5 differences between women and men

5 differences between women and men

5 differences between women and men

What is different between the representatives of the “weak” sex and men, besides the lack of the prodigy-organ, the presence of breasts and the passion to powder their noses every 5 minutes?

The answer is not simple and those differences are as abundant as the hormones of a virgin teenager. Otherwise there wouldn’t be so many controversies between the two “sides”, men would understand why the ladies’ second home is the bathroom and they, in turn, would understand men’s ancestral need to organize themselves in small groups e spend at least a quarter of their lives... drinking beer.

Within the context of a relationship with an escort, do those differences between him and her matter? For those who hate being surprised, they do matter. Even if those who work in the sex industry, are just playing a simple role, while complying with the customer’s requirements, it doesn’t mean that their intimate nature disappears completely.

What are the symptoms of gender specificities in the territory of chargeable love? Most often, they are the following:

1.-Excessive sensibility. Irrespective of the side they are (paying for their pleasure or offering it at the market price), women are more prone to tear episodes then their “opposition”, used to refrain from “embarrassing” habits (at least in public, because at home they are the only ones knowing how wet, or not, their pillow gets).

Whether they swoon over virility or start having identity crises, whether they broke a nail or regret for not having asked for more money, whether they remember the bank rates or live the drama of some impossible love or they simply feel the need of emotional release, the “delicates” are capable of choosing some extremely bad moments for externalization through tears. At least sometimes.

Unlike the Don Juans who censor much easily they acts of vulnerability, because they have the tear glands somewhat larger (scientifically proven). From a young age they are deterred by society to express openly their inner feelings and generally they avoid being associated with the image of some fragile entities, ready to burst into tears every pseudo-emotional stimulus.

2.-Verbal and non-verbal language. Girls talk a lot and gesticulate quite as much, ready to say (on average) over 42.000 words per day. What a horror! Boys, however, are satisfied with less than 10.000. And when they communicate, they do it to transmit facts and concrete information, not impressions, sensations or flights of fancy. For this reason, even the performance of the ladies tends to bend to the pleasure of non-stop voicing. Some of them simply love to accompany every gesture they do with a vocal correspondent, explain their actions (as if they are in front of an uninitiated public, eager to find out as much detail as possible). Except for some cases, one might say that femininity sometimes behaves not only in a noisy but also verbose way (not to say boring).

But sometimes gold plating kills the passion. That is because some gentlemen prefer to experience “sensuality” rather quickly and in relative peace. They embrace naughty interventions, dirty lines, classical screams confirming their virility, but patience to listen to the stories about their ex clients or lovers, comments about the weather, the summary of their favorite movie, the family history, future plans or any other irrelevant information within pure erotic encounters, doesn’t quite complete their list of favorite tolerability. However, as a habit, some “occasional” mistress (purchased or purchaser), gets carried away, much to the despair of the taciturn partners, and chatter completely inappropriately for this context, over anything and anyone. Fortunately, for kind of moments, the gag has been invented (for the purpose of sexual diversity, of course...).

3.-The way they prepare for sex. If girls have a whole ritual meant to prepare them for the love episode, for the guys a shower it’s enough. Of course, for male escorts or for those strongly anchored in modern times, waxing is also a compulsory detail before revealing the willy to the world. Even so, the two species show different behaviors before mating.

Women need time, a ton of creams, sexy lingerie, makeup, including heels, confirmation of the mirror and not least... perfume.

Men need a partner. And possibly a proper place... or not!

4.-Expectations. Obviously, all customers of the paid services, regardless of their age and possibilities (both physical and financial), want to be satisfied, go home with a smile on their lips and joy in their soul. Also, all escorts, regardless of their endowments or exuberance for the personal involvement, want to get their fee. The motivations for the commercial romances are, what else than selfish, reflecting the protagonists’ basic need. However, in this case also, there are, differences in terms of partnership expectations. Men yearn to be glorified, applauded by the public and rewarded with a trophy of eternal recognition (yes, indeed, the penis generates a huge ego), and ladies want to be treated as... ladies (which they are, aren’t they?), no allusive glazes or value judgments (on morality, aesthetics or performance).

5.-Afterwards reactions. Actually, the afterwards reactions are different only for “long term” lovers, falling perfectly into the run of the mill films... when she cuddles on his chest and wants to discuss “academically” about the most important problems of mankind and he can’t wait to turn on the other side and sleep. Prolactin released during the physical act urges him to do so.

“Temporary lovers” don’t have postlude fantasies. They are only interested in enjoying the orgasms, respectively the money, then go back as soon as possible to their personal things (which makes everybody’s mission and wellbeing easier). It is not for nothing that charged love has really a “liberating” simplicity, while it is completely missing from many other relationships. Unfortunately...