The most frequently asked questions about being a Male-escort

The most frequently asked questions about being a Male-escort

The most frequently asked questions about being a Male-escort

“It is not enough to conquer, one must learn to seduce.”

It is quite normal that faced with a tumultuous controversy as the erotic domain is seen over the world, to ask yourself a series of questions on the appropriateness, profitability or normal status of the decision you have taken or are about to take regarding a career as a male escort. Unfortunately, though, many of the answers you are seeking will never be found in any article, let alone in this one and, in fact, the answers are nowhere to be found outside your own consciousness.

No one can solve your inner turmoil and doubts other than your personal experience, your views on life, the conclusions you have reached until this age or the calling you feel towards doing something that you believe it suits you.

These lines only try to suggest possible paths at the end of which you will still be the one who decides if it is good or not, if you can go further or, on the contrary, if it is necessary to stop.

So... here are some questions and some answers that represent potential benchmarks regarding the decision to work in this trade:


Is it a cost-effective trade? No one chooses to do something without having some sort of interest. Whether this interest is called pleasure, passion or profit, people’s choices are clearly motivated by something palpable. This is probably the case for your decision to become a male escort also.

You have either heard about it somewhere or you have seen someone who is involved in this line of work or you simply felt that your sexuality and inner desires allow you and favor the involvement in this trade. In all of the three cases, though, somewhere at the core of this rationale, there was something (directly or indirectly) related to money.

As much as you are drawn to the sensuality of the opposite sex, you certainly must have imagined different situations that have little in common with the idea of beauty or exciting.

But if you quickly placed aside these less seductive mental flashes, it is clear you also thought about... money! Because, YES, in this profession you can earn relatively well enough to allow you to overcome smoothly the moments that would give shivers of disgust to any other man.

Unfortunately, the male escort profession has a period of maximum yield and practice that lasts until the age of 40-45, this time interval depending largely on the way you manage to maintain your physical fitness. Therefore, as long as you have high financial return, we advise you to manage your earnings with great discipline. If you are not good at investing in other businesses, then at least save the money for the rest of your life when you will probably still be able to work but at a less successful rate (especially financially).

If you have seen or if you see people (regardless of gender or sexual orientation) who after an intense and lucrative activity in this field, have fallen into ruin, struggling in a lamentable situation, without any money and living their lives at the margins of society, in a miserable and tormented denial of reality, you should know that the job itself is not to blame. It was not the fact that they worked as escorts that led them in a situation of despair but it was their wrong judgments, their lack of discernment and defiance of “tomorrow”. They were on the pinnacle of success, tasting without too much effort or restrictions from the fun, pleasure or the madness of the moment and, receiving constant adulation from their clients; they forgot it only happens because (for a short while) nature endowed them with something they can offer in exchange and so they spent their money as if every day was the last of their lives and, most of all, embracing the certainty that anyway “tomorrow” will bring other clients... as many... as easily... forevermore.

Over the years, however, with the inevitable advancement in age and with the draining of the overflow of beauty which they enjoyed, many escorts have a deplorable end. But you must know that the outcome worthy of compassion is not specific only to this trade. It is specific to any man who does not understand that living his life today refers only to the psychological and spiritual side of existence. Tomorrow will also be “a today”... And if you never think about your future, about ensuring your future from a financial point of view, we assure you that no one else will.

Remember! Anything in this world and most of all lust has its price. It is better not to reach this negative settlement.


Is the beginning demanding? There is probably no such thing as a job or activity that is not demanding and difficult in the beginning. Thus, the erotic field follows the same rule - the onset is full of obstacles and of unpleasant occurrences. Many people abandon their plans garnished with sensuality and refinement from the very beginning because the interaction with various female clients is not always an unforgettable experience in a good sense or as many imagined at first: a story with sumptuous interiors, champagne, good music, sophisticated talks, sexy lingerie...

But if you manage to find the strength you need to override the different trials that characterize the first steps in this trade, in time, you will learn how to manage these situations and above all... how to avoid them!


