Public sex

Public sex

Public sex

I was in an elegant café. Looking pensively at the people around me, preoccupied, hurried, arrogant... I imagined how it would have been to have sex in a public place. It's a fantasy I've been dreaming about for a long time and wanted to try.

A large dose of risk, the idea of ​​being caught and breaking the barrier imposed by the classic bedroom, are some of the main reasons for which I wanted to try the taste of this insanity. On the seat of a car, in an elevator or even in the toilet of that place...

And suddenly I had an idea. I phoned an escort agency where I call whenever I need a nice, professional companion, with no implications.

Within an hour, a gorgeous lady arrived. I had no idea how the time passed. She entered the cafe, looked quickly at everyone at the tables and, when she saw me waving my hand, she smiled as if we knew each other for a long time.

She was exactly as the agency described her in order to recognize her. Blonde hair, quite tall, angelic face and milky white skin. Dressed in a short skirt and a molded top that revealed her small and delicate nipples, managed to slip through the tables with the agility of a spoiled feline.

She sat next to me, sighing with relief and making me understand that she rushed as much as she could to get quickly to the meeting (which, probably, did not characterize her). We introduced ourselves and then ordered a coffee. For me it was the third.

She seemed like an educated girl, with a sense of humor and willing to accept any challenge requested by the client. Her name was Lissa. The barely noticeable touch of her fine fragrance spoiled my sense of smell and slowly I felt an overwhelming desire to kiss her beautiful lips. I wanted to bite her, to feel her taste and the fresh breath of her so exuberant youth.

I hardly refrained from my vicious imagined starts, I resumed myself to only explain what was the fantasy I called her for, and surprisingly, she immediately resonated the idea, feeling that it would be more than attractive.

We started talking about how it could happen such a daring episode, when, at one point, I was almost dumbfounded... Showing a seemingly nonchalant air, as if nothing unusual was happening, without taking her eyes (suddenly becoming trivial) off me, she spread her legs a bit and, while her breasts began to rise with her slightly agitated breathing, like the sea waves before the storm, she took my right hand and placed it gently under the elastic of her lacy panties.

Her labia were wet and, with every shy touch that I dared with my fingertips, I felt her clitoris getting tense, with a thrill of pleasure that flashed her entire body. The combination between the crowded cafeteria and the soft sensation of her vagina seemed absolutely exciting to me.

When my finger movements became more intense, she tilted her head back and opened her lips with sensuality, as if she wanted to take out a short scream, instinctively came from the most secret places of her erotic feelings. She moved her chair closer to me and, with a discreet gesture, she placed her knee on my strongly excited penis.

At one point, a waiter came to change the ashtray, asking if we need anything else. He was perplexed to see Lissa in that exalted position and breathing voluptuously, as if she had experienced an orgasm. We did not get to answer him because he turned around embarrassed and disappeared toward the bar.

My young companion stood up with lascivious gestures, arranging her skirt that had risen up to her round and firm buttocks. I knew she was going to the bathroom, because that's how we agreed. But I still remained for a while at the table, because I wanted to savor both her immoral provocative walk, and the looks of the curious who seemed to caress her hips with their eyes.

After I had the last sip of coffee, I headed to the men's toilet.

We decided together to be the 4th door I was going to knock on. She answered with an overwhelmingly sexy “YES”. A few men were pissing at the urinal. Hearing a female voice, they turned toward me surprised. I smiled boldly and cheerfully, then I entered in the narrow space that already excited me terribly. The fact of being forced to stay so close to the girl who was already naked, having on only her high heels, as well as the certainty that in a few moments she will be mine, made me feel a huge dose of adrenaline that thrilled all my senses.

She comfortably sat on the toilet bowl, with her legs spread apart, and started to play with her pink pussy. She was staring at me perversely, with a certain curiosity for the reactions I was experiencing.

Seeing the sublime “landscape” in front of my eyes, I got down on my knees and, without wasting any second, I started the work. I cuddled with my tongue her vagina which was very small and seemingly fragile, due to her extremely fine skin. Simply by touching her, it had the feeling of an immaculate surface of fine powder.

During this time, she took my fingers in her mouth and began to taste them long. It was like she was trying to sip my whole state of ecstasy... and, paradoxically, at the same time, to give it back to me 1000 times more intense.

I felt her pelvis pulsating, and I could not wait to penetrate her.

But Lissa wanted something else.

She gently touched my shoulders, suggesting me to stand up. With precise gestures, she unbuttoned my jeans and then, skillfully grabbing also my boxers, she undressed me with a single movement.

I was naked, with my cock vibrating with desire, exactly at the level of her face. She looked confused for a moment, pretending she was surprised by “my lack of shame”, then, with an “understanding” smile, she began to caress herself, touching her cheeks, lips, nose, eyes... to my penis. She enjoyed it obscenely, with an air of total depravity, ecstatic by the heat she felt throbbing with excitement.

Just when I thought I had reached the maximum of pleasure, she wanted to prove me confidently that there is room for more. She grabbed my cock with both her hands and started stroking it with incredible elegance. There was excitement in the air.

She played with it for a few moments, licking it all the way down to the scrotum. She savored every “ball”, taking it into her mouth and sucking it. I liked watching her doing that.

After a while, she half-opened her mouth and allowed me go deep inside. She moved her tongue around the visibly sensitized tip of my penis, and the sound of the abundant saliva flowing down on her chin and neck with a gross carelessness, seemed very exciting to me. I grabbed her by the hair and guided her uncontrollably, to accelerate her movements.

I have done so nearly half an hour and would have probably continued for a long time because, considering Lissa's moans, it seemed that she also liked it a lot. But the desire to wildly possess her “peach”, became more and more acute.

I lifted her up and turned her back towards me. She immediately understood what I wanted and obediently complied, leaning slightly forward, resting her hands on the toilet's water tank. While she fixed her legs wide apart, I grabbed her round buttocks with my hands, opened them and, without hesitation, I penetrated her greedily. I felt my cock slipping in her hot inside, without any effort. The natural lubrication played its duty. I was diving in and out increasingly faster, harder and harder. It was as if I did not control these movements, but they just came convulsively, uncontrollably... instinctively.

I strongly gripped her by the waist and pulled her brutally towards me. I felt my penis throbbing inside her, in the infernal rhythm of my heart. Torn with pleasure and the insistent knockings of curious individuals outside, who did not understand where the woman's convulsive screams came from, I felt the scorching sperm bursts out, in compact jets, filling her vagina to the brim.

For a few seconds I lost my control and, leaning against the wall, I breathed relieved over the Lissa’s back, all sweaty. She also remained in the same position because her legs did not obey her anymore, trembling slightly, with spontaneous, unconscious impulses...

When we felt we were better, we both dressed quickly, not responding to the imbecile questions asked by those outside the door who frantically had started to push the door handle, trying to enter... especially because at a certain point they no longer heard anything.

Then suddenly we got out somewhat annoyed, I stared at the morons who kept asking stupidly (it is true, with a somewhat reserved tone) what happened, and I dryly replied: “We pooped.”

I turned my back on them and went out with Lissa, slamming the door. We “fell” exhausted in the seats at our table and we ordered two more cocktails with lots of ice. We laughed, commenting amused by the nauseating answer that I had given them.

I looked sideways at the “curious ones” who, once back in their seats, were whispering to their wives or girlfriends about what they had seen in the toilet. I was delighted with the idea that in the end, they realized what had happened there.

Do you know what the irony of this story is? Those women were looking at their partners with a certain wave of sadness and pity.