The most frequently asked questions about being a (bisexual) Female Escort

The most frequently asked questions about being a (bisexual) Female Escort

The most frequently asked questions about being a (bisexual) Female Escort

“All great novels, all true novels... are bisexual.”
(Milan Kundera)

As if they were standing in front of a door beyond which lies the unknown, the women who wish to embrace the career of Lady of Pleasure ask themselves many questions whose answer they will never fully, pertinently and satisfactorily find anywhere, let alone in this humble article. The reason is that no one can ever formulate opinions regarding intimate dilemmas and searches better than your own consciousness.

What these written materials try to do represents a mere suggestion at the end of which, of course, you will still be the one who decides how and what you accept as being viable or appropriate from the point of view of your expectations and orientation.

So... here are a few questions and answers in the shape of possible information buoys in the ocean of your future decisions regarding the profession of (bisexual) female escort.


What is bisexuality? Bisexuality represents a manifestation of sexual orientation that is specific both to men and to women and is characterized by aesthetic and erotic attraction (not equal) to both sexes (men and women), also involving having intercourse with them.

Bisexuality has been seen in different human societies, but also in the animal kingdom. The term bisexuality, together with heterosexuality and homosexuality, appeared in the 19th century.

We are born bisexual. At least that is the conclusion most studies have reached. In other words, every person has innate bisexuality, but social, religious and political factors as well as the lack of opportunity, repression or denial lead to the creation of a single manifestation: heterosexuality or homosexuality. Other studies exclude bisexuality as a sexual category, bringing various arguments in favor of belonging solely to heterosexuality or homosexuality.

Sexuality however represents an unknown. No man, study or argument can explain, label or categorize people by such criteria. Being bisexual is probably the highest form of intimate expression, allowing for the opportunity to experience eroticism to the fullest. It is unfair for people confined to one form of sexuality (heterosexual or homosexual) to draw the borderline of what so-called normality means, a term that has become increasingly more relative in modern times.


Can this job bring me the money I need for a decent living? It is quite evident that guiding your thoughts and interest to this occupation wasn’t something completely random. Either someone told you or you have seen a person who is involved in this line of work (and you liked the idea) or you simply thought that the sexual vibration you feel alive and unbridled within you excites you towards an attempt in this area.

But together with any of these three options or with the motivation that led to analyze them there was also the money factor! Because IT IS TRUE, the ladies of pleasure earn much more than the average income and if you needed a confirmation in this sense... here it is. The escort trade, if practiced with patience, sacrifice and refinement, can turn into a pretty profitable business.

However, what you should have in perspective when you take different decisions is the fact that this undertaking has a very short period of profitability. More precisely, around the age of 35... you will have passed the “golden” age for this type of activity. If, however, you decide to follow your intimate desires, in the following period you should manage the money you earn with great care and prudence, either investing it in different businesses or saving it in various bank deposits for the rest of your life, when you will probably still be able to exercise your profession in the erotic realm, but not at the same success and profitability rate.


Is the beginning that hard? YES, it is quite hard. Many of the women who embrace this “dream” with optimism and confidence have to abandon it from the first steps taken in this direction because certain situations related to the intimate interaction with men can turn out to be downright unbearable or demoralizing, especially if they imagined that it was going to be like in a romantic story in luxurious interiors, with select characters, champagne and good music... in the lascivious dusk. No, unfortunately this is not so. In fact, there are very few situations in which these types of affairs follow an... “artistic” script.

But if you have the strength and obstinacy necessary to overcome these adverse episodes (which are inherent to any beginning), in time, you will learn how to deal with negative circumstances and, most importantly, how to avoid them!


What are the secrets of professionalism in this trade? There are many details and conditions that create the prerequisites of professionalism in this job, but above all, to ensure a suitable starting point, you will need to make a few investments. No business can start without a minimum amount of invested capital to support your actions.

Spend generously and without making compromises when it comes to your personal image, the way in which you present yourself in society or the elements that enhance or emphasize the features aimed to bring you guaranteed success. For escorts, physical aspect is the decisive factor in attracting clients and therefore, everything has to revolve around this goal.

Don’t neglect anything that has to do with bodily beauty, clothes or accessories because, in order to reach a truly professional level, every aesthetic detail count.

Here are a few important points in this regard:

-The overall appearance. You must understand that a vulgar or indecent look (which unfortunately has become a sort of “uniform” in the erotic field) does not represent a successful option for you. It is appreciated only by those men who find such approaches familiar, but unfortunately these men are not the ones who can transform your sacrifices into success. Clients who enjoy a certain social position (and have money), who are educated, civilized and good connoisseurs of elegant manners want refined, groomed and elegant women who can give them the feeling of elite and even spiritual pleasure.

-Hair. Hair represents one of the main attractions for men’s senses and is sometimes even more important than breasts or lips. Hair that glows means beauty and it is also a sign of health. With a little effort, your hair can radiate, attracting all eyes around you. It is a detail that will likely shape your femininity and sensuality in the most expressive way.

Here are some rules that must be the basis of your hair care:

1.-Choose hair care products according to the needs of your type of hair. One of the major mistakes in hair care is using inappropriate products. The products for oily hair, dyed hair or damaged hair are specifically designed to solve such issues. For instance, greasy hair requires daily cleaning and a shampoo designed for daily use which also protects the scalp from excessive dehydration. The recommended products for dry hair are rich in lipids, ceramides and natural oils. If you have colored or damaged hair choose products that are especially designed for these problems because these products contain a larger quantity of conditioner and silicone.

2.-Choose natural hair care. Natural remedies are an irreplaceable help in solving hair problems. For example: vinegar is great for hair. Experts recommend vinegar for all hair types but especially for greasy hair. A tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in the water used to rinse your hair can work wonders. Vinegar is a great remedy against dandruff as well.

3.-Eat healthy in order to have beautiful hair. No matter what type of shampoo or hair care products you use, if your diet lacks important nutrients or if your lifestyle isn’t exactly healthy, your hair will definitely reflect it. A deficiency in minerals (iron, zinc), in proteins and in calories results in inappropriate hair growth - the hair has weak roots and has the tendency to break or simply fall off. Brittle or dry hair can be caused by iron, zinc and/or vitamin C deficiency.

4.-Use conditioner. It is one of the most important pieces of advice that you must follow, especially if you have dry or colored hair. Conditioner nourishes and hydrates, preventing breakage. Alternate the use of hair conditioner and hair masks. Rinsing your hair with lukewarm water followed by a jet of cold water will close the cuticles and will give your hair a shinier appearance.

5.-A few important tips:
a)-Don’t use too many cosmetic products. You will suffocate your hair unnecessarily.
b)-Brush your hair before washing it. This way you will remove some of the impurities.
c)-After washing your hair, gently massage the scalp to improve blood flow.
d)-Rinse very well in order to remove shampoo.
e)-Don’t use hot water when you wash your hair.
f)-If time allows it, let your hair dry naturally. You will maintain it hydrated and it will have a much healthier look.
g)-Don’t use the brush unless the hair is dry. Wet hair is fragile and can be broken easily.
h)-Limit as much as you can the use of straightening or curling irons. High temperatures dramatically affect the health, structure and appearance of your hair.

