The most frequently asked questions about being a gay escort

The most frequently asked questions about being a gay escort

The most frequently asked questions about being a gay escort

"There is only one kind of success: that of making your own life what you want it to be."
(Henry D. Thoreau)

Gay escorts represent an elitist and quite frequent presence in this line of work in recent years. As a result of being organized and very serious about the services they provide, gay men enjoy in some parts of the world financial quotations that are higher and more consistent than those of any other category of escorts.

Being at the starting line of such a career, gay escorts ask themselves a lot of questions regarding the appropriateness or viability of such a career, the misconceptions or difficulties they may encounter in society while practicing the escort profession on a regular basis, the possible solutions to practicing this job in optimal conditions... as well as regarding many other aspects related to which they have not formulated a pertinent opinion yet.

Unfortunately, the answers to such questions will never be found in any written material (let alone in this one) no matter how deep and comprehensive it might be because psychological and emotional human disturbances are extremely diverse and unique in their own way. No one can answer these issues better than you. Here you will only find a couple of simple suggestions or general tips (briefly outlined from the experience shared by many other escorts) whose purpose, however, you will solely decide upon on the basis of your own interests.

So... here is an attempt to provide some support in your searches or in shaping the future decisions you will make related to the unique adventure in the sexual realm:

Does this profession turn a good profit? The moment you decided to direct your attention to this profession, you must have felt deep within you that both your sexuality and your thoughts on your interaction with society allow you to do so. But what was probably even more important than this behavioral flexibility and the undisguised eroticism was (directly or indirectly) represented by the money issue. You might not have felt it so powerfully at the beginning but, in time, when the idea was better shaped in your mind you must have. Because, it is true, this type of activity can bring you serious revenue! And with patience and the desire to be a true professional you can turn the gay escort job into a small and profitable business.

The only downside in this job is that its duration and profitability will run until the age of 40-45. Although it may seem a rather generous time frame, it is not. After this period, if you haven’t invested in other businesses in the meantime or in the “nest” of considerable savings, you will probably still manage to work but not with the same success rate, especially in terms of receivables. For this reason, perhaps it would be wise to direct your attention to strategies through which to manage your finances until that moment! Money should either be invested or saved when you have it, not when it is lacking altogether!

Is the beginning hard? Yes! For gay men, the beginning is quite hard. First of all, that is because the sexual orientation itself will face a hypocritical opposition in many parts of the world even if, formally, progress has been made regarding this issue. Then, the reality of interacting with certain clients (not many, that is true) can be disappointing compared to the dreams and expectations you have in the beginning when you imagined and wanted (which is normal) for the eroticism of this dates to be enveloped in sensual, comfortable, luxurious surroundings, with elite individuals, fine drinks, good music and elevated conversation...

But if you manage to survive the disillusionment and even the psychological breakdowns, in time, you will acquire the ability to cope with such vicissitudes and, most of all, you will learn how to avoid them.

What should I be, top, bottom or versatile in order to get more clients? The best is to be exactly how you feel you are. Natural behavior and natural gestures are always appreciated in this kind of relationships. If you are top and you present yourself as being bottom or versatile only in the hope of getting more “suitors”, you will only create a high level of discomfort and, in certain moments, you will surely not manage to offer services as expected. You must understand that there is demand for any of these categories. So, there is no use in making your work harder and behaving unnaturally only for the sake of money. When you are happy to work and perform just the way you feel, we can assure you that things will go extraordinarily well at all levels... including the financial level.

What are the requirements for performing this job as a pro? In order to become a professional gay escort, you will, first and foremost, need time and perseverance directed towards fulfilling a set of sophisticated requirements that will gradually set you apart from the mass of “colleagues” that practice the same profession.

Physical appearance represents a fundamental factor in this competition and a factor that plays a very important role in attracting admirers since it is manifested from the first moment, at a visual level, both in the images you post in your advert and when you first meet your callers and they analyze you and your looks. Due to its decisive and eliminating impact, you should direct your attention and interest mainly towards this goal.

