Female-escort... at the beginning

Female-escort... at the beginning

Female-escort... at the beginning

“The only difference between friends and lovers is about four minutes.”
(Scott Roeben)

It is natural that any woman who wants to become a Lady of Sex, ask herself a series of questions at the beginning of such a career. But, unfortunately, many of the answers sought, will not be found in any article of this kind, even less... in this one. Because nobody and nothing can solve your existential dilemmas better than yourself. What is being attempted through such written materials is just a simple suggestion, at the end of which, of course, the own mind will decide which solution will accept as being viable and compatible with the interests that drive its evolution.

So... here are some questions and answers that could serve as possible points of reference in the future decisions you will make about the escort profession.


Can I earn money in this job? It is quite obvious that if you directed your attention and thoughts to this profession, it was not by chance. You have either heard or you have seen someone who is involved in the erotic field or you have simply felt that your sexuality allows an attempt in this direction.

But in all three cases, it was certainly (directly or indirectly) also about the money! Because, YES, the specialists of carnal pleasures earn far above the average “usual” income! And if you needed a confirmation... here it is. Such an activity it can even be considered a small business that, if run correctly, patiently, with sacrifices and refinement, can turn into a quite profitable initiative.

But what you must have in sight when you make your assessments, even from the very beginning, is the fact that the whole endeavor has a very short period of profitability. Specifically, around the age of 35... you will have far exceeded the peak of your optimal potential. For this reason, during this period, every earning should be managed with great wisdom. It should be either invested in various other businesses or saved for the upcoming period of your life when you will probably still be able to work, but not at the same rate of success and income.


Is it difficult at the beginning? Honestly, YES, it's quite difficult. Many women abandon this “dream” in its early stages, because some situations involving the intimate interaction with men can be downright demoralizing or hard to withstand, especially if, when starting out, you have imagined everything as a sensual story, held in luxurious surroundings, with people from elitist social strata, with champagne and good music, discreetly perceived... in the background. Unfortunately, things are not always like that. Or, more precisely, there are very few occasions when the “film” of events has a similar... scenario.

But if you have the strength of character to overcome the unfortunate situations (inherent, anyway, at the beginning), in time, you will learn how to handle the unpleasant circumstances or better yet, how to avoid them!


What should I do to practice this job at a professional level? There are many elements that can compete in the development of such a business, but, above all, it will be essential to make some investments. There is nowhere in this world, profit without investment.

Money will have to be spent generously and without any compromise, in everything that means your personal image, how to present yourself physically or elements that can enhance or emphasize those traits intended to bring you success. In the guild of the escorts, the physical presence is the decisive factor in attracting the financial resources (clients) and that is why your whole attention should be directed with predilection towards this objective.

Don’t leave anything that means outer beauty, clothing or accessories to chance because, to achieve an actual high level, every aesthetic detail counts enormously.

 Here are a few tips:

-Overall look. First of all, you must understand that a vulgar appearance (which unfortunately has become specific to this type of activity) is not to your advantage. It is appreciated only by those men who will never have the money to turn your plans into a success but rather into a charity work. Instead, the clients who have a certain social status, who are educated, civilized and good connoisseurs of women, want to have groomed, stylish, refined “specimens” that can give them the sensation of an elitist, challenging and captivating hunting, especially from a psychological point of view.

-Hair. It is the element that most likely shapes your femininity and implicitly your attractiveness in a very decisive way. That is precisely why you should do your best to leave a pleasant sensation of freshness and care to the person who sees it, caresses it or sinks his face into its softness. Wash it and comb it regularly. If it is dyed, take care of it so the roots to not betray its “original” color. In other words, go to the hairdresser sufficiently often, so you do not let your hair reaching 2-3 colors. It is totally unsightly and it shows a decadent negligence for your own person.

-Complexion. Always take care of it in a professional way, in other words, only in specialized salons. Don’t wear “flashy” and abundant make-up hoping that this way you will be able to hide any skin defects or attract attention more easily. The eye-catching make-up is specific to a particular group of women, whom you certainly do not want others to think you belong to. Also, the excess of cosmetics has a big drawback: with the sweat or with your partner’s caresses (in intimacy), everything can turn into a disgraceful pastel. A natural, bright complexion, free of black spots and grease, will surely remain in the mind of your clients as a pleasant, refreshing memory... and that means they’ll call you again.