-Complexion. We strongly advise you against going for “garish” and abundant make-up in the hope that you will be able to conceal skin imperfections or that you will attract looks more easily. Such make-up is specific to a certain category of women you certainly wouldn’t wish to be associated with. Also, using too many cosmetic products can lead to highly embarrassing incidents: while your partner caresses you in intimacy and you both sweat (in the action), makeup, foundation, powder and mascara have great chances of turning into a gooey mixture, dripping off your cheeks.

In order to answer your questions and also to dismantle a number of myths regarding skin care, we sought the advice of several doctors. Here are their recommendations:

1.-“By cleaning your face more than once a day, you protect your skin against acne.” False! Harsh soap-based cleaning solutions destroy the natural balance of the skin and absorb natural sebum which leads to excessive dryness of the face, to inflammation or irritation, favoring acne. Water based solutions that do not contain soap are equally effective and they act gently on the face. Choose foam or cleansing gel for oily skin and only cleansing milk or micellar lotions for dry skin. You shouldn’t use natural soaps on the face at all.

2.-“Not cleaning your face before going to bed does not affect the skin.” False! Not cleaning your face before bedtime (in the evening) deprives your skin from important metabolic processes that happen only at night. For example, dry skin that is not cleaned before bedtime is deprived of the opportunity of proper hydration, oily skin is deprived of the possibility to fight acne and pigmented skin misses out on the whitening and smoothing process.

3.-“The more aggressive the exfoliation is, the brighter the skin looks.” False! Exfoliation is a mandatory step in the skin care process, during which dead cells are removed and renewed, revitalizing the skin and enhancing the penetrative power of cosmetics. However... the skin on your face needs gentle exfoliation. Dry skin is easily injured through such a (radical) procedure so in this case the peeling step can be skipped. Strong products can irreversibly inflame pigmented skin and can aggravate acne in the case of oily skin. By contrast, normal skin can undergo daily exfoliation.

4.-“Oil-free products and products based on alcohol should be avoided.” False! The skin naturally secretes sebum. By giving up oil-free products, the skin becomes excessively dry which has the opposite effect: a higher degree of sebum secretion. Cleaning products such as “oil in water” remove toxins without damaging the skin’s protective barrier. Alcohol phobia is not grounded either. Vitamins A and E, humectants, emulsifiers and antioxidants are beneficial alcoholic substances. What should be avoided (especially by those with dry skin) is the alcohol that is usually found in toning lotions.

5.-“Makeup causes acne.” Partly true! Oil-based cosmetics as well as creamy foundations and blushes can close the pores. Certain rough camouflage products such as professional foundation or powder can clog the pores and maintain acne, not cause it. Also, compact foundation is not recommended for dry skin. Light, mineral cosmetics are a much better alternative for any skin type.

6.-“Using cosmetics from a very early age causes wrinkles sooner.” False! Makeup does not suffocate the skin. If it were true, the world would be full of sick women. The skin keeps feeding on the oxygen and nutrients in our blood and not from the external environment. Although a tougher foundation can hinder the absorption of nutrients to a certain extent, it cannot inhibit skin oxygenation. Not removing makeup before bedtime is what may help speed up the appearance of wrinkles.

7.-“Expensive anti-wrinkle creams are magical.” Partly true! Most anti-wrinkle creams moisturize the skin and they give it a healthy look in the short term. Although retinol has a smoothing effect on fine lines and wrinkles, the results are not magical. However, these products do their job if they have an optimum number of antioxidants. Unfortunately, these products are also more expensive.

8.-“Greater amount means better results”. False! Applying anti-wrinkle creams in the morning and in the evening represents a waste of time because most active ingredients act once a day and retinoid in anti-wrinkle products is effective only during sleep because, otherwise, it oxidizes in the presence of light.

-Teeth. We strongly advise you to go to the dentist as often as possible for prevention (of possible cavities), for tartar removal and (most importantly) for whitening. Before any type of intercourse or erotic act, brush your teeth carefully and refresh your breath with mouthwash or mints. You shouldn’t use chewing gum. It can create a vulgar look and, during kisses, it can give rise to embarrassing “incidents”.

-Eyes and eyelids. These two represent the most sensitive physiognomic details on your face, especially if you have activity at night. Eyes are not just the “gate to the soul”, but they are also a very eloquent means of revealing your physical and emotional state.

For this reason, we suggest you pay special attention to their care.

Thus, when you remove make-up on your eyes, pay attention to the movements you make. Do not insist by rubbing the skin until it turns red, because this is a harmful, aggressive action. Eyelids and the skin around your eyes are very sensitive areas and proceeding in this way you risk noticing in a short while the appearance of fine lines. Either way this will happen... sooner or later (due to aging), but why “give aging a hand”?

Your eyes will feel good and pampered if you apply every morning on your eyelids for a few minutes a pad soaked in cold milk. After several such “sessions” you will notice how your look becomes twice as bright.

When you remove makeup, don’t use makeup remover designed for the face. Its composition is different and it is advisable to use only products designed exclusively for the delicate eye area. If you don’t have special eye makeup remover, milk is the solution or even cold water.

Also, do not apply toning lotion on the eyes. When you have puffy eyes, apply two warm pads soaked in black tea infusion; you can keep these pads for up to 15 minutes.

Drooping eyelids can be corrected in an early stage without having to resort to plastic surgery. This problem usually occurs due to upper eyelid muscle weakness in conjunction with the effects of gravity. If you spend some time daily to massage this area with regularity, chances are that the specific muscles regain their tone and vitality.

-Body hair. We strongly advise you to remove body hair everywhere as often and radically as possible in order to provide your partner with a soft and smooth skin surface to caress or touch.

-Nails. In this job, besides having a very visible presence, nails also have a role in stimulating arousal by being used more or less passionately in expressing fiery emotional impulses. It is imperative that they look extremely well maintained and elegant. Avoid “aggressive” colors and finishing. Although, at first, these colors and cuttings may seem original and interesting, you must know that men find them very annoying.

-Lingerie. You probably spend at least half an hour every day to choose the clothes you wear when you go out. This is a good sign because it shows interest regarding the way you look. But it is not only the “outer shell” that matters. What you wear underneath is as important, especially in this profession. Choosing the perfect lingerie for your body type is the first step in making you feel and look good. Many women do not take this aspect into consideration and the result is most of the times disastrous and certainly not sexy.

Well-chosen lingerie can make you much more confident and charming. However, this can turn out to be difficult if you are not sure what style suits your body shape. For this reason, you should follow a few simple steps to understand and discover what you must have in mind the moment you are in a shop and have to choose this type of garment:

1.-If you have short legs (of if you want to create the illusion of having the legs of a top model) choose lingerie that has accentuated tailoring at the top of the leg.

2.-If you want to hide a particular part of the body, the best would be to buy dark colored lingerie. The texture of the fabric can also help you “lose” a few pounds. Microfiber is an amazing discovery in the field and it should be any woman’s secret weapon, regardless of her figure, because you can get an instant slimming effect without the need for surgery.