What should I do to be a pro in this trade? It is very difficult to give a single answer to this question, because the escort job and, most of all, the male escort job is much more complex and sophisticated than a simple desire to make a lot of money in a pleasant way and the details that condition the transformation into a professional activity are certainly not few.

But let’s start... with the beginning. First of all, it is mandatory to make an investment, to spend a considerable amount of money without making compromises in favor of your own image. Physical appearance is crucial in this profession and it is an aspect that plays the most important part in attracting clients. That is why your concern should be directed mainly towards this target.

All the elements that have to do with bodily beauty (sports, cosmetic, nutrition etc.) and then everything related to clothes or accessories must not be left to chance. This is the only way in which you will be able to transform your endeavor into an exclusive and high-class business. Remember! In this trade, every detail matter!

-The overall appearance. First of all, you must know that for women, the attitude you display in certain situations and the way you behave, the way in which you talk, your gestures... matter more than sexual performance (that, unfortunately, some of you are tempted to exacerbate). Although male beauty determines totally different views and opinions among the representatives of the fair sex, the sex-appeal, the erotic attraction exerted by men on the female mind seems to be limited to a few amazingly simple elements that are paradoxically unknown and unsuspected by most men.

-Matching a man’s attitude with a woman’s state of mind. Be aware that women generally choose men that match their state of mind in a certain moment. This means that, at first sight, it is very difficult to define a “model man” that can constitute a unique recipe for success. But, if you try to discern what lies beyond the appearance of a woman’s conduct, if you manage to read into her soul the moment you are close to her, by tuning your attitude with her vibration, you are very likely to have an unexpected success. If she is sad, don’t try to make jokes in order to entertain her. Adopt a similar frame of mind and play the part of the depressed philosopher. Whenever she has her head in the clouds, dreamy, and she makes all sorts of insane plans, don’t try to bring her back to reality by telling her that her fantasies are almost embarrassing and they cannot possibly come to life. On the contrary! Support her imagination... If you contradict her, she won’t return to reality anytime soon because it would mean she has to accept indirectly that you are right and that is very unlikely to happen. The only ideas that women do not feel tempted to oppose are their own. So, let her discover she is delusional by herself. She will return to normal fairly quickly. If she is happy, you can laugh out loud with her. Play with her and tell her jokes, even dirty ones. Don’t even think about reminding her in such moments of anything concrete or disturbing. You will be severely punished and considered “incompatible” soul-wise.

-Seductive walk. There are quite extensive psychological studies that accredit the idea that the “male” walk has the gift of inducing in a woman’s mind a dose of consideration and sexual interest. Assuming that flexibility and firmness of movement makes people look younger and more vigorous, research conducted revealed the fact that women appreciate certain ways in which men walk, subliminally believing that that way of walking reveals the essentially male attributes to which they feel attracted.

-Deep voice, an important factor in seducing women. After repeated surveys conducted among women, it was concluded that they are very interested in men who have a low, deep voice... In their view, a baritonal resonance is indirectly assimilated to maturity, experience, firmness and self-confidence, precisely the attributes that would make them feel “protected”.

-Effeminate men attract women. It seems that currently, the overwhelming majority of women prefer men that have slightly effeminate features. This fact is revealed in recent statistical studies. Angelic eyes, full lips and delicate cheekbones are preferred to traditional models of masculinity that display straight eyebrows, a prominent jaw and well shaped muscles.

-Intelligence. Intelligence can be extremely charming for women but only when it is used to capture their attention, to do unexpected things, to generate funny or fanciful ideas that have them in the spotlight. Your education and culture are interesting for a woman only if it serves her goals and interests. Otherwise, it is just boring!

-Attention. Perhaps more than receiving compliments or gifts, women want to be sure they are the center of your universe. This gives them an extraordinary state of safety and flavor to the moments spent together, and if you manage to achieve this goal, they will definitely become loyal clients of your services. Pay attention to their gestures and anticipate any of their needs. If you meet their needs... they will be convinced that they are the only ones on and in your mind and that is enough.

