6 mistakes of male-escorts

6 mistakes of male-escorts

6 mistakes of male-escorts

Since they work in the field of sex, male escorts should be “professional” in this regard. They should be more than experts. Not to resemble ordinary mortals, used to have failures in intimacy and to live reconciled with the idea that at least from time to time... mediocrity is accepted.

Unfortunately, some of the male companions also flirt with this condition, miserably failing in their mission to bring their female clients into tears of joy. Whether they have chosen the wrong career, or are facing a hectic routine that completely paralyzes their senses, or it is just that erotic skills are not exactly their strong point. Paradoxically, but not impossible.

If you notice that any of the desirable male beings is failing in the context of “strong sensations” (but paid), it means that urgent replacement is required with someone worthy of the “fierce stallion” title and who is in no way fitting the following profile:


1.-He is not that different from a hammer drill. The zealous guy who starts abruptly his number, going straight to a strong and deep penetration, is completely infantile and confuses the movies with reality or the SF impressions of his own imagination with the practical truths preached around the world.

It is well known that, in order not to inhibit vaginal lubrication, the initial movements should be slow, then gradually increase the speed and intensity, feeding the woman's morale. The penis is not a tank going to war that proves its supremacy with a triumphant appearance.

Do not be afraid to “fire” the male lover who ignores these minimal standards of quality.


2.-He stops suddenly during the sex act. The image of an elderly man who is moving forward one-step a minute, then stops instantly to catch his breath is also characteristic for men in the field of love for money. Sometimes...

More exactly when they prove unable to fully support their efforts and feel the need to take frequent spontaneous breaks.

Unskilled managers of their own energy, these men are sabotaging themselves in a way that affects their performance fluency or their rhythm, strength and endurance sustenance.

Their indolence goes so far that they do not see any problem in leaving their female partner staring at the ceiling while they are shortly retreating “on the sideline”, taking (perhaps) a breath of fresh air, a taste of lemonade, sending a text message of “good night” to their mommy, then coming back revived to their duty.

Interruptions can be justified only in the case of a real sexual marathon, impossible to be carried out without moments of respite. During a single banal act, however, chronic fatigue indicates the absence of physical condition, but also the lack of interest in the “commitment” rewarded by the female partner with serious money.


3.-He shows a great deal of convenience. The person who, although paid to strive for, subtly avoids the supreme duty of generating orgasms (always choosing the simple way to make themselves “useful”), is a very negligent one, an adept of poorly made things.

While the professionals would even stand on their hands if the situation requires it, lazy guys put the woman on top of them, then stare at the ceiling waiting for the end to come (while having a somewhat bored look on their face).

Or perhaps these characters are some spirits anchored in modernity, thinking that the ladies, genuinely convinced feminists, long to lead the “operation” with an iron fist. However, because there is a significant difference between allowing control and avoiding it for reasons of pathological laziness, passive individuals deserve to be sanctioned because their attitude derives from incompetence and lack of professionalism. So... exclude them from your list!


4.-He leaves his entire weight onto the partner. Inattention to the female client’s comfort places the gigolo directly in the category of those who have wrongly chosen their vocation. Such a person would probably be better suited as a museum security guard, a sommelier, or any profession that can be exercised without special effort.

True, maybe he has a bad day, has kidney pain or a misalignment of the planets. But when it comes to experts, such drawbacks are not echoing outside as evident clumsiness. They can at most reduce the usual enthusiasm, without turning the whole episode into an epic erotic failure.

The main problem of a clearly selfish behavior (and, at the same time, what labels a male lover as extremely unskilled) is the tendency to leave his weight on the woman's frail body, as if she were built to withstand anything.

This kind of negligence, assumed by incompetence or based on the idea that “I'm paid to penetrate you, not to help you relax as if you were in a SPA”, proves that the guy is a jerk, not a pleasant companion.


5.-He puts the female client in strange positions. An avid fan of sensual “exhibitions” or very uninspired in his choice of sexual positions, the man who puts his victim to stand on her hands because of a vague feeling that the cutie would like to feel her stomach in the throat along with the graceful penetration, makes an unforgivable mistake.

It’s useless that the male has the most potent organ, if the female beneficiary dislikes her position... To force the woman into complicated acrobatics or contortionism exercises violates her right to a quality time.

The women who are actually on extreme sports, make bungee jumping or spend a whole day away from technology, they do not go to male escorts to find out how long they can stand on one leg without losing their balance.


6.-They ask their partner about health and orgasm. Men obsessed to ask their female guest how she feels, whether she wants a glass of water, a pillow underneath, music in the background or a bit of light, not before, but during the hot action, have a clear problem. Not with discretion, but with self-esteem or exaggerated courtesy.

Equally undesirable (and annoying) is to constantly question the woman about her orgasm. Did she reached it? How long does it take? Is he on the right track?

This attitude rather denotes the lack of experience, the impression that the destination is what matters and not the way to it (and, ultimately, shows professional immaturity).

* * *

There are also other types of behavior that betray a poorly trained individual. The less fortunate ladies certainly know them. The others will have the “opportunity” to discover them on a future occasion. This should only be allowed once: the first time.

Because, with all due caution and long evaluated selections, such experiences sometimes make us think of unsuccessful lotteries. The good part lies in the fact that for every incompetent male “worker” who disappoints his female client, other (at least) 10 very good ones are waiting to make ravages between the sheets.