Do not omit any element that has to do directly or indirectly with bodily beauty. This is to say - maintaining your looks, cosmetics, clothing or accessories. All of these together can improve the efficiency of your advancement and give you exclusive and unique characteristics as a pro.

We have listed here a few suggestions:

-Looks. Although due to a set of misconceptions exacerbated by the frustration syndrome of this sexual minority you will have the feeling that a more obvious or “glaring” attitude and way of dressing will make you stand out more aggressively, we assure you it is a wrong and damaging approach. Unfortunately, you will be “noticed” by those individuals who will never have the money to honor your claims. Try to adopt an elegant, sophisticated, charming way of presenting yourself and an attitude and looks that would tempt the senses of those who can truly understand, appreciate and sustain the spiritual elitism and the sexuality of a special personality. Certainly, their approach in intimacy will go beyond ordinary requests and it will be a refreshing revelation.

-Hair. Whether it is short or long, your hair should never look unkempt. In other words, you should go to the hair stylist as often as possible and you shouldn’t let your hair get split ends and look dull. The hair that is cared for often will leave the impression of a refined and polished individual who is worthy of anyone’s appreciation.

-Complexion. Don’t use creams or even make-up in excess. The abundance of cosmetics on the face has a huge disadvantage that you will unpleasantly notice - with sweat and caresses during the hot and heavy action, everything can turn into an ooze that trickles down disgracefully on your cheeks or neck.

-Teeth. Before a date, brushing your teeth thoroughly in order to have a fresh and pleasant breath is an absolute must. We advise you to always carry mouth spray or mints with you. Also, you should go to the dentist regularly in order to eliminate tartar and whiten your teeth.

-Eyes and eyelids. The escort profession forces you through its very nature to endure a long series of lost nights and, unfortunately, your eyes and eyelids will take the toll for this rhythm, from time to time, betraying fatigue in an unpleasant way. That is why, for care or regeneration purposes you should use drops and various gels or creams, because the image of tired eyes can drastically lower the libido of any potential partner.

-Nails. They represent a detail that stands out both during socializing dates and in intimacy. Your nails must look extremely clean and meticulously finished, because their appearance induces the viewer those sensations of conscientious care and bodily hygiene which gives a high degree of ease to an intimate connection.

-Undergarments. They are the most spectacular and successful ingredient in this activity. Whenever you decide to invest in this aspect, direct your attention to qualitative and well-known brands. We strongly advise you to spend money generously when it comes to undergarments because your expenses, as considerable as they might be, will fully and quickly reveal their effectiveness.

-Perfumes. Don’t wear perfumes or after-shave in excess. They can tickle the senses only when their fragrance is discreetly perceived and, of course, in closeness, not from a few yards.

-Clothes. Many gay men unfortunately consider that clothes should openly “signal” their presence and their sexual orientation. It is a very damaging approach for your image! By wearing clothes that are classically tailored and that are not flashy, you will take significant steps towards overcoming the subconscious and instinctive stereotypes that artificially accentuate the differences of opinion and sexual orientation at the level of the community. If you ever think about it objectively and in a detached manner, you will understand that society as a whole does nothing else but respond to the impulses generated by minorities (whatever these minorities are). We guarantee that a normal attitude will not attract any negative “reaction”.

-Accessories. We strongly advise you against extravagant accessories. The smaller and the more discreet they are the more effective and elegant their role is. In fact, this “minimalist” version will also be very practical when avoiding possible incidents (scratching, getting tangled in etc.) during hot action scenes.

-Watch the news! It is a very serious and extremely important piece of advice that has to do with the education and culture of the people you will meet in this environment and especially those in the gay category. Your callers are usually people who follow the news in such fields as politics, economy or sports. You will make an excellent impression if you manage to have a relaxed conversation on any of these three topics with them, opening the way for connections including on a spiritual plane between you and them.

-Photos. Some people say a powerful image is worth one thousand words. This is the reason for which when you conceive your own advertising plan and decide taking a set of photos to post on specialized sites, we strongly advise you to hire the services of professionals in this field; under no circumstances, should you think that the photos taken with your mobile phone in the mirror can ever have the power of giving you a distinguished air.