-Sexuality. Women love sex as much as men do, but unlike men, they do not accept their intentions so openly, especially when they cheat. For them, sex is like “an adventure” that should have a motivation, a “because”! It is never out of pleasure or need. NO! They do it because... they feel lonely, abandoned, misunderstood, because they are not treated as romantically as in the beginning, because they no longer receive flowers... In principle, sex (with a lover) needs to be some sort of fatality they simply cannot avoid, “something” that happened and that is independent of their will because it was caused precisely by those they cheat on and it is something they wouldn’t have done if... In short, there is an underlying cause that justifies their decision because otherwise nothing would have happened... they would never have done it... Men are to blame! Women are “different”! That is why in intimacy you must always support this naïve feeling of feminine purity. The more excuses you will find for their need to hire your services, the more thrilled they will be and they will not only consider you a generator of pleasure, but also a confidant they can rely on in their moments of despair. Don’t ever forget that unlike men, who consider sexuality a simple form of “liberation”, the more minimalist the more enjoyable, women accept sex only if it comes wrapped in a story.

-Class. If you show them you have some class and culture, women will appreciate you beyond the area of the bedroom and this is one of the basic conditions for being called again. It might be a good idea to learn something about wines and food, about exotic recipes, about fashion, designers or trendy models, about new perfumes, about art, history and even architecture, design or, in principle, anything that would qualify as general and interesting knowledge. Varied and unusual knowledge will assure women they are not with you only to satisfy their carnal lust (although this is the truth) but also because you are good company, a learned man who also satisfies their spiritual side “they care so much about”!

-Sense of humor. It is true that humor can be considered a true aphrodisiac for women. If you can make them laugh, everything will run smoothly. As we have pointed out before, their main problem is camouflaging the desire for sex... and laughter is a good solution because it relaxes them in a way that seems innocent and devoid of vulgar intentions. “They don’t want sex and only sex, but also emotions, seduction and tenderness...”

-Looks. In terms of the overall looks you will want to adopt, you will need to consult with a number of professional stylists in order to choose the best solutions that are directly related to your physical appearance, from the way you should trim or style your hair, to the manner of clothing that best suits you.

-Hair. Your hair must be in perfect harmony with what your facial features, body and type of clothes you wear express. Anyway, it is good to make a habit of going frequently to a hair stylist. Hair that is trimmed regularly gives the impression of elegance and care.

-Skin. Treat your complexion in a professional manner and only by certified beauticians and avoid using doubtful quality cosmetic products.

-Teeth. White teeth represent the eternal secret weapon that you must have and use whenever you smile. Also, before each erotic episode, you should thoroughly brush your teeth and use mouthwash or mints to eliminate bad breath.

-Eyes and eyelids. These elements represent the most sensitive aspects of your face and they will immediately betray all the sleepless nights you have had. Unfortunately, the picture of tired eyes tends to drastically reduce the libido of your possible partners because it gives the underlying sensation of apathy and indifference.

-Nails. Nails are the most visible detail when it comes to your hands and they must look extremely well cared for. Whenever you bring a glass of wine or champagne to your lips or whenever you offer a flower or your lighter to light someone’s cigarette, whenever you passionately caress or embrace someone, your nails will take the spotlight and, believe us, they play a very important part when it comes to a woman’s perception.

-Underwear. When it comes to this aspect, you should get used to the idea that it is an absolutely necessary investment that will thoroughly show its effectiveness. That is why you should go to dedicated shops and spend generously when you buy these articles of clothing.

-Perfumes. You should go easy on aftershaves and perfumes. They should only represent a subtle swift of elegance that surrounds you the moment you are close (in public) or a breeze of sensuality when your partner discovers the details of your naked body.

-Clothes. No matter what you decide to wear in terms of clothes, you must remember two rules: cleanliness and neatness in appearance. Wrinkled clothes that are dirty or smell of sweat, no matter how elegant, will leave the impression of negligence and slackness and women are very sensitive to such details, in a critical sense, of course.

-Accessories. Under no circumstance should you choose to wear giant necklaces, massive crosses or any type of pendants that give the feeling of a “cannonball” hung around the neck. Even if you feel that these accessories make you look tough or macho, women do not share the same opinion.