-Teeth. Periodic dental check-ups should be done for prevention (possible cavities), removal of the plaque and, of course, whitening. Last but not least, before every erotic episode, brush your teeth thoroughly and freshen your breath with mouthwash or mints. Chewing gum is not recommended. It will give you a vulgar air.

-Eyes and eyelids. They are the most sensitive physiognomic elements of your face, especially if you stay up at night a lot. This is why we suggest using high quality eye drops or creams in order to take care of them. The image of tired eyes can drastically diminish the sexual appetite of potential partners, as it creates a subliminal sensation of premature aging or sadness.

-Hairiness. Of any kind and anywhere, remove it as often and as radically as possible in order to give your skin the sensation of smoothness and softness... so pleasant to touching or caressing.

-Nails. These are very visible details in this activity. Strive to make them look elegant and well cared for. Avoid showy colors and “models”. Even if you find them original or attractive, in the eyes of men, in most cases, they are annoying.

-Underwear. It is the most successful incident in the erotic approach and that's why, in this chapter, you shouldn’t look at expenses. Focus your attention on famous brands and top quality. It is an investment that will quickly show its efficiency.

-Silk stockings. Like underwear, they are an element of great visual impact, both for a possible meeting in a public place, as well as in intimacy. That's why, open wide your wallet. Choose models like thigh-high or garter belt stockings. They are not only very spectacular from a visual perspective, indirectly increasing sexual instincts, but they are also very practical during the “action”, because there is no need to take them off.

-Cosmetics. Use them with moderation. There is a fatal tendency of escorts to believe that the excess of mascara, blush, foundation or lipstick will favorably accentuate their facial features. But it is a detrimental perspective. It is not by looks and appearance you should let the men know you are “open” to intimate relationships, but through gestures or an attitude of complicity, which should be extremely discreet. The line between a distinguished behavior and a depraved one (which inspires cheap frivolity) is so frail that it will be very difficult to keep it under control. But it is exactly this aspect that makes the difference between a luxury escort and a “prostitute”.

-Perfumes. We suggest using only high-end ones. Subtle, delicate, they should only be felt when being close, in intimacy. They should be a bonus of nudity and not a gross “hook” meant to assault the senses of those around, from dozens of meters away.

-Clothing. Unfortunately, as if wanting to keep up with the lack of imagination and copying one another, the escort's clothing has almost become a uniform, obsessively pursuing one goal: covering the body as little as possible. Get out of this inept stereotype! Dress normally, with good taste, and try to copy the clothing style of an elegant and exciting woman, sophisticated not through the “exhibition” of the shapes, but through movements, gestures, looks or attitude... Try to make the body a surprise for a man, not a piece of meat thrown on the counter!

-High heel shoes or boots (depending on the season). These are complementary elements that must always be present in your wardrobe. Never give up high heel shoes or boots in favor of sporty or casual shoes. Many escorts claim that high heels “should be worn only on special occasions” but you should consider each date with a man, a special occasion that needs to be treated as such. That is how you will remain in his memory as a special being, worthy of being called also on other... “occasions”.

-Accessories. They should be as discreet as possible. Don’t choose giant earrings, bracelets or hair clips. The idea that big, shiny accessories give the impression of wealth or well-being and, due to this imaginary impression, you can impose higher tariffs for clients... because “you are not desperate for money”, is false! Only those men who cannot distinguish brass from gold or zinc from silver, believe in such stupid appearances. And they are not the “admirers” you want!

-Watch the news! This advice can seem a bit strange and inappropriate in this context, but... your clients are usually men who know, comment and watch everything that has to do with politics, economy or sports. You have no idea what a pleasant surprise they will have when, in their company, you will be able to conduct a conversation on one of these topics.