3.-In order to obtain the look of a full cleavage, even if nature hasn’t been very generous with you in this respect, push-up bras are the perfect weapon. Try to find a model that has as fewer “ornaments” as possible and most importantly... that has a natural shape. If you want something more special, choose bright colors and lace for special occasions. Contrary to what many women know, push-up bras are recommended for a generous bust as well, due to the fact that the level of support these models offer is much higher.

4.-The color of lingerie. You should remember that light colored lingerie tends to add volume, while the same type of lingerie in a darker color has the opposite effect. The color of your hair can also influence your choice of undergarments. Blonde women can choose pastel colors, redheads look gorgeous in green and brunettes look great in dark or strong colors. Black is perfect for everyone and this color should definitely be present in your wardrobe!

Choosing lingerie according to body shape.

1.-Hourglass figure. If you are lucky enough to have this type of body, with the most harmonious proportions, you will also enjoy the biggest number of options from which to choose. Corset-type lingerie or a bustier will accentuate your shapes and you will be sexy and provocative. In fact, for this type of body, there aren’t many limitations regarding lingerie models from which to choose.

2.-Thick waist body type. If you are envied for your legs, but your waist is the one that causes you problems, you should choose loose and dark colored lingerie. Another very sexy and advantageous option would be baby doll lingerie with different “ornaments”. And if you are the lucky owner of a “tempting” cleavage, you can choose a bra with support in order to attract attention more on this detail of your body to the detriment of the waist.

3.-Androgynous figure. This body type is usually athletic but lacks the sensual curves specific to feminine figures. Being in the shoes of the “athlete”, you should direct attention more on your thin waist and, for that... two-piece lingerie is the best solution.

As for accessories... tall women look good if they wear garter belts, while petite women can create the impression of tallness if they choose lingerie with cuts and splits on the leg. But the most important aspect that you must have in mind when choosing lingerie is to know your proportions very well and accept your body shape. This way you will take the best decisions and you will make the most appropriate choices.

-Silk stockings. This item is an element that is as important from a visual point of view as lingerie. The best choices that are extremely effective are the ones that have tape or garter belts. These particular models not only offer viewers an extremely exciting visual delight, indirectly heightening sexual instincts, but they are also very practical because you don't have to take them off during hot and passionate action scenes.

-Cosmetics. Unfortunately, due to the desire to be more “visible”, escorts easily fall prey to the trap of excess makeup. It is not through an aggressive and vulgar look that you should let men know you are “open” to sexual relations, but through a provocative and sexy but discreet attitude. The line between sensual and depraved is truly so fine that sometimes it can be difficult to identify and follow. But it is exactly this detail that makes the difference between a luxury escort and a mere “prostitute”.

-Perfumes. Don’t buy cheap perfumes under the pretext that you need to use a lot of them and a major expense in this direction wouldn’t be justified. The scent that envelops you must be subtle, delicate and felt only when in intimacy... as a sort of bonus of your nude body.

-Clothes. Sadly, through the lack of imagination or the feeling that by imitating one another in terms of fashion means they will be able to “steal” the recipe for success of those they consider the competition, escorts have created a real uniform that compulsively follows one purpose: revealing the body as much as possible. We strongly advise you to avoid this cheap and degrading stereotype! An exciting and arousing air does not necessarily entail the “outright” display of your shapes; it is rather based on a set of complex gestures, movements, looks and attitudes...

In general, you should choose clothes that emphasize and flatter your body and personality. You can copy the models which appear in fashion magazines, without becoming more elegant in the process. That is because true distinction is obtained from perfect harmony between clothes, surroundings, the body and the personality of the woman who wears them.

Being stylish doesn’t mean worrying about the price and the number of outfits you have, but about the fabric, the quality or the tailoring of the clothes as well as about the ability to match them with other pieces in your wardrobe. A person who has good taste does not wear gaudy colors and knows how to apply the basic rules of aesthetics. If you have pale skin, yellow and green will lend you a livid touch. If you are not slim, you must avoid frills and folds and also horizontal stripes. If you are tall, vertical stripes are not advisable for your figure.

Another important rule has to do with the quality and comfort of shoes and purses. These two basic pieces absolutely must be good quality. You will notice that a purse costs more the simpler and the more comfortable it is and the fewer accessories it has! Make this type of investments completely at peace. Dresses, blouses, skirts, t-shirts can be cheap and successful. However, you can never say the same thing about… shoes, purses, belts and gloves! Learn where to save in terms of clothing and where to spend generously. You can wear the most expensive and elegant outfit but if you have an ugly and old-fashioned purse, you will be imminently labeled as worst dressed.

Be careful! Do not wear gold and silver at the same time! During the day it is best to resort to simple and minimalist imitations, avoiding colored glass and rhinestones, in other words... avoiding everything that is tacky and too elaborate. A noteworthy quote in this field says the following: “a little simple is better than a little too elaborate”.

-High heel shoes or boots (depending on the season). These complementary elements should under no circumstances be missing from your wardrobe. You should never exchange high heels for sportier or more casual shoes. There are escorts who maintain that elegant shoes or unique boots should be worn “only on special occasions”, but every date with a man or a woman should be treated as a special event. This is the only way the client will call you on other... “occasions”.

-Accessories. The rule is that they must be... as discreet as possible. Never adhere to the idea of giant “ornaments”. Moreover, they have a huge disadvantage during erotic sessions: they can cling, scratch or hurt you or your partner...

-Watch and read the news! Even if you find this tip to be strange and inadequate to the escort profession, your clients are generally businessmen or women who know, talk about and follow all the events in the political, economic or sports arena. You will surprise them in a very pleasant way if, when you are in their company, you can be a worthy interlocutor in a talk on some of these topics.

-Photos. Pay special attention to the images you post on specialized websites (when you advertise) because it is through these images that you will benefit from the most favorable and qualitative exposure. There is an unwritten but perfectly valid rule according to which professional photographs attract refined clients and the other way around... In the midst of fierce and aggressive competition, such as the one in the erotic field, the only possibility to attract clients is to be as visible and original as possible... Don’t forget! An image is worth 1000 words.

It is quite likely that when you read these lines you find yourself a little disconcerted because, indeed, it is not easy and reaching a professional level... might take a very long time.


Why is it advisable to work under the protection of anonymity? You can never guess how pushy some clients can become or how close they will believe they are to you (after a few intimate dates), that you might find them knocking on your door in the middle of the night, when perhaps you want to have some time for yourself or when you are with someone else.

This is why, our advice is that the most appropriate solution is to rent an apartment, located in or as close to the city center as possible, to use exclusively for these activities.

When writing and posting your adverts on the internet, we advise you against using your real name but a pseudonym that you think would better suit your personality and whose resonance you could become accustomed in time as being your second name (much more used).

Avoid using “stage names” such as: “Sexy Love”, “Cool Body”, “Foxy4u”... If you should receive a phone call, can you imagine how a client could address you: “-Hello! Are you Foxy4u or... 4me?” Don’t you think it sounds at least strange? That is why the best solution would be to for you to choose proper names (“Mary”, “Kelly”, “Tatiana” etc.).


