The Mistress

The Mistress

The Mistress

Bondage, domination and sadomasochism are practices that are often considered sexual deviations. From domination and bondage there is only one step to sadism. And that is easy to understand. The adrenaline that can be given by the feeling of physical superiority, of power or freedom to produce suffering and punishment, can quickly and treacherously turn in something “abnormal”. But even so, I still love it!

When you let yourself dominated, you give up all control and maybe that is why it is important to have confidence in your partner. It is good to say clearly from the beginning what you would like to be done to you and what you do not want to try at all. That when you have a “permissive” relationship.

In my case, however, the eccentricity in question is impossible. I am married for more than 5 years with a woman too conservative and stubbornly anchored into “normality”, so that I can reveal her my little perverse pleasures. I cannot say that we do not get along together well. We eat together sometimes... in the evening, we watch TV, we have normal sex, but, otherwise, nothing unusual can happen. Regarding the privacy chapter, there is not the slightest chance that things can ever change. For her, routine is a factor of stability. I know this betrays mediocrity and lack of imagination, but now it's too late to change anything at her. A long time ago, she was different. Time, however, in its impassible passage, reveals, unpleasantly, details that youth or the fascination of the beginning does not allow us to observe. This is life!

So... from time to time, to satisfy my “immoral” needs, I use the services of an escort. It excites me enormously to be her slave. To be treated like a cheap servant and to be humiliated in a most villain possible way.

My Mistress decides if I deserve an orgasm... or not. My Mistress also decides if I can touch her body or if I can kiss her. The Mistress (whom I pay to be my Mistress) gets her nails done and is treated as a true Empress. Within a few hours I cook for her, I clean for her, I wash her clothes and iron them. And finally, if she feels the need, I also do a long massage. Because I got her tired with my boring and insignificant presence!

With long black hair that almost reaches her thin waist, with wonderful firm breasts, with an absolutely irresistible ass that often tempts me to lick it, with full lips, with big green eyes, tall... the terrifying Dominatrix is ​​sublime. She is unique.

I like being ridiculed and treated like a scared dog. I love her when yelling at me and cursing me or spiting on me scornfully. Because I deserve it. I love her to use the whip, leather belts, chains or handcuffs. I am extremely happy when she tramples me like a loser. Everything excites me at her.

After a crazy week of work, stressed by the desire for success in an international corporation, with deadlines and weird clients, I feel the need to escape from the urban jungle where I need to be like a hyena from morning to evening and, for a few hours, I do not want nothing more than to be submissive and obedient. It's my way to restore my mental balance.

And my Mistress is an exceptional therapist in this regard.

Last Friday, however, I was late a few minutes past the appointed time. I got panicked into the dominance apartment (the door was left unlocked especially for me) and, as soon as I entered, I got slapped and obliged to kneel down to the bedroom where I should do my best to satisfy all her whims. Reaching the bed, she put me on a leash and began to pull me brutally in all directions. She smoked furiously and yelled at me, with divine disgust: “Move, you bastard!”

From time to time, she dropped the ashes of her long thin cigarette on me. I was treated in the most degrading possible way. But the feeling was more enjoyable than a normal penetration.

And because she probably guessed that I was thinking about sex without being allowed to, noticing the place where I was looking, she applied me a painful correction with the whip. Then she slightly bent down, annoyed also because, without wanting it, she had been forced to reveal a bit of her very appetizing roundness of her enormous breasts and, with both her hands, she powerfully slapped my cheeks. She had enough force to shake my head.

And that was not enough. She forced me to lick her shoes and to apologize for being late at the “meeting” and, on the other hand, for daring to think of something much too intimate...

I begged her for mercy and I promised that it will NEVER happen again to despise the time set by her or to think about... anything, without having her permission.

Unsatisfied about how I repented, she ordered me in an authoritarian tone to show my ass so she could hit it fully with her strongly stinging whip. While whipping me greedily, she spat on me, all over my body. For me, these tortures were orgasmic.

The Mistress knows the way I can finish and, because the time she could waste with a loser like me was coming to an end, after she beat me and strangled me with the leash, lifting me up while she pressed my head with the tip of her boot until I ran out of air, she ordered me to lie down, with my penis up, and with both her hands she started hitting my organ that, feeling this real treat, got more and more erect until... in a few seconds, when she allowed me, I came.

That time, clement and merciful, she allowed me to ejaculate right on her divine fingers, because, usually, the Mistress cannot be touched with anything on her goddess body, less the damn sperm of a submissive servile like me.

When the act of domination is over, I turn back into the corporatist greedy for social climbing and money. I know, no one would believe that a person so pragmatic can become a sexual slave who gets excited when hearing the commandments of a female escorts. No one would believe that my ideas in the company are worth a lot of money, and the source of them relies in my “strange” pleasure, produced by so despicable humiliations.

So, whenever you have money in your hand, think that they are often the result of extremely bizarre experiences.