5 types of difficult female clients

5 types of difficult female clients

5 types of difficult female clients

Can the female buyers of sexual services be other than sweet as honey and playful as a warm spring day? Certainly yes, to the desperation of their temporary lovers, who have to face the criticism, jealousy, addiction, intrusion or verbal ambiguity of some women, instead of focusing on their only “mission” that they should be considering... to provide pleasure.

Thanks to their experience of working with people (of all kinds), those performing in the domain of mercantile Eros know how to manage difficult situations (without anyone being physically injured or in their own pride). However, the inconvenience remains when they have to deal with people who confuse the sex expert's mission with that of the psychologist, the private slave, that of the best friend or the official companion.

Partners paid by the hour only want to earn their living honestly, commercializing orgasms at the market price, not to cure the traumas, inferiority complexes or lack of tact of their occasional female “visitors”. If it were so, then they would definitely have opened a private office for self-improvement.

The types of women who make the male companions consider sometimes their activity an undeserved trauma are:


1.-The talkative type. As reflected in all psychology books or inspiring quotes on the web, communication is the basis of all relationships, whatever their nature. This applies also in the case of an adventure with a gigolo. In order to get to sex, there must first be a discussion on how to get to sex. In addition, the exchange of words also serves as a tool for perverting the atmosphere in the bedroom, as it is already known how much appropriate words serve to increase an inactive libido.

However, some ladies forget to put a stop to the avalanche of pronounced words and live with the feeling that the male individual, among many other qualities necessary to him, has the duty to show a superhuman patience when it comes to the oratorical marathon that they continue tirelessly (even under those conditions totally inadequate for... babbling).

However, for objective reasons, long-term resistance to logorrhea is missing from the list of attributions of an official Casanova. Long conversations (whether or not related to the actual subject of the encounter) are boring. Persistent indications such as: “Now do this, more to the right, more to the left, to the center, perfect... stop, get up, get on your knees, be more enthusiastic!” are tiring too.

Tip: try to interrupt their appetite for confessions, speeches or indications by kissing them (naturally, on the lips). Another solution would be to raise the sound level of music, which in no case should be missing in the context.


2.-The quiet type. At the opposite end of the talkative ladies, there are the silent ones, who calculate for a long time the words expressed per minute or per hour.

Do they want fireworks, simple sex acts on the bed, standing, tenderly or aggressively, with hugs at the end? Nobody knows.

They like to be quiet and to radiate a mysterious aura almost palpable, as if the stars should be asked in order to understand their hidden desires. They only speak when asked, but they do it in an economically and cautiously manner, seeming to be afraid of being charged for every word spoken.

Their taciturn style complicates the mission that needs sometimes also direct edification, because non-verbal interaction is often insufficient during the initial process.

Tip: generally, such beings are waiting to be surprised. You can try to lighten up the atmosphere with a joke. If you do not get a positive reaction, simply go (straight) to the “facts”, testing along the way the preferences that will make them tell you (in their own way) that you are on the right way.


3.-The arrogant type. As an assumed role, the female client can be the dominant partner, being allowed to claim spoiling, submission or total obedience. Outside role-playing, the relationship of inequality established between the two sides betrays an attitude of arrogance on the part of the woman (based on the principle that “you're just a guy who is selling his body and because I'm paying... I'm doing what I want”).

The pedestal climbed by the female being who is enjoying herself in this situation, causes her to behave ironically, abusively, as a full owner of the rented “property”. She arrogates herself the right to issue judgments calls, criticism or objections, affecting the patience and inner balance of the man who is ready to wish her farewell to the hell where she belongs to, then to block her phone number.

Tip: do not waste your time trying to find mutual ways to communicate with such characters. It is far too hard and especially unprofitable (in general, infatuation goes hand in hand with selfishness and pettiness). The best solution is to avoid them completely.


4.-The blackmailer type. In this category there are the women interested in getting something (no matter how insignificant) from a male gigolo (meeting on a certain day, at a certain hour, the execution of some technique disavowed by the guy), but not through normal and natural discussions, but through constraints, threats or conditions, sometimes taken to the extreme. From the common malicious promises of hiring “others” next time, posting negative feedback on the Internet or making complaints “everywhere”, to the more serious things where there are obvious intentions tangential to madness or legal criminalization.

In their intimidation process, the “delicate” older or younger ladies are missing the fact that males do not get so easily frightened, they do not mistake their chosen status for that of a puppet and do not let themselves to be trained like pets.

Tip: never give in to “pressures” of this kind (creating a precedent that will later generate situations whose outcome is hard to predict). The saving solution in such cases is called: PREVENTION. Stop from the very beginning any kind of interaction with such people and do not give them the chance of “clinging” to anything related to your life or occupation!


5.-The negligent type. It is hard to believe that ladies forget or are simply too lazy to dress up before going, with their freshly full wallet, on the path of carnal happiness. Hard, but not impossible! There are also exceptions to the rule. Whether they are in a hurry, lack of time, lack of interest or indifference, some representatives of the fair sex appear in a lamentable way to the “date”.

Hygiene (bathing the body, washing the hair, tooth brushing) and a minimum of personal care (epilating, hair combing, wearing clean clothes) should be given due importance.

The co-opted male lover is also a human being, with all his senses intact and he doesn’t want to be annoyed visually, olfactory or in any other way by his female clients. Otherwise, the performance itself (the “professional” one) is significantly reduced.

Tip: if you feel like your female partner means “too much” for your tolerance to “insalubrities”, all that is left for you is to suggest her a shower “before” (possibly together). Otherwise... everything is at your own risk!