at the beginning of such a career usually ask themselves a couple of natural and relevant questions about the appropriateness or viability of the choice made, about the psychological or social effects they could be faced with practicing this profession on a regular basis... or about the ways in which they can conduct their undertaking in optimal conditions of security and profitability. The answers they look for, unfortunately, won’t be found in articles such as these and, let alone, here. It is only in our own consciousness and in our own principles about the world and life that the truth can be found and human turmoil can be solved...

No one but you, the couple, can answer these questions. You will only find here a few mere suggestions and general guidelines, outlined and summarized from the experiences shared by many other escorts but you will be the ones who will decide their usefulness and purpose through your reasoning and personal interests. Only you will know if these guidelines are adequate for you and if it is worth including them in the list of rules and precepts that lead your steps to the desired goal. So, everything is a matter of personal choice and interpretation!

Therefore... here are a few questions and a few answers that might be possible reference points for the future decisions you will make regarding your unusual professional option:


Can we earn a lot of money in this profession? By choosing this profession, you have clearly felt that your relationship as a couple, your sexuality and the trust you have in each other allows you to step boldly towards ephemeral adventures. But, beyond spiritual balance and beyond the psychological flexibility you have shown in approaching eroticism and couple life, money was also (directly or indirectly) a very important factor in your choice. Otherwise, you would have simply joined a swingers club where you could have crossed the boundaries of couple partnerships in a way that does not involve financial gain.

But, YES, it is true that in this profession the money earned exceeds what we consider “average” income and it is only natural that you have taken this aspect into consideration. In fact, with a little skill, this activity can become, in time, a very profitable business.

But, from the beginning, it is good to have in mind the fact that the escort profession has a period of maximum profit that is quite limited... approximately until the age of 30-35. During this time, the income gained must be managed rationally and sparingly: it should either be invested in different other opportunities or saved for the time when, although you will still be able to work, you will not have the same yield.


Is it difficult in the beginning? Yes! For couple-escorts the beginning is probably the most difficult step. First of all, you must defeat your jealousy, your ego, your individualistic impulses and especially the internal turmoil caused by seeing your partner giving pleasure to another person. Many couples split up or abandon this idea since the early stages of its unfolding, mainly because of the very powerful emotional impact felt in intimacy that simply cracks their cohesion.

The problems generated by clients are equally prominent in shaking the desire to continue this adventure. More precisely, the unhappy interaction with clients is that prominent factor. Unfortunately, escorting activities will not always unfold in distinguished environments and luxury interiors, with characters from select social environments that fall prey to the ecstasy of fine champagne, good quality music or elevated discussions...

But if you are strong enough to resist all the disagreeable attempts, if you are united and if you know how to refrain your individualistic drives... in time, you will learn how to deal with the circumstances above and, most of all, how to avoid them!


What are the requirements for practicing this job professionally? In order to become a professional couple-escort, you have to go through a lot of phases progressively (in time), but the most important step at the beginning is the need for a small investment especially in all the aspects that have to do with your own image.

The way both partners in a couple look is a fundamental factor in attracting those who would be interested in your offer and that is why, constant attention and care must be directed especially towards this goal.

Don’t overlook all the details regarding bodily beauty, clothes or accessories and don’t save money when it comes to these details. They can truly set the standard for your activity.

Here are a few suggestions:

-Looks in general. Firstly, don’t go for a vulgar look - this refers especially to the feminine part of the couple - no matter how much you might feel that you will fascinate many suitors this way. It is a detrimental preconception because the “spicy” attitude or looks exerts considerable attraction only for those who under no circumstances would you want as clients. Choose a decent, elegant, sophisticated look, capable of attracting those individuals that not only will be able to honor your financial demands but they will also turn the intimate experience with you into a pleasurable activity.