-Photographs. Namely, advertising! The pictures you publish on the specialized websites, are extremely important because only through them will you be able to benefit from the most favorable and qualitative exposure to clients. It is an already proven fact that good photographs attract refined clients (and vice-versa...). Do not forget that there is huge competition and the only chance to win an appreciable “market” is by being as visible as possible, in a seductive way. They say a picture is worth a thousand words and this is undoubtedly true.

Probably after reading all these tips you are a bit confused... because, yes, it is not easy and it may take some time until you make a lot of money, especially if you choose to follow a more refined and special line of conduct...


What is an Escort Agency? It is an economic organization focused on managing and coordinating a certain number of female and male workers (escorts) and who provides advertising in a professional way, carefully selecting the clients, possibly providing transportation to meeting places and also guaranteeing security during the development of the activity. For these services, the Agency charges a certain fee of the revenue earned in this way. The percentage of the commission varies from one Agency to another.


Is it advisable to start with an Agency? Basically, yes! In the beginning, you will have too much to do to be still able to spend time looking for clients. Moreover, Agencies already have a reputation and, perhaps most importantly, they can provide you with very useful advice regarding the profession you have chosen. It is possible that you are paid a little less in a first phase, but, over time, by making your clients happy, your income will certainly increase.


Is it better to do business in a bigger or a smaller city? Almost all over the world there is a real exodus of the population to the big cities, since regardless of their education, people are attracted by the illusion of great success in a developed and densely populated environment where there are more consumers and more money in circulation. But an urban agglomeration doesn’t mean only welfare but also... fierce competition. Therefore, there is a paradoxical probability that less important cities, but with a possible touristic potential, are real gold mines for those who practice this profession because of the relative lack of competition and of the specific environment, which shows a propensity for such “entertainment”.

So, on the long term, working in a smaller city, with a stable clientele and relationships that are welded over time on all levels, is not such a bad idea. But be careful! Such “paradises” will compel you to provide high quality services because, where there are few people, the word is moving fast, and your fame is spreading like the wind. If it’s positive, you will be working. If not... in a very short time, you will have to move.


What are the advantages of being independent? Independent escorts are those women who prefer to run their own business by themselves, without anyone’s help or intervention. They are not affiliated to any Agency or intermediary and the entire set of actions that make this challenge viable is initiated and carried out by themselves. Starting with advertising, discussing with potential clients, setting up working hours, designing an appropriate safety system, transportation in case they need, and up to cashing in the money, everything falls under their exclusive responsibility.

Although it seems difficult, and at first it really is, the difficulties are gradually overcome and from a long-term perspective, the gains and privileges are clearly superior.

What probably attracts them to autonomy is both the flexibility of working hours, and the differentiated rate, applicable to different clients, depending only on personal appreciation.

The fact that they can organize their working hours as they like, undoubtedly gives professional sex workers a comforting state of mind, but also the possibility (in some cases) of keeping their initial job or various family commitments that, otherwise, they wouldn’t have been able to keep.

Last but not least, an independent career also benefits of more loyal clients, as various unofficial statistics show that those interested in escorts not affiliated to Agencies, want more than just a superficial sexual act. They are looking for sophisticated intimate companionship, to entertain them even mentally, being able to deal with various conversations, accompanying them even in public places during certain events, and the relationship itself to have a more spiritual air. And, the lack of obligations and contractual requirements, certainly allows them a more "extended" and personalized offer in this regard.

To summarize, here are a few advantages of working as an independent escort:

-You can establish your working hours the way you want it;

-You can adjust your rates and rules in relation to each client;

-The whole amount of money you obtain as a result of the services provided, remains in your possession;

-The possibility to offer a more personalized and possibly long-term relationship;

-Greater success to customers due to the affordable and sometimes slightly negotiable rates, as well as the possibility of contacting the escort directly, without intermediaries.


What are the disadvantages of being independent? Being an independent escort means there is absolutely no one who can help you in supporting the hellish system of this business. The initial investment, the advertising, registering with as many specialized websites as possible, replying to emails, relatively periodical photo shoots, taking care of your physical condition, visits to hairdressing salon or beauty centers, answering the phone, dealing with security and last but not least... the meetings themselves, you will have to do everything by yourself.