-Follow fashion channels or read magazines for women! In order to better understand the psychology of women but also in order to have common topics of discussion with them, you should be aware of the latest news in their fields of interest. Fashion, cosmetics, perfumes, celebrities, methods to lose weight and so on, you can open any magazine for women and you will understand immediately what they want.

-Photos. We assure you that what they say is true - a picture is worth a 1000 word. That is why we advise you to seek professional help to compile an expressive and well-done portfolio (both artistically and technically). Try to be genuine and don’t strike those awkward poses of “thinker” (holding your chin in the palm of your hand) or the “muscle man” (tightening your muscles like a ruffled turkey). Also, pictures showing your genital organs are not a happy choice either, since you approach a category of women who certainly do not want to feel guilty for wanting sex and choosing profiles that present such images would put them in a tight spot regarding their own consciousness. Women want to believe or beautifully lie to themselves that they are seeking your company in order to relive feelings or sensations they lack in their lives. Try to display normal and decent poses, wearing elegant clothes and facial expressions that inspire a passionate temperament.

Probably after reading all these tips you are in doubt... because, it is true, it will take you some time until you will be able to reach the status of pro in the male escort profession and, implicitly, until you earn the money you dream of. It certainly won’t be easy, especially if you want to adopt a somewhat elitist and more refined behavior...


Should I start with an Agency? Basically, at first you will be involved in many things and it will turn out to be very difficult to also answer phone calls and find clients. So... it is true, at least for a time, it is much better to work for an Agency that can guarantee a reasonable number of dates.

What is more, Agencies are well known and well established on the market and enjoy a higher degree of confidence among female clients. But perhaps the most important advantage that comes with this option is the fact that you can receive useful advice for your debut period in this trade from people with experience, who manage escorts or who have been practicing this profession for a very long time. When working with Agencies, however, the earnings will be smaller because you will have to give a share of your revenue to the Agency, but implicitly, your responsibilities will be much reduced.


What would be best doing business in a big or a small town? It is true that in most countries, people are attracted to the idea of making it big in a highly developed environment, where the population and flow of cash is overwhelming. But large metropolitan agglomerations also entail stiff competition that is sometimes extremely cynical and aggressive and which you will have to face by making considerable efforts.

For this reason, there are situations in which less important cities that are not as large but that have potential as a touristic attraction provide opportunities for success that are more pronounced both due to the almost total lack of competition and to the propensity of the society in the area towards such “entertainment”.

Therefore, on the long term, the idea of working in a small town but with a stable clientele and with friendship relationships that can bind over time with all the locals is not such a bad idea. But be careful! This type of towns will require you to maintain a level of quality that is extremely high and a flawless behavior because where there is a small number of people, word travels fast and gossip (especially negative comments) spreads and is carried like leaves by the wind. If you are not careful when choosing clients and if you happen to upset the leading men of the community... you will have to move in a very short time.


What are the assets of being independent? Independent male escorts are those men who are involved in this type of activity but who prefer to manage the entire business alone, without being affiliated to an Agency or intermediary. The entrepreneur is the only one who runs the entire system that makes the profession possible and viable. He is the one who manages the advertising process, the talks with potential clients, the process of setting dates and making a schedule, the transport to and from possible locations, and, of course, the services themselves. All of it is the responsibility of one person: the independent escort.

Even though it seems arduous and, at first, it really is, in time and by gathering experience in a more or less pleasant way, you will have the ability to adapt to the imminent realities of this context and on the long run good results will make your business run smoothly.

What probably attracts all male escorts to practicing this job on an independent basis is first and foremost the flexibility of the working hours but also the possibility to correlate the prices they charge with their own appreciation of or availability to provide services for different female clients.

The fact that they can set their working hours whenever they feel like it gives them a state of indisputable comfort. Moreover, all the money they make from providing their services enters their pockets entirely, without the need to share with an intermediary.

Usually, clients who choose independent male escorts don’t just want sex. They want intimate companionship that can entertain them mentally and physically and that can be worthy conversation partners, thus, you must know that these details will set you apart from the competition in the field.