-Hair. Both partners should groom their hair so that it never looks unwashed or uncombed. If the female partner has dyed hair, she shouldn’t let the roots reveal in time her real hair color. In other words, she should go to the hair dresser as frequently as possible and shouldn’t postpone it out of convenience or who knows what other reason until the hair threads reach 3 or 4 colors at the same time. As for the male side of the couple, a hair that is regularly cared for at the hairdresser will ensure a refined and polished image.

-Complexion. The woman in the couple should never use showy or heavy makeup in the hope that she will be able to hide possible skin blemishes or to attract attention more. You shouldn’t make yourself noticed through this kind of methods because flashiness in this field is specific to a category of persons of which (if you decided to read this article) you certainly don’t want to be a part. Also, too much makeup has a huge disadvantage: with sweat and caresses, everything can turn into a viscous blend that will inevitable trickle on your cheeks.

-Teeth. Your breath must always be fresh and pleasant. Besides brushing your teeth thoroughly, you should also always carry breath spray or aromatic candy with you. You shouldn’t chew gum because it will give you a slightly repulsive air of childish vulgarity. Last but not least, you should go to the dentist regularly for routine checks, for tartar removal and teeth whitening.

-Eyes and eyelids. Unfortunately, after a long working period and especially if the activities take place late at night and even until the early hours of the morning, your eyes and eyelids will take the toll for the lack of sleep and they will reveal tiredness in a most unpleasant way. That is why you should use eye drops or different serums, gels or special (invigorating) creams to care for your eyes - their tired looks will greatly diminish the sex drive of any viewer.

-Facial and body hair. This rule goes for both partners: body hair and, especially, hair in the inguinal and intimate areas must be removed completely and very often in order to give your skin a velvety and fine aspect and to give the viewers who will admire your nude body a sensation of freshness and cleanliness.

-Nails. They represent a very visible and participatory element in this line of work, often times playing a part in generating sensations of arousal (especially in the case of the female member of the couple). That is why nails must look clean and cared for, most of all since they will approach and even touch the “delicate” areas of those who will enjoy your presence. The woman in the couple-escort should avoid flashy colors and patterns. Just like in the case of makeup, these garish elements can subliminally suggest the image of a woman belonging to a different social category, often subjected to disregard.

-Lingerie. It is the most spectacular and successful detail of the profession you have chosen, especially in view of the visual foreplay and its climax, and that is precisely why you should be very generous when it comes to buying these articles of clothing that should be as qualitative and as varied as possible (for the sake of diversity). It is a type of investment that will show its effectiveness very soon.

-Silk stockings for a woman. Silk stockings represent an aesthetic detail that has huge visual impact and plays a part in arousal both in a meeting in a public place and behind the closed doors of the bedroom where you will accompany your clients. In this case, as well, you have to spend a great deal of money. Choose renowned makers and stockings that use tape or garter. This type of stockings is not only very flattering and elegant on the leg but it is very practical during love scenes because you no longer have to take the stockings off.

-Cosmetics. The ladies who are in this line of work have a disastrous tendency to believe that a lot of makeup, mascara, blush, foundation or lipstick will flatter their facial features. In reality however, it is a perspective that has fallen into disgrace. You shouldn’t let the others know through looks and appearance that you are a being that emanates eroticism; it should be through discreet gestures, furtive glances or provocative attitudes, all of them as aristocratic and enigmatic as possible. So, use cosmetics only to finely outline your facial features; natural looks have the gift of inspiring anyone’s fantasies.

-Perfumes. We advise you to use only very fine, high quality perfumes that are felt only when being close in intimacy. Especially in the case of the female member of the couple-escort, these perfumes should be a surprising and pleasant discovery at the same time as bodily nakedness and not a “desperate cry” to attract attention from miles away.

-Clothes. The idea of looking sexy at any cost has become the rule among the professionals of pleasure and unfortunately it has translated into an almost ubiquitous fashion style that only reveals the obsession to show the naked body as much and as aggressively as possible. It is absolutely wrong! Avoid falling into this disastrous pattern! Dress elegantly and try to adopt a classical, distinguished line of clothing. You will inspire respect and the desire to be discovered.