In this case, success and significant earnings come fairly late and difficult. You will have to pass through a sinuous period along which you will learn through (more or less pleasant) individual experiences how to manage these numerous and important elements of your business. Failure, poor management or giving up on any of these elements (for lack of time or will) does nothing else but cancel the success for which you actually consented to make such effort.
Being an independent escort also means that you have to fend for yourself and you have more responsibilities.

Here is briefly what can make you give up the idea of being an independent escort:

-You must carry out an advertising plan on your own;

-You must pay a photographer to take professional photos of you;

-You must have at least minimal knowledge of computer and Internet use;

-You must register on as many specialized websites as possible in order to publish escort ads;

-You must access the Internet daily, possibly several times a day, to verify your email and respond promptly to the messages received;

-You must attract and maintain the relationship with your clients, all by yourself;

-You must spend precious time in order to expand your network of acquaintances;

-If you have a website, you must invest money in it and spend a lot of time to maintain it, to constantly update it and to make it known to as many users as possible;

-When choosing your clients, you must take your own safety measures to protect yourself against possible robberies or violence;
-You must provide your own transportation to the locations where you are called;

-You must constantly “reinvent” your erotic performances.

Quite a lot of “you must”, right?

The specific disadvantages of this occupation, listed above and seemingly difficult to accomplish without the help of any other person, actually outline the difference between a relatively comfortable job (as an employee or collaborator of an Agency) and a business managed on your own. For people who are ambitious and who have the desire to succeed, these elements are not necessarily disadvantages but challenges. And once the challenges are overcome, they will undoubtedly bring considerable satisfactions. Because, what other reward can be sweeter than winning a race with yourself?


How do I recognize the client if the meeting point is in a public place? First, set up your meeting point as accurately as possible. Ask detailed information on how the client will be dressed and, especially, on how he looks like. If you arrive at the meeting point and you are not sure who the person you are going to meet is, call him and try to see in the crowd who is answering the phone.

Always before leaving your house, remember to check if you have enough credit on your cell phone, so you do not miss a meeting because of the inability to call... either if you can’t find the address (if you go to the client's place) or simply because you can’t find each other in the crowd (if you meet in a public place).


What are the most important “secrets” of sex? In principle, sex doesn’t have that many secrets. There is only one “magic recipe” that can make it extremely interesting and enjoyable to anyone: the complete absence of rules and the total involvement, without false bashfulness when it comes to emotional or bodily experimentation.

Many escorts read such articles hoping to discover “mysteries” yet unknown about eroticism. But such things don’t really exist. There are only confirmations of the fact that what they consider inappropriate or unacceptable (in terms of inhibitions) is actually practiced by many other people. So... it is not that repugnant or objectionable. Indeed, when it comes to sex, nothing is forbidden, as long as both parties agree and have the real desire to explore together the same curiosities. The secrets of sex are hidden in each of us. We only have to want to discover them...

There are women who dream of embracing the escort profession, imagining that in this way they will have the opportunity to be worshiped, courted or admired, simply because they exist. Paradoxically, they completely forget about what they can offer... ironically, exactly about sex!

But, as with any other profession, it is not enough to show up at the workplace! You actually have to WORK also! Therefore, be careful about what you want and what exactly you are willing to accept or do for it, because your expectations will never be fulfilled without your honest and total dedication. If you want to be an escort, all those sweet female privileges you have enjoyed so far, especially when it comes to sex, which you usually postpone insidiously, like a Fata Morgana... while men had to run trembling and obedient, giving you attention and gifts, no longer apply. From now on, playing with hormones has a clear purpose.


How important is oral sex in the activity of an escort? You have probably already noticed in the ads of many escorts around the world, comprehensive references to their oral sex techniques, which implies that men everywhere, when choosing a companion to spend some delicious moments in their privacy, are not exactly indifferent to this detail.

In fact, not a few are the cases when the only reason for the dates of this type, relates exclusively to the erotic pleasure of oral sex. Because it is more spectacular, more comfortable and, not less important, it has faster development (for those who are in a hurry).