What are the liabilities of being independent? As a male escort, working solo means there is no one to help or support you with the works of the mechanism of this business. It will be your job or your sole responsibility to make the first investments, to advertise as differently as possible, to register on specialized websites, to reply to emails, to go to periodic photo shoots, to keep fit, to go to the hair dresser or to the beautician, to answer phone calls and, last but not least, the go to the intimate dates themselves.

Unfortunately, with this (“independent”) option, victory and great revenues arrive only after a relatively long period of time during which through (more or less pleasant) experiences you will get to learn how to administer and maintain all these important components of your business. If you give up on any of them, achievements will come late or won’t come altogether.

Being an independent escort also means that you have to fend for yourself and you have more responsibilities.

We have put below a few unpleasant aspects of the male escort job on an independent basis:
-You must make your own design of your marketing and publicity plan.
-You must pay a photographer to put together an album with professional photos.
-You must have knowledge of how to use a PC and the internet.
-You must create a profile and register on as many escort sites as possible.
-You must be quick to reply to possible messages you receive on email.
-You must find, win over and keep professional relationships with your clients.
-You must spend a relatively important amount of time to develop your network of acquaintances.
-If you have a website, you need to invest quite a lot of money and spend many hours in front of the computer in order to keep it functional and up to date all the time and in order to make it known among as many users as possible.
-You must secure means of transport to and from the locations where you are required to provide services.
-You must put together some sort of security system.

The issues listed above are not necessarily liabilities and drawbacks, because some men who have a strong will and great initiative can perceive them as real challenges... Once they overcome these challenges, the way for greater advantages and significantly higher revenue is opened. Because it is true that all these “liabilities” provide the difference between what a job as an employee or collaborator means and what a small but profitable business on one’s own means.


What are the most important “mysteries” when it comes to sex? In principle, those who think sex is surrounded by mysteries are wrong. The great secrets are related only to the methods used to reach the moment of sexual intimacy in a sensuous and refined manner. The erotic act in itself is only the climax.

The only detail that makes sex extraordinarily interesting and pleasant for anyone is the absence of rules, on the one hand, and total involvement, without holding back, without being shy, without preconceptions or shame in everything that has to do with exploring emotional sensations of arousal on the other. For indeed, when it comes to sex nothing is forbidden, humiliating, disgraceful, indecent or objectionable so long as both parties have a real desire to cross together the border towards fulfilling any curiosity.

For male escorts, however, sex will not be the main objective they will have to meet in order to be their clients’ top choice, but foreplay...


How to arouse your female partner very quickly?

1.-Warm her up both physically and mentally: Before employing the usual means for arousing a partner, you should “prepare the ground”. It is not always necessary to touch a woman in order to “warm” her up. Sometimes it is enough to thrill her with a few whispers, a few good jokes, a few honest compliments, an erotic game... or with an indecent image of your body doing a few subtle dance movements. All of these can be successful ingredients in spicing up the foreplay. You will have to use your imagination and alternate these recipes according to your client’s temperament or attitude. Some women are more romantic and shier, others are more passionate and insatiable, many will want you to take them and possess them in the elevator... It will be necessary for the instinct and experience you have gained over time to lead you on the path of the most appropriate attitudes in this sense.

2.-Be direct: another way to arouse a woman is to touch her in a simple and direct way, perhaps with a little naughtiness...

Regardless if you prefer to give her oral sex or manual stimulation, there are three golden rules when it comes to a woman’s vagina:

a)-Don’t be brutal: Unlike men, women feel pleasure in a more delicate and subtle way. Your caresses, even if intense and passionate... will have to have a certain candor and tenderness that conveys that protective feeling women yearn for so much.

b)-Increase the pace: If, at the beginning, the movements are slower and more sensual, as if you were pampering her vagina and her clitoris, afterwards the pace must be increased, not too much, but enough to give the feeling of “passionate” action. If your partner allows you, you can even insert one or two fingers in the vagina, with your palm facing upwards so that the clit area is between the tips of your fingers. Somewhere in the upper part inside the vagina, you will feel a rough sponge-like area that you should press rhythmically (but gently) and you will immediately notice the signs of arousal on a woman’s face or her breathing pace increasing significantly.