-High heel shoes or boots (according to season). These elements play the part of activating primal instincts and they should always be present in the wardrobe of the woman in the couple-escort. When you go on a date, don’t give up high heels in favor of more casual or even sports shoes. High heels give your body a more slender look and, of course, they have a very arousing effect in terms of image.

-Accessories. Don’t choose huge accessories. It is true that there are periods when fashion trends bring about all sorts of exaggerations and extravagances... but while trends pass with seasons, the elements that are considered classical and tasteful remain the same for a very long time. The smaller and more delicate the accessories are, the more you will avoid possible slips in improperly stating your own taste. Moreover, this version also has a huge advantage - it eliminates the incidents that might occur during the “action” (getting tangled in earrings, hair pins, rings with very prominent stones etc.). As for the man in the couple-escort, you should under no circumstance consider hanging on his neck chains with huge crosses or other bulky pendants. It is the worst sign of rudeness and bad taste. Unnatural sized piercings or bracelets are not a happy choice either...

-Follow the news! This suggestion can seem a bit strange and inappropriate in the circumstances, but... the beneficiaries of your services are usually individuals who are familiar with, follow and discuss everything that has to do with sports, economy or politics. You can’t imagine what a good impression you will make if you can maintain their appetite for and be a partner in discussions on any of these topics.

-Photographs. Exposure for advertising purposes is perhaps the most determining factor in the rise of such businesses. They say that an image is worth 1000 words and most certainly it is. Choose professional photographers, be original in the poses you adopt in front of the camera and always “refresh” your portfolio with the images you post in the adverts.

After you have read these tips you might be a bit perplexed... because it is a difficult way ahead and it may take some time until earning the profits of your dreams, especially if you want to be more special and more unique in your attitude...

At the beginning, should we choose the services of an Agency?
At first, both of you will certainly have a lot of things to do; so, you may not have the time for “marketing” and for talking with the people interested in your services. In addition, Agencies already have a reputation, a list of faithful “beneficiaries” and perhaps the most notable aspect... they can give you very useful advice for the beginning of the road you want to follow. So, yes, we would say it is good to start with an Agency.


What advantages do we get if we choose to be independent? Being independent in this profession means administering your business by yourself. The two partners forming the couple-escort have to do the advertising and the talks with potential callers, they have to choose the working schedule, the security measures, the means of transportation, they have to cash in the money and, of course, they have to provide the actual services.

Although, at a first glance, it seems difficult, these drawbacks can be overcome by the couple once the members have acquired some experience and have gone through the more or less productive situations that are specific to the erotic field. In the end, though, when the ability to adapt is consolidated and when you can find adequate solutions for any type of trials, the satisfactions will also appear at all levels.

What probably amplifies the attractiveness of the independent option for any type of escort is the flexibility of both the schedule and the rate that can be set differently according to the nature and requirements of the applicants. Even the evolution of the relationship can be adapted according to the attitude of the clients, most of all when the meetings are carried out regularly and systematically over a longer period of time. This way, the connection is personalized and goes beyond the border of a simple service. It is precisely what most of the people interested in such favors desire.

We have listed here briefly a few advantages of being independent in the escort profession:
-the possibility to choose your working schedule in a flexible way;
-the possibility to set the fees you charge and the rules of conduct in a personalized way that is specific to every client;
-the amount you obtain from providing your services remains entirely in your possession;
-guaranteed success with clients since they especially seek independent escorts due both to the affordable (and sometimes negotiable) price and to the possibility of direct contact, without intermediaries.


What are the disadvantages of an independent business? As an independent couple-escort you will have to manage by yourselves the infernal machine of the project you have started: the advertising process, registering with as many specialized sites as possible, answering emails, having regular photo shoots, keeping fit, going to the hair salon or to a beautician, answering phone calls, dealing with security measures and, last but not least, the dates themselves... You will both have to do them all and sustain them by yourselves, let alone the initial investment that you will also have to pay with your own money.

