Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday!

My husband's birthday was fast approaching. His anniversary of 30 years gave me headaches. It was still a special age that deserved something... special. I had no idea about the gift I should buy. He hates surprises or parties he has no idea about.
And I was completely in the “cloud”.

Because of his work, at least lately, he had become very moody. We did not talk as before, eating together was a very rare event, and sex only in weekend. And even that was not a rule. Thinking about intimacy, it suddenly hit me. How about hiring an escort? A chick that we could enjoy together...

I turned on my laptop, I went online and started looking for girls who would offer their sexual favors in exchange for money. I never thought they could be so many... and beautiful... and young... Hum! Men are much favored in this respect. About an hour later, with some envy, I finally chose someone interesting.

1.75 cm, creole skin, a pretty big ass, and breasts that looked like fresh and sweet melons.

The girl's name was Anna. I called her and...

It was Saturday night. I told my husband I booked a table at his favorite restaurant. He did not seem very surprised, given the fact that we had spent the same last year on his birthday.

We enjoyed a delicious dinner, we got dizzy with vintage wine and when the waiter presented us the dessert menu, I politely refused, saying that although we appreciated the delicacies which otherwise delighted our taste buds so often there, I prepared something... personal for my husband. He looked at me puzzled, but I made him a discrete sign to refrain from commenting. He complied, paid the bill and asked the waiter to call us a taxi.

In front of the restaurant, the coolness of the night chilled us a little, but not for long.

Within minutes, the requested car stopped in front of us. He, like a gentleman, opened my door and kissed my forehead while helping me sit down into the back seat. Once he climbed next to me, he communicated our home address to the taxi driver, thanked me for the lovely evening and could not help asking clarification about the “postponement” of the desert. That's because he liked desserts a lot.

I preferred not to respond him. I smiled happily because at least I had managed to awaken his interest and, after I touched my index finger on his lips, gently forcing him to shut up, I whispered to the driver a different destination where we had to go. The man nodded that he understood and changed direction.

After a while, we stopped in front of the sumptuous entrance of a well-known 5-star hotel.

I had read it was the highest-rated in terms of luxury rooms.

My husband was perplexed, but refrained from saying anything. Firmly convinced that it was just one of my fantasies with fine desserts and who knows what sophisticated drinks, he resigned politely, helped me get out of the taxi and, once alone in front of the marble stairs with a red carpet in the middle, he let himself led inside without any hesitation. I appreciated he was trying to be smiling, although it was clear that he was barely hiding his usual grin of nervousness concerning his obligation of playing resigned, the frivolous role of the husband pleased by my surprises, I admit, not always inspired. But then I knew that everything was going to be different.

And so it was! Once in the hotel room, he was shocked about the nature of my “gift”.

On the bed, Anna was lying in a “natural” position, wearing white underwear perfectly suited to her olive skin, and next to the bed, as if to complete the whole decadent air of the room, there was a golden bucket, of which, among the ice cubes, there could be seen the top of a bottle of champagne still unopened.

I closed the door behind us and whispered to him: “I know you hate surprises, but this one... I really hope you like it.”

He looked at me absolutely confused, alert to any gesture or mimic, to convince himself that it is not a joke or an uncontrolled act of madness or maybe even a momentarily loss of my mind. Troubled by the multitude of sensations that had undoubtedly invaded his mind, he insistently was looking at me to confirm that I really agreed with what was happening and that I could accept such a thing.

He had no time to clarify it, because the girl stood up and tiptoed towards him, touching his clothes gently with the pink tips of her breasts, gently kissing his lips and wishing him “Happy Birthday!”. She grabbed his head between her fine and long fingers, forcing him to turn his eyes towards her and look at her in all her splendor.

He was completely confused. On the one hand, he would have wanted to unleash his instincts and desires that had awakened in him, on the other hand he still was not sure that doing this, he would not have fell victim to an embarrassing, awkward scene...

I approached him and said more firmly: “Do what you want with her!

She is yours until tomorrow morning.” I smiled as indulgently as I could and even pushed him discreetly toward her.

To be even more convincing, I started to unbutton his coat, I helped him to take it off, and then I unbuttoned his shirt. Meanwhile, Anna took care of his trousers, shoes, socks and underwear. He remained completely naked. The more he looked at her, the more I felt him vibrating impatiently. I knew his reactions very well. He was still unsure... He did not yet overcome the stage of astonishment that simply froze him.

We both caressed him and slowly, slowly his whole face began to radiate satisfaction. He seemed not to know towards what touches or kisses to focus his attention first.

I retired discretely, making the girl understand, with that look that only women know how to decipher, that he belongs to her entirely. I sat comfortably in an armchair next to a high floor lamp, otherwise the only one that diffusely illuminated the entire room.

I was curious, eager, yet somewhat jealous to watch.

He threw her on the bed and began to play between her long, smooth and perfect shape legs. He caressed her, kissed her, licked her long... Then suddenly he penetrated her uncontrollably and eagerly, as if he had been waiting for years for such an occasion...

I got excited watching him having sex with another woman. I took off my bikini and started to satisfy myself while I watched them. From time to time he looked at me, quickly, to see what I was doing. It was an indescribable feeling and a birthday party exactly as I had dreamed to be.

I was moving in the rhythm in which he penetrated her. It began to be heard a rippling sound from inside her vagina. I could not imagine anything more intense or provocative. Frankly, I suffered a little bit... but I was excited at the same time and I would not have stopped that scene in any way, even if I had gone mad with envy or pain. As the tormenting and haunting feeling of “losing” my husband into the arms of that young woman was higher, the more the strange and unusual feeling of almost masochistic depravity invaded my every cell. It was a sweet poison, I could not get enough anymore, even though I knew it did not do well to me... painfully flowed through my veins, poisoning all my blood. But I could not help it. The sensation of the debauchery was too voluptuous and perverse.

The two seemed to be struggling, locked in a desperate fight for survival.

Suddenly, the young woman freed herself from the grip of my husband's arms and threw him on his back. It was her turn to show what she was capable of. She put her hands over his head and started to ride him like a nympho. She left him breathless with her rhythmic movements, harmoniously moving her basin. When she felt his climax approaching, she trickled herself like a snake, as low as possible.

She took his hard penis between her fleshy lips and started to taste it greedily. She moved it into her mouth like a delicious bar of hot, magical chocolate... because it did not melt, no matter how much she’d lick or suck it. She did not let any little part of it unexplored by her tongue, cheeks, lips or throat...

I have not ever seen him gasping like that. I have never seen him screaming with pleasure. The deeper she swallowed his penis, the more I felt the vibrations of my vagina will reach the climax.

They both looked at me as I threw my head back, exhausted by an almost wild masturbation and, in their turn, they did everything more violent, more alert...

I think this excited him a lot, because in a few seconds his “conclusion” also followed.

With my last powers and among the spasms of my breath, I managed to ecstatically whisper to him: “Happy Birthday!”