What factors should I take into consideration when I choose location (in case of InCall)? Though, at first you might think that men are generally indifferent to order, cleanliness or the way an interior is designed (especially if it is not their house), you will be surprised to find that, at least in this field, the place where a man goes for personal satisfaction and pleasure is very attentively and critically analyzed. Most of the times, men don’t notice all the details, but they are impressed by the general image of a place.

The place is seen as a larger package of the pleasure you are about to have, of course you are also a part of it, and if you respect a few simple rules, you will get even those positive reactions to your interest.

“The perimeter of pleasure” should have style and identity, because this space is nothing more than your business card for those interested in eroticism.


Choosing the location. The apartment rented for these intimate gatherings should be ultra-central or at least in an area close to the center, so that the place is easily accessible from every corner of the city. Another reason why we recommend choosing a civilized area such as this one is that in this particular perimeter there are many company head offices, shops, banks and so on where the hustle and bustle, people going in and out of these buildings is the best solution for maintaining the anonymity of the clients who are going to visit you.

We advise you to choose buildings that have a street entrance and a parking area nearby. No one likes to spend hours looking for a proper and safe place to leave their car.

Also, we advise you not to choose buildings that have a doorman. The large number of people visiting you can raise suspicions regarding your profession and then your clients will certainly not like to be questioned regarding their presence in that particular place or the purpose of their visit.

Be very careful and attentive regarding all the aspects related to the entrance in the building... A stairway that smells foul, an elevator that jerks and creeks, a hallway with dirty walls, scribbled with vulgar words will give the unpleasant feeling of a dodgy environment where only unpleasant and strange people can live. The risk that many will not get to the door of your apartment, making way back from the first steps in such an “environment”... is huge.

The bathroom is another important element that you will have to consider, adding it to the list of criteria according to which you choose a location. The bathroom should be modern and well kept. Most of the times, this is where the sensual action “begins”... let alone the fact that in anyone’s mind, this room represents a reflection of your interest for cleanliness. A clean woman always has a spotless bathroom!

The apartment you choose should have non-transparent drapes or blinds at the windows. You won’t have to improvise in order to get the dim lit atmosphere shier callers desire (during daytime) and the much-needed discretion when it comes to neighbor’s curiosity (during the night).

On the same list of urgently needed requirements (when choosing your place) there should be air conditioning systems or proper heating systems.


Interior design. To ensure an enjoyable working space both for you and for those who cross your threshold, the interior of the apartment where you “work” will have to be uncluttered, spacious and airy.

Once you rent the apartment, a few investments will be absolutely mandatory:
-high quality bedding and linens (at least 4-5 luxury sets);
-small and large towels (as smooth and well absorbing as possible);
-ornamental plants (natural if possible);
-cleaning solutions (especially for the bathroom);
-toilet paper (good quality one);
-liquid soap (also best quality);
-shower gel (both for women and for men);
-disposable toothbrushes, toothpaste and mouthwash;
-condoms (in all sizes and types);
-tissues (wet and dry);
-powerful musical equipment (complete silence might sometimes be embarrassing).

Even if you find it is a major expense, in a relatively short time, it will show its effectiveness... and the money will definitely come back to you from your satisfied clients.

The bedroom should receive special attention because it is the place where everything must inspire intimacy, relaxation and comfort. Air the room as frequent as possible and keep the bed impeccable, as if your next “guest”... is your first.

Since we mentioned the bedroom, we should perhaps also include some tips about the music you will (discreetly) provide in this place of fulfillment of erotic desires. The music must be to your partner’s liking first and foremost and not to your own liking. Thus, the best would be to buy CDs with music of all genres and styles or make various selections and when you are about to begin the intimate interaction, you should ask your partner what he or she prefers to listen to.

Last but certainly not least, we recommend you direct your attention to creating a small bar:
-sparkling and still water;
-lemons, oranges, grapes etc.;
-peanuts, crisps, cookies etc.;
-fresh juices;
-coffee, soluble coffee;
-alcoholic drinks (try to buy fine and good quality alcohol).

We advise you against leaving the bottles of alcohol in plain sight. Sadly, there are people who are unaware of their own limits and risk causing unpleasant situations.

The minibar is really a “courtesy of the house” investment, but with this strategy focused on hospitality you will leave an excellent impression on your clients. The fact that they can also have a small drink served (included in the price already paid) will convince them that you are not only interested in money... but also how they feel when they are in your company.


Location maintenance. You should really avoid bringing pets in the apartment where you work. As much as you love them, their presence can cause discomfort for your visitors. Some of them are bothered by the smell, others are allergic and the majority simply feel inhibited or annoyed by the noise and curiosity of your companions, especially in intimacy. However, if you simply cannot part from a certain pet you own, at least during intimate contact with your clients, don’t keep the pet in the same room.

Organize a daily cleaning schedule and don’t ever delay or postpone dusting, airing the rooms or vacuuming the rugs (carpets).

Don’t overdo the use of air fresheners. Their scent can become heavy and unbreathable.

Disinfect the bathroom and the knobs after receiving each client.

Changing the towels after every client is an absolute must.

Don’t forget to air the bedroom and change the bedding after every caller’s visit.


What are the rules that govern advertising in this field? Publicity is a crucial element in sustaining your business. The evolution of all the things you have set to do in this business depends on the way in which you advertise and promote your services.

It is advisable to advertise mostly on websites that specialize in escort adverts because this type of coverage gives you the chance to provide a much more detailed description of the services you offer and the opportunity to post a large portfolio of images through which to reveal the beauty of your body or the irresistibility in your sensuous attitude.

Do not resort to false advertising by using fake pictures or, even worse... photos which do not depict you! Surely you will need to withstand the embarrassment of being turned down the moment your callers meet you in real life and see that you do not correspond to what they saw on the website (in the photos).

We advise you against posting old photos in which your hair had a different shade or color, in which you wore it differently, it was shorter or longer, photos in which you were younger or slimmer than how you currently look like. None of these details will go unnoticed, no matter how much you think you can rely on the momentary “fever” of the person who hires your services. Don’t forget that desire is born from seeing images and the memory and tastes of your clients can sometimes be very precisely defined in this regard.

You mustn’t post images that depict only your genital organs. As much as you hope to heat the fantasies of your viewers, the majority will want to see the entire you before deciding to call you. Also, this type of approach has the downside of, on the one side, attracting a significant number of crude and irritating individuals (interesting only in the physical aspect of sexuality) and, on the other hand, repelling other callers who might just find it too much. It is advisable to let your nudity be revealed slowly in intimacy. It is much more charming and exciting.

Present yourself in as many situations as possible in the photos. Don’t go for only a few poses in which you are dressed the same way and suggest the same attitude. Also, you should know that unprofessional photographs (e.g. photos taken with your mobile phone in the mirror) give a touch of amateurism and lack of interest to your whole endeavor, which certainly does nothing to spark the interest of potential clients.