c)-A lot of saliva and whispers: Saliva is one of the best solutions for lubrication, especially in the case of vaginas that have difficulties getting wet. Also, while you are performing cunilingus you can whisper different questions regarding her intimate pleasures, her fantasies or you can even suggest, in a soft voice, the things she can do with you.

d)-Warm up her feet: Every man should know that a woman loves to have her feet warm when she is naked in bed. Warming their feet makes them feel more comfortable so... make sure to fulfill this sensitive need. What you didn’t know is the fact that, if their feet are warm, women can reach orgasm much easily. So... if you want to create a romantic and sensuous atmosphere, you can give her a massage with oriental scented oils and gels. You will surely have spectacular results, especially if you pay attention to the toes and to the areas between them.


How to bring a woman to ecstasy? For women, multiple orgasms are just like candy: after they tasted one, they want more. They are sweet, fulfilling and addictive. These orgasms can be experienced by any woman as long as she is open-minded and really wants to have them.

-Create atmosphere! Comfort is very important! If you cannot make a woman feel relaxed, safe and surrounded by a calm and soothing atmosphere, you will be somewhat disappointed by the results because the mechanism through which female eroticism works is not so simple and unpretentious as it is for men. Everything needs to happen in an aired, clean and orderly room where the bedding is clean and the pillows are soft. Avoid all sorts of ornaments in glaring colors and use dim and warm lighting in order to generate the sensation of calmness. You must take a shower before, shave and turn down your mobile phone. For women, any disruption or distraction during intimate moments is catastrophic.

-Talk nicely and don’t forget to compliment her! It is extremely important to express your feelings, to confirm the fact that she is sexy and she fascinates you through all the means at your disposal. She must never feel that you do it because she pays you... You should synchronize your movements, caresses or tender gestures with sweet words meant to flatter her and bring her closer to you.

-Discover her secrets... In order to bring a woman in a state of wanting and desiring orgasm or orgasms, the key to success is communication. Talk to her, find out what she wants, what she likes, how she likes to be approached, touched, caressed, kissed... Most of the times, a woman knows her erogenous spots and can tell you very precisely what she likes and what she doesn’t like. Of course, these confessions cannot be obtained through police style interrogation. It takes patience, diplomacy and a carefully conducted talk so that her secrets can be discovered with pleasure and savor, indirectly... subtly and barely intuited... as if they stood behind a curtain softly rippled by a gust of wind in... the spring.

-Take your time! If you want her to have multiple orgasms you need to work a little. Caress her all over her body, talk dirty to her and give her cunilingus. If you make her have an orgasm before penetration, it will be much easier to obtain other orgasms afterwards. Take your time! If she feels you are rushing her or that you are bored, you will lose everything you obtained until that moment.

-Don’t stop after the first one! If immediately after she had an orgasm you continue to caress her and talk to her, telling her how good she looks and how beautiful she is when she is overwhelmed by pleasure, she will be very close to experiencing her second one.

-Variation is everything! Keep calm and continue to arouse her, changing positions and ways of stimulation in order to avoid a routine that might inhibit or bore her. If she looks like she is losing interest, you need to change something. Don’t forget that, immediately after orgasm, the clitoris is very sensitive. So stimulate another erogenous spot until she lets you know she wants you to touch her clit again.

If she says “no”, it means you should stop. Maybe she only wants one orgasm, perhaps she is tired or she simply doesn’t want you to continue with what you are doing at the moment. Be patient and the results will be satisfying for both of you.


What should I do about the husbands who catch me “in the act”? It is one of the worst moments in the career of a male escort. Usually, it is advisable to keep calm and not respond in any way or fall in the temptation of answering aggressively to the verbal or physical violence of the person who surprised you in the act. You must understand that the situation in which he is in is very unpleasant and you should try and let him know that you understand him, that you can see things from his side and imagine how he must be feeling because you are also a man... but that you are there only because it is your job and everything that happened between you and his wife is not personal. From your perspective it is strictly professional.

If the situation takes a turn for the worse, you should call the authorities. It will be very unpleasant to answer their questions, but it is the only solution through which unhappy denouements are avoided.