Although, at a first glance, it seems easy, oral sex is not such an easy and comfortable act to perform. Not all escorts can or are willing to meet the demands that turn oral sex from a simple introduction of the penis into the mouth, into a professional technique to produce the ultimate ecstasy. But this is also one of the causes for which, in time, aristocratic mistresses radically differentiate themselves from ordinary escorts.


Why does the taste of sperm differ from male to male? Sperm does not differ much from one man to another. However, what differentiates it and influences its smell, texture and papillary feeling, is the nutrition of the one who eliminates it during ejaculation.

Consequently, it may have a bitter taste if the individual has consumed: coffee, alcohol or cigarettes, a sour taste if he ate red meat, fats, dairy products, chocolate, asparagus, broccoli, spinach, garlic or onion, and it can have a sweet taste if, before intercourse, he treated himself with fruits (pineapple, mango, grapes, apples, oranges, lemons), parsley, celery, mint, naturally fermented beverages or cinnamon.


How to provoke your partner an erection in a very short time? The modalities of arousing the male sexual instincts differ significantly from one man to another, depending on age, education or their preferences. There is no magic formula for success in this sense, nor patterns that invariably apply to any man. The only inexhaustible source of ideas suited to circumstances of all kinds is the imagination which, in this profession, you should necessarily have.

Here are some tips for a quick “warm-up”:

1.-Arouse him both physically and mentally: Before calling on the usual means of arousal, it is good to “prepare the ground”. Sometimes it is enough to arouse him with an indecent image or an erotic game. A casual (but sexy) outfit that can reveal your delicious female shapes a little bit, or using a few “dirty” words, spoken as if by accident and accompanied by a gesture of amazement about your own “mistake”... are the pages of a good “preface” for the erotic novel you are going to write together.

2.-Be straight: Another way to cause him erection almost instantaneously is to touch his penis, simply and directly. Maybe with a little naughtiness... Whether you prefer to perform oral sex or to stimulate it manually, there are three golden rules regarding the male sexual organ:

a)-Grab it vigorously. If you were sometimes unhappy that some partners caressed your intimate areas somehow brutally and energetically, well... you must know they were doing so because that is exactly how they like to be touched! When you put your hand on a penis, don’t think that it is a fragile Japanese figurine.

b)-Increase the pace. If at first the movements can be slow and somewhat sensual, like a caress, in a very short time, you must accelerate the rhythm of the movements even if this seems a little exaggerated. For a man, this is exactly what he wants!

c)-A lot of saliva and dirty words. Saliva is the most appropriate lubricant in these circumstances. The penis does not have a great capacity to self-lubricate (like your vagina), so... you will have to help it. Either by introducing it into your mouth from time to time, or simply by spitting it on the tip, abundantly and without reserve. Don’t be embarrassed or ashamed... in fact, men adore this gesture and otherwise effectively help in obtaining a quick result.

Last but not least, try to talk during this time by using obscene words that your partner doesn’t expect from you. Ask him surprising and direct questions, making a perverse game in which you can involve him too by repeating those “dirty” words.


How to get him to ecstasy when he penetrates you? Many escorts live with the false belief that during sex they should be as relaxed as possible and “offer themselves” to their partner without too many gestures, in order to give him the feeling of sweet abandonment. Wrong! Sexuality is even more profound when both partners actively transmit to each other, through movements, gestures or sounds, the pleasure of glorifying the ritual of the senses.

The penis is one of the most important receptors for such sensations and, when it is held captive inside your vagina, you can take full advantage of this opportunity to overwhelm it with an ocean of uplifting voluptuousness.

a)-Tighten your vaginal muscles. Wrap your legs around your partner or tighten them underneath him so that you can “grasp” his penis between the inner walls of your vagina, as tightly as possible. When you feel the tension approaches its peak, from time to time, by jerky exertion, at random intervals, induce yourself perceptible spasms, both of the vaginal muscles, as well as the pelvis or thigh. You will immediately notice the positive reaction of the one who will no longer resist the waves of frenzy.