You can also display your sex toys, if you happen to use such “accessories”. Potential callers and viewers of your ad should know they can benefit from this option, if they want to.

Be very careful to the messages you send through your photographs. Make public only what you feel represents you or what you are actually willing to wear or... do. If you don’t provide services in the BDSM sector, you really shouldn’t include in your photo albums pictures that display you dressed in latex or leather, with a collar around your neck and a riding whip in your hand. You will certainly attract the attention of people who are interested in these practices and your unwillingness to perform these practices in real life might lead to moments of frustration or embarrassment. Clients can react vehemently the moment they realize the only reason for your advertising was luring them in, without any connection to the services you actually provide.

Specify in your advert that you are bisexual.

Don’t forget to mention your working hours.

Reread the ad attentively before posting it. Grammatical mistakes, ambiguous phrasing or vulgar words leave the impression of ignorance or lack of respect for those who read your message.

Another important form of advertising is the quality of the eroticism and involvement you show in intimacy with your clients. Every person who walks happily from your arms, indirectly represents possible positive advertising for you, made to his or her friends or acquaintances...

Also, any dissatisfaction can quickly turn into negative and quite aggressive advertising on the internet, because people can post all sorts of negative comments about you on forums, blogs or specialized websites which have many readers and which are seriously taken into account by internet users.


What rules should I follow in terms of hygiene and body health?

A shower before and after each intimate encounter is MANDATORY!

Take good care of your teeth. Go to the dentist for regular checkups. Use mouthwash or flavored candy. Regularly refresh your breath.

If you wax your bikini line, this cosmetic procedure should be performed in the evening. In general, irritation may occur and the night and the next morning give you ample time to apply creams or compresses to the affected areas.

After each erotic episode you must change the towels and the bed sheets.

If anal sex is included in the services you offer, it is advisable that you don’t eat anything before the date. However, if you cannot prevent your culinary cravings, you should do an enema before the action.

After having anal sex, never go directly to vaginal or oral sex without changing the condom or thoroughly wiping with wet tissues the penis that penetrated you. The risk of transferring all sorts of bacteria from the rectal area is very high.

If you use lubricants, make sure these products are only water-based. Massage oils or lotions can damage the condom due to their inadequate composition for this type of use.

You should never allow your partner to introduce his or her finger (fingers) in your vagina, anus or mouth if he or she doesn’t have impeccable manicure and if you notice that hand hygiene is lacking.

You should never have unprotected oral sex if you have wounds or rashes in the mouth area. The risk of transferring bacteria and microbes is again extremely high.

Examine discreetly but very carefully your partner's genitals. If there are inflammations, lesions, vesicles, scabs, warts or any other form of dermatological manifestation that you consider unusual, avoid having unprotected oral sex or cancel the meeting immediately using a polite pretext (this is in fact the best solution).

If you have a temporary cold or if you suffer from a (more serious) contagious disease, avoid intimate encounters. You will make all those who come into contact with you sick, which certainly won’t make anyone happy.

During your menstrual cycle, we strongly advise you to take a break. Thus, you will avoid unpleasant situations and incidents.

For your safety and tranquility regarding your health, go to gynecological check-ups as often as you can. Using a condom doesn’t completely annihilate the eventuality of contracting venereal diseases; these illnesses can be transmitted through touches, bedding, saliva, the toilet bowl, the sink, the tub or the towel or simply by placing your hand on a door knob.

Do not resort to remedies you read on the internet or that some of your friends told you about.

A simple medical check-up saves you so many unwanted complications and it is more preferable than being on treatment for weeks in a row or facing the anger and verbal aggression of the people you infected unwittingly.

It is very important to remember! No STD heals by itself.


How should I set my dates? If you are ok with email contact as well, you should check your message inbox daily. There are many people who prefer to set the details of a possible date by using this method (especially foreigners).

You really shouldn’t answer callers who use a blocked number to call you and, most of all, you shouldn’t accept to see them! Usually, these individuals are just in the mood for jokes or have shady intentions.

Use a pleasant tone whenever you answer the phone. Try to keep calm and patient even if you have to repeat a dozen times a day the same details and explanations. Don’t give your caller the feeling that he or she is dealing with a bored or annoyed person who isn’t in the mood for anything... not even for speaking.

Answer the questions you are asked clearly and concisely. Try to express yourself rarely and coherently in order to be properly understood by those who listen to you.

Sometimes, you might receive calls from vulgar or coarse individuals. Never answer them the same way they did and don’t offend them (even if they offended you). Hang up and save the number in your phone with a negative reference in order to know and not answer on other occasions.

Be honest! Don’t tell lies about the information regarding the services you perform or their rates only to deceitfully attract more clients.

In this same context, provide clear explanations to the ones interested whether you happen to ask for extra financial incentives for certain special services or not.

Supposing the meeting will be carried out at your place, caution your visitors that if they are late without prior notice for more than 15 minutes (or the time you are willing to wait), it will lead to the cancellation of the “adventure”.

If the date takes place at the location of your caller (or in a hotel), accurately calculate the time it will take you to reach your destination. Don’t be late. It is a sign of respect and common sense, let alone the fact that you might have the unpleasant surprise of not finding anyone at that location anymore (due to objective reasons, the client might have had to cancel the arrangement).

You should notify by phone any change in your schedule. Don’t let anyone come all the way or wait for you in vain!


What should I have in mind in the case of InCall bookings (at my place)? You should use only rented apartments for InCall bookings. It is the only way to save the peace and balance of your private live. In the same context, the best would be to turn to a security firm that, for a monthly fee, will set within your location a “panic button” that you can have access to.

You should never store valuables, money or important documents on the premises of the place where you work. Not everybody has good intentions.

Even when you have a rented apartment, don’t give the clients you don’t know the address of that flat but meet them somewhere public, close to your professional location.

Thus, you have the opportunity to study your callers more closely, to know them, to talk to them for a few minutes in order to evaluate them and to let your instinct “tell” you if you should go ahead with the intimate encounter or not!


What should I have in mind in the case of OutCall bookings (at the client’s place)? Whenever you take OutCall bookings, ask your caller if he is alone at the location where you are to come. Some clients just don’t think they need to mention they also have friends over and if you don’t happen to like this type of multiple dates, it is no use going to all that trouble and then find yourself in an unpleasant situation.

Make sure your phone is always charged.

Request that the exact address of the place you are called to is sent by SMS.

Avoid dangerous or ill-famed neighborhoods.

Don’t accept to be picked up in a car. You can never be sure you reach the destination you were told about, once you are with a stranger in a car.

Make sure you have enough money with you to pay a return taxi fare in case the date fails.

Do not carry valuables with you.

You should never let your purse unguarded, not even when you go to the bathroom. You have no idea how curious or malicious the person you have probably just met can be. The best would be to apply the same caution with your older “acquaintances” as well.