Another disadvantage of this option is that success and great earnings come late in the game, after considerable and demanding efforts. You must go through a period of ups and downs during which you will learn through more or less pleasant experiences how to manage all the twists and turns of this business. Not making these efforts will only block or collapse the entire system you have agreed to make sacrifices for.

Being an independent escort also means that you have to fend for yourself and you have more responsibilities.

We have listed below some of the aspects that might make you give up on the idea of becoming an independent couple-escort:
-You must design and apply by yourselves the entire advertising plan;
-You must hire periodically a professional photographer in order to build artistic and varied portfolios;
-You must be computer literate and you must know how to use the internet;
-You must be registered and present on as many specialized sites as possible;
-You must reply promptly and regularly to any messages you receive on email;
-You must waste precious time in order to extend your acquaintances network;
-You must create a website in which you must invest a considerable amount of money and time in order to maintain it, update it constantly and make it known to as many users as possible;
-When you choose your clients, you need to build your own safety and security system;
-You must provide your own means of transportation when going to potential clients.

However, all of these less comfortable aspects we have mentioned are not necessarily disadvantages. You can consider them challenges that, once overcome, can bring many satisfactions and considerable earnings because, in the end, you must remember that you are working only for yourselves.


What are the “secrets” of sex in this trade? Sex, as a sublime manifestation of our intimate desires, doesn’t have many secrets. It is true that it can be considered an art, but it is not an art that is within everyone’s reach. The only element that is frequently missing in the case of all those who want to become “artists” is the desire to express it naturally, the way they feel it... without rules, without prejudices, without restraints and with complete involvement in everything that has to do with experiencing erotic sensations and emotions.

There are many couples who read articles such as these hoping they will discover “confirmations” of the decisions they have taken or want to take, considering that what they do is inappropriate or unacceptable from a social point of view. But, when it comes to sex, nothing is forbidden or inadmissible, and less so when both partners want and agree to fulfill certain fantasies together.

So... do everything that brings you pleasure or satisfies your curiosity.


Is oral sex important in the activity of an couple-escort? You have certainly noticed in the ads posted by escorts all over the world self-laudatory references to the techniques they master when it comes to oral sex. This aspect should be food for thought and should lead you to the conclusion that this version of sexual experimentation is extremely important in the profession you have chosen.

What is more, there are quite a few cases when the sole reason for such dates is connected strictly to the erotic pleasure of fellatio or cunilingus with a happy ending.

Although at first sight it seems easy and way too common to be a topic of interest by itself, oral sex is not such a trivial act, especially if you want to practice it at a professional level. There is considerable difference between introducing the penis in your mouth or stimulating the clitoris with your tongue and the sensual technique of producing supreme bliss.

Regarding the issue of oral sex seen through the desire to do things at an elitist level, you will have to reconsider many of the simplistic habits through which you have approached this topic until now.


What are the most important methods to ensure your safety? Unlike other escorts, couples are less vulnerable to the risks involved by practicing this profession, especially due to the presence of the male partner during the meetings imposed by this kind of activity.

Among the (preventive) safety measures that you should take, especially in the case of new clients, is the extremely efficient method of setting the first dates in a public place where you will have the opportunity to meet closely your potential partner for a few minutes. In this context, you will be able to have a short conversation with the client, ask questions and give him answers, meanwhile having the opportunity to study him discreetly and notice any gesture or reaction that could reveal an irritable or aggressive behavior.

Moreover, meetings in public places also give you the advantage of making a quick and natural getaway (without too many explanations or contradictory discussions) in case your instinct notices the smallest alarm “signals”. Simply offer a polite excuse and leave!

Your psychological peace of mind and balance are priceless no matter how acute or serious your need of money is in that moment.

To ensure a safe working environment without incidents or unforeseen situations, we have provided below some additional tips regarding different safety measures that you can take for your security.