b)-Move all the time, regardless of position. One thing that men hate is to be the only ones who move during sex. The lack of involvement gives them the impression that they are dealing with a boring being, an inflatable pseudo-doll who only gives signs of life when receiving money. And that certainly cuts off their mood, pretty quickly and irrevocably. Remember... the pleasure is much greater when you also participate, when you move, when you make him understand by twisting your entire body that you are fascinated by what you do and that you fully experience the ecstasy that sex provokes you.

c)-Choose the sexual positions that intensely stimulate his penis. When you are aroused, your vagina takes a relatively oval shape, which means that not the entire surface of the penis is touched and implicitly stimulated (inside). Observe which positions manage to favor an inner contact as “palpable” as possible and alternate them at all times, in order to obtain a varied succession of sensations. Also, let him see you. Your image full of pleasure and the movements you make, have the gift to increase the euphoria of any man.

d)-Alternate the rhythm. When you have sex, always alternate the rhythm of your movements... from slow and languorous, as if caressing the entire surface of the penis with your vagina, to very fast and passionate, suggesting impatience. When you increase the rhythm, focus on the upper part of the penis, on its tip. It is the area with the most nerve endings, so it is where the pleasure will be felt most strongly.


What can I do if I have specified in the ad that I also accept anal sex, but I don’t feel comfortable to do it with a particular client? Indeed, anal sex is not always very easy to perform. First of all, it highly depends on a couple of conditions that must be met with great caution. The key word at the start of it, is LUBRICATION. Abundant lubrication. Also, the comfort or discomfort of the act itself is given by the size and shape of the penis which is about to penetrate you, as well as the position you take. Last but not least, the patience and calmness your partner shows, is a defining coordinate in this sense.

When, during your meeting, you realize things won’t go very well in this direction, try at first to cause him as much pleasure as possible through other means and positions, striving actively, with all the “weapons” of seduction in your arsenal, to rush his orgasm (ejaculation). Theoretically, upon completion, there are chances that the partner will forget his initial desire and not be tempted by a second “number”. Practically...

Assuming he still insists in his demand, you will have no choice but to admit openly that you don’t feel very comfortable trying that, invoking, for instance, his “exceptional” endowment. That should boost his ego and make him give up. If even this method fails to inhibit his instinct when it comes to your tooshie, you are only left with adopting a firmer attitude and suggesting either interrupting the date with a 50% refund, or continuing it with a moderate, smaller refund of the initial price due to not providing all the services agreed upon.

In order to avoid such situations, it would be advisable that from the very beginning, when you arrange by phone the conditions of the meeting, or even when the meeting is about to begin, to establish the exact conditions under which anal sex would be possible.


What are the most important safety tips for an escort? It is very true that the escort profession also involves certain risks. These relate mainly to unpredictable clients, that is to say, that “species” of people who behave very well in the first phase of the date, after which, in a totally unpredictable way, becomes unsatisfied, angry or even aggressive.

The occurrence of inappropriate manifestations, essentially has three reasons: mental illness, alcohol (or drugs) or a difficult temper (shaped by the life that person led until that moment). If regarding the nervous system it is difficult to intuit the existence of a mental disorder, when it comes to the other two, unnatural behaviors can be easily spotted and, therefore, you should under no circumstance accept to continue any date with such individuals.

Also, don’t accept surprise-circumstances, when the client comes with another man. It is difficult to control the course of a meeting with several individuals, and the sexual experience can be very uncomfortable, if not (often) even traumatic. Unfortunately, one of the defining and unmanageable characteristics of a male is his ancestral need to dominate everything, anyway, anywhere. And if the uncontrolled instinct expresses itself at the level of the group (even if the group is only made up of two men), things can degenerate into a downright primitive manifestation... never with a happy ending.

If you are fairly confident of your own reactions and if you know your clients well enough to accept them in privacy with other friends, then you certainly know how to manage the situation and the choice is strictly personal.

Usually, when it comes to a new client, arrange the meeting in such a way so you can get to know him for a few moments, before. Preferably, in a public place.