Whenever you are told the address where you are expected to go to, you should never agree to receive incomplete information, regardless of the pretext your caller invokes. All the (complete) coordinates related to the place of the meeting should be passed down to a person who is close to you and whom you trust. Thus, in case of an emergency, someone will always know your whereabouts exactly. Set a rule of sending a text message or calling to let the person you trust know the date is going all right every time you reach a client. Also, through a text message or call, you should let the same trustworthy person know the time for your date has expired and you left unharmed the location where you were invited.

If you don’t call, that person you trust should establish contact with you, offering you an excuse to hurry your leave (in case you are dealing with individuals who insist you prolong your stay... free of charge, of course) and a repressive and effective warning signal for those who would premeditate to hurt you.

You should establish a verbal “code” to use with the person of your confidence in case of danger: an expression or a sentence that mimics regular dialogue (for instance: “-I will solve the problem when I get home!”) in order not to raise suspicions with the person who might be close to you or threatening you.

You should never accept a last-minute change of the address. Cancel the date that very moment! This is a specifically criminal practice through which villains wish to make their trail lost in case of robbery, rape, human trafficking or kidnapping. By resorting to seemingly plausible pretexts, these people make a last-minute change of the meeting place, counting on the fact that you probably already gave the initial coordinates (which may not be even real) to someone and you are too busy talking on the phone or looking for the new location to notify the change to that person you trust.

Whenever you enter a hotel room or house, check the surroundings carefully for hidden video cameras. There are clients who fantasize about being filmed in action. The fantasy itself wouldn’t be such an issue, but the possibility that the film might end up posted on the internet is. Surely you don’t want to become a porn actress so unwittingly.

If you are kindly offered a drink, pay attention to the taste and aspect of that particular liquid! Excessive foam, unexplained residue or an unusual flavor should make you politely decline that drink. The administration of a drug or soporific this way... can lead to situations where everything is possible (and certainly not welcomed!).

Don’t drink too much alcohol. It can affect brain processes and, last but not least, your defense capacity in case of need.

Hold your phone handy so you can call for help if necessary.

Going to a hotel is much less dangerous than meeting in private apartments.


What risks are incumbent on travelling abroad? You should never accept job offers abroad from strangers. In most of the cases, reality is very different from what you are told on the phone or in emails.

During the time you spend in this line of work, it is likely that you receive requests from complete strangers (new clients) to pay a visit to them in other countries. In such cases, require as many details on the caller’s identity as possible, try to prolong telephone conversations in order to examine his or her voice, his or her way of speaking and, last but not least, in order to feel if he or she is an individual you can trust or not. If you find the client all right and you think his or her intentions are honorable, accept the trip but only if he or she books a hotel room and return plane trip on your name (paid in advance).

For even higher safety level, you can request a copy of the client’s passport that you can leave to someone of your confidence. In case of need, you will be found much easily if the identity of the person you went to visit is known.

However, it is advisable to pay visits abroad only to those clients you have already met in your country and who have managed to make a good impression on you.


What sort of “clients” should be avoided? Among the most unpleasant experiences that are specific to the escort career, the most common and bothersome has to do with the so-called “clients” who, in reality, are not clients. Unfortunately, perhaps even shortly after you decide to choose this line of work, you will have to deal with this category of individuals who, out of a desire for childish entertainment or for lack of money (more commonly) or for various other reasons (sometimes having to do with mental disorders) contact you on the phone and pretend with rehearsed seriousness (probably performed during many other such attempts) that it would be very interesting to meet you. In fact... the real reason for their actions is completely different.

In the next segment of this article, we will try to expose some of the “manipulation” techniques used on escorts by such callers, as well as the true goal they are after by using them:

-They call and ask you for details regarding your physical appearance under the dumb excuse that they have your number from an acquaintance who gave good reference of you but they don’t know the details of your looks. One other version is to tell you that the website where they found your advert is temporarily malfunctioning, since they can only see the text information and not the photographs that could define their clear opinion on your physical presence. If you agree to make a short description of yourself, they will insist you focus on your intimate parts... “because they believe these are very important aspects in choosing an escort”. If, while you try to search for adequate words to express such a description, you hear them breathing faster and faster, it should be clear that you just offered them a masturbation fantasy and certainly not a reason for meeting you in person. The more honest ones who directly and disarmingly ask you to tell them some “dirty” words... so that they can finish, fall into the same behavioral category.

-They want to set a date that would take place sometime in the future. From that moment onwards, they will keep calling regularly, almost daily, to promise you gifts or financial rewards for your patience and understanding and for talking to them on the phone so much. In most of the cases, they claim they are very wealthy businessmen or women and for everything to seem real, according to the promises they make, they will request your size in clothes, shoes, the name of your favorite perfume, the gems that most fascinate you etc. However, all of these things aim only at these people’s self-satisfaction through telephone conversations alone and they will never strive to meet you in real life.

-They use a very vulgar language, for instance: “I want to fuck you... what’s your price?”, “I want to shove my penis down your throat! How much do you charge for that?”, “Will you let me lick your pussy?” etc. These people are frustrated boors who have severe personality disorders or serious behavioral issues. It is preferable to avoid them. Although at some point they might really want a date, you mustn’t delude yourself in thinking it could go otherwise than in unbearable conditions for a civilized person.

-They politely ask for your Skype name, Messenger ID etc., in order to have a more extended chat on the conditions of a possible “rendezvous” or to see you on a webcam. You will spend hours and hours with endless exchanges of written messages where they will keep asking you to give them details about what you do in intimacy or to offer them a couple of minutes on the webcam naked... the reason they’ll claim is that “they want to be certain it is really you in the photos and it is not a scam” (and, of course, only naked can you possibly confirm that). In the (annoying and relentless) chatters category, we also include the “well-wishers” who insidiously and shrewdly insinuate themselves, playfully saying hello every morning, asking you chattily how you are (?), how your life is going (?), what music you have listened to recently (?), what movies you have seen (?)... They will also make sure to send you all sorts of links to different interesting websites and they will seemingly want nothing more than to cheer you up occasionally or to chase away boredom with a short, friendly and completely unselfish exchange of messages. They will claim that their “extremely demanding” job or business really doesn’t leave much time for dates, but... that is not actually the real reason for not wanting to meet. The actual reason is the complete lack of money. The moment they notice you are going through rough times or you are in a sad mood, they will most kindly provide a shoulder to cry on and sooth your sadness or anger and all of a sudden, they will have time for meetings and for going out for coffee and even for intimate encounters... That is because now you are friends and you don’t ask your friends for money, right? As for their important job or prosperous business... well, sadly, “they just went bankrupt”.

-They take photographs of their penis and send them to you... or they compulsively insist during telephone conversations or written chats on its tremendous size, believing that this aspect will impress and incite you so much that you will fervently desire to meet them as if they were museum “rarities”. Sadly, they are the representatives of a large behavioral group who either conceitedly believe they are amazing performers or who have nothing in common with the sex organ they claimed was theirs in the photos and, once in bed with you, they will shamelessly and rudely throw the blame on you... for not having the necessary “sex appeal” to lift their mighty tool to the level seen in the images!