-When you go to the client’s place, once you have taken your clothes off, keep them close at hand and under watchful supervision. There may be cases in which malevolent people hide your clothes and ask you to make compromises that you probably wouldn’t be willing to make in order to recover them. If you believe you can take them back through the more determined or vigorous intervention of the male member of the couple, give up on the idea! You are on private property where you entered willingly. The subsequent explanations and interpretations for a possible incident are not in your favor and they can quickly put you in a delicate and subjective situation when it comes to establishing the cause of the conflict. Even if eventually you are considered innocent, the interaction with the authorities in such circumstances is quite embarrassing and unpleasant.

-Don’t take valuables with you (jewels, money, laptop etc.). This way, if someone robs you, you will significantly reduce the possible losses.

-Pay a lot of attention when you are offered something to drink for it not to be spiked with some substance. An effective sleeping pill can put you in completely unpredictable situations.

-When the meetings are carried out at your place, keep your guests under constant supervision. You need to know what they are doing and where they are at any given moment. Thus, you will minimize the risk for any potential robberies.

-Don’t leave your money in plain sight, especially the money you have just received. There have been cases when, under the seeming rush to leave, different individuals surreptitiously took their money back and disappeared.

-Don’t ever get involved in BDSM games in which you are tied up. You should do that only with people you know well enough. In any other circumstances, once you are tied up, anything can occur.

-If you consent to using sex toys or if you allow your partners slight (anal or vaginal) penetrations with their fingers, it is recommended they should be people whose behavior you have know for a longer time and who meet hygiene and moderation conditions that are a must in such cases. On the contrary, the lack of cleanliness as well as the more aggressive manner of “playing” (with fingers or the vibrator) can give you infections or can cause irritations or injuries that need expensive and long term medical treatments.


What are the solutions for dealing with aggressive persons? The most important thing you can do about aggressive individuals is to AVOID them! Even if couples are less exposed to potential aggressions, their structure having an inhibiting factor for aggressors (due to the male member of the couple), you must understand that there have been many cases when different altercations caused by “escapades” gone out of control degenerated quickly and had a fatal conclusion.

What must become the GROUND RULE governing your safety is that the key to crisis situations is preventing them, not finding a solution when you are already in them. The perfect barometer to detect imminent problems is your intuition. At the slightest sign your intuition gives you, end the date at once, no matter how promising or financially tempting it might be. Your physical integrity and the lack of subsequent troubles are the most important aspects and should be treated as such.


Is the man’s bisexuality an advantage for a couple-escort? In general, the clients of couple-escorts are other couples, women (heterosexual or bisexual) or men (heterosexual or bisexual). The bisexuality of the male member of the couple-escort considerably broadens the range of services offered and, in this context, the possibility to obtain bigger earnings.

There are many cases in which gay men hire the services of couple-escorts where the male member is bisexual because the former enjoys to be watched by women while having sex, but without their active involvement.

So... the answer is YES, the man’s bisexuality is an undeniable advantage for the couple-escort.


Is the woman’s bisexuality an advantage for a couple-escort? The bisexuality of the female member of a couple-escort certainly represents a reason to be appreciated by all the beneficiaries of the specific services provided by this type of escorts. Even if we are talking about other couples, or about younger or older ladies, erotic female interaction has become an irreplaceable ingredient in such “adventures”.

In case of couple clients, we have to mention that bisexuality in women can greatly enhance the sensuality and eroticism of intimate interactions between partners.

There are also situations in which the man’s presence is purely symbolic, his involvement not being desired, especially in the case of female clients with mainly lesbian orientations; his presence can give only an eccentric note to the whole erotic scene.

Therefore, the woman’s bisexuality in this context is a sort of “MUST HAVE”!


Can we provide services separately? You will probably receive requests in this sense, especially directed towards the woman in the couple-escort. Theoretically, if your relationship is solidly welded and the trust you have in one another allows it... why not?