Talk to him, ask questions or give him answers in a friendly way and, in the meantime, try to study his attitude to find out any gesture or reaction that could betray nervous, irritable or aggressive behavior. If you notice any such manifestations, immediately end the date with a polite excuse. Don’t let your physical integrity or health dominated by the desire for financial gain. A bad experience cannot be justified by any amount of money.

Here are a few tips regarding your safety:

-When you go to the client’s place, keep your clothing and personal belongings close to you. Unpleasant situations generated by malicious people can also occur, situation in which they could hide your clothes or different other personal items, their recovery requiring either a long time or certain compromises you probably wouldn’t be willing to do.

-Don’t take valuables with you when you go to a different location. You will minimize the damage if, unfortunately, you happen to be robbed.

-Be very careful when you are offered something to drink. In principle, it is good to refuse. There are quite a few cases when several delinquents have used hallucinogenic substances or sleeping pills (mixed in the drink, tea or coffee) to make it easier for them to rob, rape or sequester escorts.

-Any client who crosses the threshold of your place (if you own a location) should be kept under observation at any moment, in order to always know where he is and what he is doing. It is an elementary measure, meant to significantly reduce the premise of robberies.

-Don’t let the money you have received in plain sight. There are clients who, using the excuse that they have to leave quickly at the end of the meeting, swipe your money... and disappear.

-Never allow anyone to tie you! You can do it only if he is a regular client and you know him well enough to give him the proper confidence. Otherwise, once tied up, anything can happen to you.

-If you use vibrators or if you want to allow a partner use his fingers in terms of (vaginal or anal) penetration, make sure that person’s behavior in intimacy is well known to you and that he meets hygiene and moderation prerequisites. Both the possible lack of cleanliness and the use of vibrators or fingers in a more aggressive manner can cause you to get an infection, irritation or injury that, of course, will require expensive and long term treatments.


What can I do if, during the date, my client’s girlfriend, wife or mother shows up? It is quite an unpleasant situation. It happens rarely, but if you have the misfortune of finding yourself in such circumstances you should only let the one caught in the act justify your presence there.

Try to find an optimal situation to leave the place as quickly as possible.

Don’t intervene in the discussions caused on this occasion and on this issue, even if you are provoked. Keep calm, self-controlled and have a civilized attitude (especially in speech), and if you are forced to answer some questions, give as few details as possible regarding yourself.


What can I do if the client is on the phone for a very long time during the date? It's a fairly common situation, especially among businessmen. You should under no circumstance look offended. Try to find something discreet to do during this time, without bothering him.

When he finishes solving his personal problems, try to make the remaining time available, a pleasant experience.

If he wants to extend the date, of course, he will have to pay extra. It’s not your fault that he was forced by circumstances to deal with other engagements. Therefore, if you don’t have another client scheduled after him (in the interval immediately following), you can continue what you have started. To avoid any kind of inconvenience in this direction, at the beginning of every date, you should clearly let your client know if, after the agreed time expires, you can do “overtime” or not.


Do I ask for money for the time outside of intimacy (dinners, banquets, events etc.)? The answer is “YES”. Remember that whenever you are with a man who has solicited your presence, regardless of the place chosen (privacy or public place), you are basically at work. Consequently, the price remains the same.

There are quite a few people who prefer some kind of social preamble before the “bedroom”, either because they are shy and they find such an approach to be at hand, or because they simply want to spend some time with you. Besides, there are also some more special clients who don’t necessarily want to have sex, but they prefer a delightful conversation, watching a movie or simply sleeping next to a female “friend”. You can do your duty and tell them that time passes and means money... but if that's their wish, you just have to satisfy it.

If you make the mistake of not charging them from the very beginning for the hours “consumed” extra-intimacy, such dates can become either a repetitive and annoying tactic to attract you in the trap of pseudo-sentimental pretexts or an ungrateful habit... pleasant for them, not at all profitable for you.

Many will consider that a dinner or a night in a club compensates the value of the time spent with them this way, but they forget that you can also afford the fun, food and drinks in a much more advantageous way and not influenced by their sometimes lamentable tastes.