-They ask you to see them for “just one minute”, claiming they will give you a royal treatment from a financial point of view because they are special clients... And they truly are! But not in a good way. In fact, they are some of the most irritating and annoying people you will meet in this job, because they rely on their confidence, great language skills and presence of mind, probably trained in their professional environment (sales or marketing) to try to convince you with dozens of arguments, motives, explanations, justifications or “pertinent points of view” that they deserve a free “sample” of your professionalism in the field of sexuality. “Any self-respecting businessman should know exactly what he spends his money on”, they will keep saying. In reality, money is just the thing they don’t have. The downside in relating with such individuals is that the more you refuse them, the more persistent they become, relying on the rationale (probably confirmed during other attempts) that you will eventually give up and accept their demands even if only to get rid of their obsessive and tireless insistence. Unfortunately, even if you give in... you won’t manage to get rid of them! Well, since the first time it worked...

The scripts these sad specimens use for their scams are certainly more varied and different but, in principle, the essence of these methods remains the same.


How can I make a good first impression? The first impression you make is always the one that matters most... That is why we advise you to do everything you can for this impression to be perfect and total, from the clothes you wear to your general behavior in society.

When the erotic encounter takes place at your place, you should receive your guest dressed in a sexy outfit but not in something vulgar. We advise you against appearing naked or in tiny underwear... especially if you never met that person before.

If you go to the client’s place, make an appearance in elegant and discreet clothes. You should not go there in sports clothing or wearing way too provocative garments unless the client expressly requires you to do so. Pay attention! “Garish” clothes can attract unwanted attention to yourself and can cause you problems, most of all in hotels.

Don’t wear too much perfume! Those you meet might be married, so they surely wouldn’t wish to go home having “someone else’s” scent on them.

Furthermore, we advise you against wearing lipstick, especially bright colored lipstick. You will not look good at all with lipstick spread on your cheeks after passionate kisses or caresses and your caller won’t like it either if he ends up with “colorful” stains on his clothes, on his body or on his neck. Translucent lip gloss can solve all these problems related to aesthetics and discretion.
Money Issues with Cash


What should an escort’s bag or purse contain?
-mobile phone;
-money to pay a (return) taxi fare;
-condoms (all types and sizes);
-lubricant (including flavored one for oral sex);
-sex toys (if required by the client);
-massage creams/oils (if you provide massage services);
-a towel;
-dry and wet tissues;
-a mini makeup remover lotion or solution and cotton pads;
-makeup kit;
-different types of accessories or outfits (if required by the client);
-toothbrush and toothpaste;
-flavored candy;
-pepper spray or taser;
-wallet with very little money in it.


How should I collect the money? It is always preferable to cash the fee for the services provided only in cash. Cash is king and always preferable.

Please, note! There are crooks that use counterfeit money, which is why you should examine the bills carefully when you receive them and you should be thoroughly informed about the ways in which you can identify fake money.

The process of checking the money should be performed right away. You can excuse yourself and go to the bathroom where you can quietly examine every bill.

Place the money in a safe place, out of sight.

Never accept to provide your services “on credit”, not even for people you have known for a long time or very well.

Never agree to receive the money at the end of the date! Ask for it in advance (at the beginning). If the client is an honest person, he has no reason to refuse.

There is also a very good reason for which money is always asked in advance in this field. It is common knowledge that after intercourse, men display a somewhat lethargic behavior and experience a certain feeling of emotional saturation. Everything they regarded as very arousing and seductive in the beginning can be perceived with certain lack of interest. That is why you shouldn’t let your services be post-valued through the skewed perspective of sensorial bias.

Last but not least, if you haven’t cashed the money in advance, situations may arise in which, at the end of the intimate meeting, you realize you had to deal with dishonest people who, by pettily relying on whatever reason, simply refuse to pay you.


How should the meeting take place? For the duration of your date, you shouldn’t answer any phone calls and you should make sure your phone is set to silent mode. Any interruption is uncomfortable and can completely suppress anyone’s mood.

When you expect a stranger (a new client) directly to your professional residence (which is certainly not advisable, the first contact should happen in a public area nearby...), you must be ready for his arrival. We advise you against showing up with your hair wet and in a towel, with face cream just applied, with incomplete manicure, with the epilator in one hand and traces of chocolate on your lips or... chewing on bits of food.

Invite your client in and help him or her make himself or herself comfortable and, after offering him or her something to drink, start a formal chat in order to get used to each other more easily. In the meantime, try to notice discreetly but carefully any element that might raise suspicions. Last but not least, try to touch on some “delicate” topics related to special expectations or requirements they might have from you as well as related to the existence of particular problems form a sexual point of view they might have (pseudo-impotence, physiological malformation, peculiar sensitivity etc.).

If the individual is disagreeable or if you simply have a bad feeling about him or her, try to explain politely that you believe you are not a match or try to quickly find a plausible excuse (sudden pain, your menstrual cycle, a phone call you simply must take etc.) and, in a respectful manner, bid him or her to leave.

Don’t agree to have any intimate contact before cashing in the money for your services. Some more “anxious” individuals might manifest their desire to start the “action” right from the entrance to your place, but it is better to avoid these outbursts even if you know the person well and you think he or she can be trusted.

If, after the short chat, you think your guest is all right, it is time to suggest a shower. If he or she tries to shirk the proposition (under the pretext he or she had one at home), you should take the initiative and take your clothes off, suggesting a bath together. Walk a few steps and then stop in their field of vision... in a sexy pose and make provocative signs to follow you. The chances of not being listened to are null. Remember! Showering is COMPULSORY! And you can make this rule known to your visitors from the very beginning, as a principle you should always respect.

Don’t agree to provide bareback services even if you are offered a large sum of money. That goes especially for regular or anal sex. The risk of catching STDs is too high and not worth it.

You should complete your stocks of condoms in all sizes and types, lubricant, flavored sprays for oral sex and wet and dry wipes. Don’t rely on the client to bring these items. You might find yourself in delicate situations...

Make yourself liked and try to satisfy the fantasies and desires of the man or woman who hired your services. Don’t look arrogant, bored or irritated. Don’t ask such questions as: “Are you going to finish any time soon?”, “How much longer is it going to take?”. This rude behavior can generate a state of annoyance that will have the opposite effect than what you expect. On the contrary!

You shouldn’t look at your watch too often (or be discreet when you do it).

When a client wants more “rounds” of sex during the same date, it is mandatory to wash in between sessions of intercourse (both you and your clients).

Refrain from asking personal questions and stay out of the private lives of the individuals you meet in professional circumstances, even if they initiate talks in this direction. You should never go into such topics.

If you also provide BDSM services, first of all, make sure your caller knows or has understood precisely what these practices entail.

Whenever you use vibrators or when you want to allow a partner to use his or her fingers to penetrate you (vaginally or anally), you should be sure of that person’s behavior in intimacy which you know to be balanced and also you should make sure your partner fulfills basic hygiene requirements which are a must in such situations. If they are unclean or show no restraint in using “toys” or their fingers, you can get hurt, irritated or catch infections that, of course, are very unpleasant.