-Last but not least... Although everyone has an ideal image regarding their possible partner, most of the times, physical appearance alone, no matter how attractive it might be, is not enough if it is not completed by a special personality. So, try to assume an attitude, behavior and language that could offer any interlocutor the pleasure of a fascinating presence, whose outer look is crowned by a charismatic intellectual aura. Let us not forget that the most erogenous organ of the human body is the brain.

You may experience a slight feeling of disappointment after reading all these tips because it is true that managing to turn the profits you dream of and acquiring significant experience in this line of work so that all these requirements come naturally and spontaneously, without considering them “steps to be taken”... might take some time.

And it will not be easy either especially if you want to follow a distinguished and polished conduct...

Should I start with the services of an Agency? At the beginning of such a career decision, you will have to work out many details, from maintaining active publicity on all the media to the “intervention” made on your look through sports, cosmetics, clothing etc., not to mention the process of honoring the requests and appointments of your callers. Burdened by so many problems which are difficult to manage at first, it is much better to seek the support of a specialized Agency which not only has loyal and trustworthy clients (shielding you from unpleasant experiences at the beginning), but also has the advantage of having gained a reputation in time which is something that you will still have to work on. What is more, an Agency can offer good advice for your career, given by people who have done this for many years...

So, our opinion is that it is a good idea to start your professional activity with an Agency.

What are the benefits of working independently? Working as an independent escort involves a lot of aspects and it is certainly not easy. You will have to do very demanding things, both from the point of view of physical and mental involvement and from the point of view of the time spent in this sense. Basically, you will have to manage with your own means and financial resources both the business itself and the whole system that contributes to its viability. This includes the publicity process and the discussions with potential clients, setting a schedule and a security system, arranging transportation in the case of travelling, cashing in the money and, of course, providing the actual escort services... You have to take into consideration the fact that you will have to do all these things by yourself.

Although at a first glance it seems and it really is extremely difficult, the hardships you will encounter can be overcome in time and, implicitly, your adaptability to such impediments will also improve. The experiences you will have, though not always pleasant, will eventually lead to major satisfactions on all levels.

Almost all escorts (regardless of orientation or sex) are attracted to this independent approach to the profession since the flexibility of the schedule, the fact that rates can be adjusted according to every client and the fact that the entire amount of money for the work done is collected and not shared with the agency give a reassuring feeling that is hard to find with any other types of collaboration or commitments. Everything is freely chosen and without strict impositions.

Here you have a set of benefits that you will enjoy while working independently:
-the flexibility of the work schedule;
-setting the rates and the dating rules according to each particular client;
-the fact that the sums of money collected from providing your services are entirely yours;
-the attraction clients have to independent escorts both due to the lower and sometimes negotiable rates as well as to the direct and unmediated contact with them.

What are drawbacks that independent escorts can encounter? As an independent escort you will surely need to manage by yourself everything that has to do with advertising, publicity made on as many specialized sites as possible, keeping up with the daily correspondence, regular photo shoots, going to the gym and taking care of your look, answering phone calls, taking safety measures and, of course... the actual dates. Furthermore, you will have to make the first investments from your own resources.

Another drawback of being independent in this job is the fact that success and significant income come after some time. You will have to manage a long period of working and experiencing more or less pleasant situations, learning from them and from the process of managing all the smaller details of your business, without enjoying its fruits too much...

Being an independent escort also means that you have to fend for yourself and you have more responsibilities.

Below you can see briefly some of the drawbacks you will face as an independent escort:
-you will have to do the concept and the making of everything that has to do with advertising;
-the high costs of hiring a professional photographer for compiling a competitive portfolio;
-the need to be computer literate and to know how to use the internet well;
-the need to register on as many specialized websites as possible;
-maintaining prompt and updated correspondence with clients;
-significant effort in expanding the network of friends and acquaintances;
-building your own website;
-setting up a security plan for your safety;
-finding the best means of transportation in the case of OutCall bookings.