What can I do if a client tells me he loves me? You smile, thank him for expressing his appreciation and that’s all! Play the role of the goddess used to receive offerings, but does not feel compelled to respond. Don’t try to explain the fact that such a relationship is not possible... It will be useless! Simply let him in his own uncertainty and waiting.

If that client becomes insistent, you should avoid him for a while or even forever. You either stop answering his phone calls, or you tell him every time he contacts you that you have a very profitable engagement and therefore you must refuse him. There is a good chance that the idea of financial profitability (suggested as being the force behind your interests), to fade away or even destroy his sentimental drive. It is also possible that the admiration turns suddenly into rejection or hate... and even to express it uncontrollably or roughly. But that's fine. It means that he finally understood the nature of the relationships with the women whose time he buys. Keep calm and control your words. Don’t give in to the temptation of answering as rudely. You will only prolong the agony of a senseless dialogue.

There are also cases where they will want to take revenge by harassing you. That is because men who fit this behavioral pattern are usually possessive, jealous and sometimes even violent. If things get worse, don’t hesitate to call the authorities for help.


How should I act with aggressive clients? First, and in fact the most important step you can take is to completely AVOID such partners. Although at some point, constrained by the need for money or for whatever other reason you are tempted to accept a potentially aggressive client, think that the consequences can be uncontrollable and the end can be (often) tragic.

Do everything possible to always be in full control of the situation. At the same time, give men the feeling that you are relaxed and in a good mood. It is the best way to create a peaceful atmosphere. Don’t adopt a rigid and authoritarian attitude because you are likely to induce a behavioral response that matches it.

If a client asks questions about the services you provide and you delay the answer thinking too long, he will immediately perceive that you are a “newbie” and he will be tempted to take advantage of the opportunity... in a negative way, of course. Also, if your answers will be indifferent and careless, without thinking or clearly having in mind the level of your willingness, you might regret it later on. But unfortunately, in such situations you will have to take the consequences.

Always keep in mind the idea that no one can force you to do things that you don’t want to do. This way you will feel confident about what follows, and you will formulate your answers more easily and without ambiguities.

When scheduling a meeting, write on a piece of paper (or SMS) the duration of the booking, the address, the name and the phone number of the “subject” and send it or give it to a close person. For your own safety, you can arrange with that person to also call you if you don’t give any sign after the date has ended. Apart from the reassuring confirmation that someone knows if you are in danger and the discouraging factor for those who would want to hurt you, these calls (of “control”) bring you another significant advantage: in the case of rude clients who insist you stay longer (of course, without paying extra for it) and you wish to leave, you will have the perfect excuse to rush your intention, invoking the fact that your next client awaits you and that you wouldn’t like to disappoint him by being late.

At the beginning of a date, you should let your partner know that at the end of the agreed time you are expected by another “lover”, by a taxi driver or even by a friend...

The nervous outbreaks of the impulsive ones won’t take long to appear, so within a few minutes from the start of the meeting you will know whether you are dealing with a calm person or on the contrary... Therefore, you should delay getting undressed during the first minutes of the meeting, under the pretext of a brief “warm-up” conversation. Keep your phone close to you, along with your defensive spray or electro-shock device (in case the situation becomes desperate).

If necessary, don’t hesitate to leave the location even if you’ll have to abandon there some of your clothes or whatever other objects.

Last but not least, it would be both healthy and effective for your safety to enroll in self-defense classes. You will maintain an excellent physical form, but you will also gain a healthy confidence in your own strengths for the moments you could be in a position to cope with possible aggressions.

If you don’t have anyone to defend you, nor the means necessary to ensure you at least a minimal protection, if necessary, don’t hesitate to produce as much noise as possible to be heard by neighbors or people nearby. Unfortunately, statistics show that under such conditions, men become even more aggressive, so this option should be considered as the last one after you've exhausted any other possible alternative.

Finally, what should become LAW in your activity, regarding your own safety, is that the key to solving harmful problems is not finding solutions to get out of extreme situations, but preventing them through any means and at any cost. The best “weapon” against such cases is intuition. At the slightest negative feeling, give up the meeting immediately, no matter how promising or tempting it may seem. Your tranquility and physical integrity is more valuable than anything else.