About escort-transvestites

About escort-transvestites

About escort-transvestites

“The way in which the man accepts his fate, is more important than the fate itself!”
(Wilhelm von Humboldt)


The transvestite is a person who “theatrically” plays the role of the opposite sex.

How a person perceives herself/himself as sexual being and also, how he/she wishes to be perceived by others, is the concept of sexual identity. This refers to three specific components:

1.-biological sex (male or woman specific physiognomy, or mixed for intersexes persons);

2.-social sex as gender role (image, gestures and behaviour defined as male or female);

3.-psychological sex (inner conviction of someone that he/she is a man, a woman or both genders at the same time), this being also the coordinate that underlies to the decision regarding the identity and sexual orientation (the subjects to which a person feels attracted erotically).

People are not entirely consistent about these 3 aspects of their sexual identity. For example, while some are absolutely sure that they belong to a certain gender (male or female), for others it is impossible to define themselves clearly in this context. Thus, there are subjects who are unhappy with their physical body and want to acquire completely the attributes of the opposite sex: transsexuals... Or just part of the opposite sex specificity, respectively: transvestite.

Transsexuals are those who resort to get a sex change operation to establish a harmony between their psychological sex, their biological and gender identity. In the same sense, there are also people who stick to “borrow” another gender role than the one they have, by clothing or other attributes or accessories. They are the transvestite ones. Some transvestites do this in harmony with their sexual practices, but for most of them, it is an act generated by the feeling that belonging to a certain kind (male or female), limits them.

In other words, the transvestites want to change only their clothes to get out of the roles the society forces them to play and in no case they embrace the idea about the possibility of changing gender.

Women's clothes can be a habit kept behind tightly closed doors or a source of income when it happens on stage or in the escort job. Those who come to live in accordance with the peculiarities of the opposite sex are those who consider that these are part of their identity.

In the escort job transvestites may have a fabulous success, because their presence combines a tremendous variety of tastes, difficult to satisfy in other conditions.