However, all these obstacles are not perceived by everyone as shortcomings. They can be interpreted as real challenges and, if you overcome them, you will certainly find the road to success. In the end, your work is dedicated exclusively to your own interest.

What are the crucial “secrets” of sex in this trade? The only big secret of sex is to be completely involved and display no false prudishness towards any of the aspects that have to do with experiencing erotic sensations and emotions.

Whenever they read such articles, many gay men secretly hope to discover in between their lines “confirmations” of the decisions they took or they are going to take, having the feeling that what they are doing in life is not proper or acceptable from the point of view of society, but you need to know that nothing is forbidden or inadmissible when it comes to sex.

What is the importance of oral sex in the activity of a gay escort? If you study carefully the ads posted by escorts worldwide, you will undoubtedly notice that they include very often extended references regarding their willingness, availability and skills in giving oral sex. This aspect certainly leads to the conclusions that oral sex is truly very important in the erotic field.

It is a well-known fact that, in many cases, the only reason for which clients call and want to hire your services has to do exclusively with the erotic pleasure given by this act.

Although it probably seems easy, common and not very difficult to perform, oral sex is a technique that requires experience and skill, especially if you want to enter the category of those who perform it in a professional manner.

Not everyone can or is willing to fulfill all the requirements that turn it from a simple insertion of the penis in the mouth into the sensual process of generating the ultimate bliss. And this is precisely one of the reasons for which, in time, some gay men will become exceptional escorts, as opposed to newcomers or careless escorts who will always be nothing more than mediocre.

What are the most important safety tips for a gay escort? Gay men are less vulnerable to the risks of this trade since attacks or malevolent acts are noticeably rare among this community.

However, in order to avoid any inconvenience from the point of view of your own safety, it is important that the dates you set be carried out at first somewhere in a public place in order to have the opportunity for a few minutes to get to know your partner, to have a short conversation with him and to analyze him discreetly in order to notice any gesture or attitude that might reveal an aggressive or irritable behavior.

If your instincts tell you something is wrong, cancel the date right away under a polite excuse. There is no point in risking and getting involved in unwanted complications.

Here are a few tips we think you should follow regarding your safety:

-If you go to a different location than your own, keep your clothes under a watchful eye. There are all sorts of malicious individuals who would be willing to hide your clothes and getting them back might require a long time or a set of compromises that you probably wouldn’t be thrilled to make. Don’t even think about retrieving them by force! You are on private property and you are probably there by your own choice and will.

-It is never advisable to carry with you all sorts of valuables. If you fall prey to criminals that want to rob you, you will diminish the possible losses if you don’t have such items with you.

-We advise you not to drink anything brought from another room or from behind a bar on which you don’t have good visibility and thus you are not able to see the bottle from which your drink is poured or any other (unwanted) operations that happen with the glass from which you are invited to drink. An effective sleeping pill can put you in completely unpredictable situations.

-Keep an eye on any person who crosses your threshold. In this way, you will reduce the chances of robberies.

-Don’t leave the money in sight. There were cases when, at the end of the date, simulating the rush to go, clients surreptitiously took the money from the place where they had left it and disappeared.

-We strongly advise you against allowing anyone to tie you, unless you are dealing with someone who has hired your services before and you know him very well. Otherwise, once tied down, anything can happen to you.

-If you use vibrators or if you want to allow your partner to use his fingers to penetrate your anus or to insert them in your mouth, make sure he is a person of your entire confidence. If he uses the vibrator or his fingers too aggressively, you can get more or less serious injuries that will require expensive, long-term treatment. Also, the lack of hygiene of that person can make you get infections or other diseases that are transmissible this way.

What should I do about aggressive clients? The best advice regarding potentially aggressive individuals is: to AVOID THEM! Even if you believe your safety system is efficient, you must understand that what can save you in crisis situations is not the solutions to get out of them but the ways to prevent these situations altogether. The best “detector” for such trouble is your own intuition. At the slightest sign your instincts give you, you should cancel the date immediately, no matter how financially tempting it might be. Your physical integrity and lack of further inconveniences is much more important than any sum of money.