Be an artist! Either if we are talking about whispers in the ear, sensitive or trivial words, sensual movements or sexual positions or simply gestures and smiles... play your part with commitment! This is the most reliable way to ensure permanent fans that will come back to your arms every time they long for a hot affair.


What is an Escort Agency? An Escort Agency functions as an economic organization specializing in managing and coordinating a larger or smaller number of workers (escorts) for whom, under contract, they provide advertising, client selection, transportation services to the meeting places and, of course, guaranteed security during this activity. The Agency collects for rendering the abovementioned services, a (negotiated) fee from the revenues that are made in this manner.


Should I start my career with an Agency? Due to the fact that you will have many things to do in the beginning to be able to spend time on finding and selecting clients, as well as due to the fact that Agencies already have a well-established reputation and degree of confidence among callers, the answer is YES. You should definitely start your activity under the guidance of such an entity. At first, you will probably not receive considerable sums of money, but in time and by making your skills in giving pleasure to your beneficiaries known, things can brighten up.


Should I do business in a smaller or larger town? Almost everywhere in the world, there are significant migrations towards larger cities. By nature, people are attracted to the illusion of success in a highly developed and heavily populated environment, considering that the large number of consumers can guarantee their wellbeing. But the urban area doesn’t bring only chances of success but also stiff competition which is directly proportional to the number of inhabitants. Because of this, less important cities that have a small potential (e.g. in tourism) can provide safer evolution circumstances.

Therefore, seen on the long run, the idea of working in a smaller town is not such a bad one. You should, however, be very careful because these types of communities force you to provide exceptional services. Where there are fewer people, words travel like the wind and opinions on your reputation (good or bad) quickly reach everyone’s ears. If these opinions are positive, you will have a job. If not... in a short time, you will probably have to move.


What are the advantages of being an independent escort? “Independent” escorts are those women (a little more voluntary) with business initiative who practice the escort profession and who prefer to manage their own activity by themselves. They don’t work for any Agency or intermediary and the entire system that makes this business profitable and in good working conditions is coordinated entirely by them.

Here is a brief list of some of the benefits of an independent approach to the escort activity:
-the possibility of setting your working schedule the way you like it;
-the possibility to adapt the rates and the professional conduct rules according to each client, in a personalized way;
-the fact that the entire sum of money earned as a result of your services is totally yours;
-the possibility of offering long term relationships;
-greater success with clients as a result of the affordable and sometimes negotiable rates;
-direct contact between you and your client, without any intermediaries.


What are the disadvantages of being an independent escort? As an independent escort you will not receive any support in sustaining the infernal machine representing this business initiative and success and significant revenues come after walking on a long and difficult road. You will go through hard moments and learn only through (more or less pleasant) personal experiences how to manage these many and important components of the activity you have chosen. Being an independent escort also means that you have to fend for yourself and you have more responsibilities.

Here is a summary of some of the specific drawbacks of this approach:
-you have to put together your own advertising plan;
-you have to spend a significant amount of time on keeping in shape and well groomed;
-you have to hire a photographer to take professional photos of you;
-you have to be computer literate and you have to know how to surf the internet;
-you have to publish your adverts on many websites that specialize in escort ads;
-you have to provide prompt answers to the email messages you receive (from your clients);
-you have to attract and keep your clients by yourself;
-you have to spend a great deal of time to expand your network of friends and acquaintances;
-if you have a website, you need to invest a great deal of money in it and assign precious time to maintaining, updating and promoting it among as many users as possible;
-when you select clients, you need to take your own precautionary and safety measures;
-as an independent escort, you are more exposed to burglaries or assaults;
-you have to find your own transportation solution to and from the locations where you are called.

There are a lot of “you have to”, right?

However, some people who have ambition and the fierce wish to succeed don’t regard these difficulties as drawbacks but rather as challenges they wish to overcome, knowing that, in the end, this entire undertaking... will bring them incredible satisfaction.


What are the most important safety tips for an escort? The job you have chosen involves various risks some of which are truly dangerous. These risks have to do with unpredictable clients, meaning those people who behave normally in the first part of the meeting but then, completely out of the blue, become dissatisfied, angry or even aggressive.

Essentially, these manifestations might be motivated by three aspects: mental illness, alcohol or drug abuse or a difficult personality (shaped by the circumstances of these people’s lives). If the existence of some sort of mental disorder is difficult to perceive, odd behavior - the manifestation of the other two elements - is much easier to notice, thus it is imperative that you don’t accept any intimate encounters with persons who show this type of behavior.

You should also try to avoid or get out of surprise-circumstances when the clients show up accompanied by friends. The evolution of a meeting with multiple persons at the same time is very hard to control or manage and the intimate experience can be awkward or even disturbing (in many cases). Sadly, the need to dominate is an ancient defining male characteristic and if their uncontrollable instinctive urge comes out at the level of the group, the situation can slip into a primitive manifestation...

If you are sure of yourself and your reactions, and if you know your clients well enough to agree to an intimate group experience, it means you have enough experience in handling these situations, so the choice is strictly yours to make.

Here are some brief tips on security measures you should take for your own safety:

-Whenever you are at a client’s place, you should keep your clothes and personal items as close to you as possible. If you have the misfortune to meet people who make idiotic gestures, you can end up with your clothes or different personal objects hidden (more or less as a joke), their recovery requiring a lot of time spent with useless conversations and discussions or some compromises you probably wouldn’t like to make.

-Don’t wear or carry with you valuable items. If, unfortunately, you get mugged, you will limit possible losses this way.

-Pay attention when you are offered a drink. Usually, it is advisable to decline politely. There have been cases when various criminals used hallucinogenic substances or sleeping pills (slipped into drink) in order to carry out their plans to rob, rape, kidnap or trafficking persons.

-We strongly advise you to keep under watchful eye any client who comes into your professional abode (if you have your own place). You should know at any time where he or she is and what he or she is doing. It is an essential step in significantly reducing the possibility of thefts.

-You should place the money you receive somewhere out of plain sight. Some clients have been known to take advantage of the rush to leave (at the end of the date) and surreptitiously steal the money... then disappear.

-Don’t let anyone tie you... Not even under the pretext of “erotic games”!


Last but surely not least... If you also provide services that include escorting your partners in a public place (restaurant, coffee shop, trips etc.), be very discreet! Don’t talk loudly, don’t laugh boisterously and don’t allow your clients to kiss, grope or act rudely or too familiar with you. You will attract the attention of the others around you and you surely don’t want to make your profession known so openly.

You must never call or send SMS messages to those you meet as your clients. This approach might bother them or might simply create conflicts in their private lives. Some of your visitors are married or have a steady partner.

Maintain absolute discretion! Your relationship with your callers must be strictly professional and limited to the time spent with each other. An unwritten rule governs this trade which you must absolutely abide by: “In between professional dates, everyone has their own private lives and YOU ARE COMPLETE STRANGERS!”

You mustn’t ask for financial or any other type of support from your clients. Those who turn to the services your offer, want to avoid this kind of obligations altogether.

You shouldn’t create emotional ties to the men or women you meet through your job. These connections almost always evolve or end up differently than what you imagine...