Curiosities about sex

Curiosities about sex

Curiosities about sex

Sex is an exciting “domain” not only in practical but also in theoretical terms (always fresh, surprising and offering), revealing all sorts of useful information to those who want to enjoy the widest possible experience, assimilated to the end.

For example:


1.-Sex rejuvenates. Studies in this field claim that the “lucky” ones who have sex at least three times a week, do not show their biological age but appear to be four to seven years younger.


2.-Sex improves professional activity. Partners who reject the proposals of their heated pairs to have sex (normal, oral, anal or even some little playing in the bubble bath), using the excuse that the next morning they must have a clear mind and unperturbed vision for the most important challenge in the history of their career, should know that physical (intimate) interaction actually stimulates brain activity and in no way leads to incoherence or other unfair manifestations of the intellect. Anthropologist Helen Fisher firmly supports this idea, claiming that erotic excitation triggers certain “chemicals” in the brain, which increase creativity at work.


3.-Sex boosts the immune system. The benefits of sex are numerous: besides rejuvenation, it gives ideas, eliminates bad mood, alleviates physical pain, gets rid of stress, improves cardiovascular activity, decongests the nose, reduces the risk of cancer (prostate cancer in men; breast cancer in women), heals hearts and also strengthens the immune system. It is a statistically proven fact that regular, satisfying amorous parties help to strengthen the defense mechanisms of the body against pathogens by up to 30%. So those who care about their health... knows what they have to do to protect it properly.


4.-When they want to get involved in an occasional relationship, women value looks more than men do. Although the stereotype says that males are conquered by shapes and ladies by words, humor, intelligence, profession, house, car, status or anything else is “beyond” the surface (the appearance occupying a secondary place), even when it comes to a mere ephemeral affair, studies dismantle the “traditional” idea that the man is more demanding than the woman when looking for the physically perfect “victim” for a momentary escapade. It seems that the descendants of Eve are even a lot guiltier than the strong-sex representatives, in this regard. Because the gentlemen are probably content with whatever they can “grab”.


5.-Women react positively to the “wedding ring” on a man's finger. The men already engaged exert a greater attraction in the available ladies compared to the unmarried guys. And the explanation may not necessarily consist in the challenge of “stealing” such a specimen (personal property), but rather in the guarantee he offers (that he is good, potent, interesting and charismatic), the status itself proving his qualities, right? Otherwise, he would have remained, with certainty, all alone and not loved by anyone.


6.-Women's libido is sensitive to romantic movie scenes. The ladies react to romantic moments of television not only with two-three tears in the corner of the eye, a genuine sigh of “Oh, how sweet!” or a slamming reproach for the man who is too practical for their refined taste: “Why aren’t you so nice to me... ever?”, but also with an increased appetite for sex. The research advances in this regard the theory that women feel more sexually stimulated when they are watching the scene of a passionate kiss than when they enjoy a staged episode of explicit love. Therefore, the old romanticism overwhelms their senses better than a threesome watched on a porn site or a series of erotic comics, preferably Japanese. In this context, a melodramatic prelude that is taking place in front of the mirror can help to create the right mood.


7.-Estradiol predisposes to infidelity. If until now it was believed that only unhappiness in love, bad habits, the thoughts of revenge or the inability to self-control may favor infidelity, now science is promoting another theory intended to shed light on the cases of female “betrayal”. Studies show that an increased concentration of estradiol (a hormone secreted by ovaries, whose level varies depending on the menstrual cycle) leads to an increase in sex appeal (enlargement of the breasts, thinning of the waist, shaping of the hips), while this intensification of sex appeal provokes, as it can be easily intuited, the transformation of the woman into a desirable “prey” for the men unimpressed by the fact that she already “belongs” to another male. And, as the insistence of the occasional Don Juans becomes more pronounced, the greater the possibility that the female “targets” will cease to the pressure of a passionate night of sexual libertinism. But no one should throw stones at them... estradiol is to blame!


8.-Men feel attracted to women's voice at menstruation. Men are more sexually receptive to the voice that their partners have during “that” period of the month. Differences are insensible simply “by ear”, but it is not only that exist, but also make subconscious and subtle ravages in the gentlemen's minds next to the women they feel attracted to. The “secret” can be of help to those who “dare” to make love during menstruation and who can make full use of this natural “gift”, resorting, for example, to the so-called dirty language that will surely ignite a big flame in the bedroom.


9.-Men looking for a partner are more careless with their finances. Single men interested in changing their sentimental status are more likely to acquire luxury items than those who do not want a relationship, say studies, thus giving a hint to the ladies looking for the “material” side, not just for the “soul”. Whether they do it to impress, to compensate for other uncomfortable shortcomings or due to a surplus of money and free time, it is certain that men who are looking for a partner are more generous compared to those who are satisfied with their self-sufficient solitude or who are in a hurry specific to occasional love affairs.


10.-Men prefer women with shapes. Although the first page of the newspapers, the international catwalks and TV shows are abounding in female presences that seem to eat once a week just an olive from Thasos and two black grape berries, the research shows that men like more the exponents of curvy shapes with generous “aerodynamics”. This should not, however, become a pretext for a negligent aspect or for “pushing” the weight beyond that reasonable limit specific to every person and beneficial, first of all, to health.


11.-Orgasm “heals” the phobia of public speaking. The fear of public speaking, of “enduring” everyone's attention, is characteristic of many people who prefer anonymity to the detriment of popularity. However, a Scottish study conducted on this subject brings good news to all the shy individuals found in this category. According to scientists, the antidote to the “problem” in question is not found in years of therapy, self-motivational slogans or intense exercises in front of the mirror (though perhaps they also have their merit), but in a simple and authentic sexual climax. Because, after orgasm, people find it much easier to catch the attention of others.


12.-Although they do not do miracles, porn movies do help. Not liked by everyone, adult movies bring benefits to the sexual life of the adults who watch them, not necessarily from the beginning to the end, with popcorn and juice (or beer) on the table next to the sofa, but sequentially at the key points of the action. 58% of women and men surveyed on this topic said that exposure to “spicy” scenes helps them feel more comfortable with their own sexuality and to fully understand their partner's critical needs in terms of maneuvers, treatments and erotic boundaries. Therefore, beyond being blamed or, on the contrary, consumed with holiness at breakfast, lunch and dinner, dirty images can be used as instructional material, useful to those who want to bring extra energy and originality to their intimacy.