I think that one of the reasons I use the services of an escort agency every week is simple and understandable for many of those on this site: from time to time, I like to sex with someone other than my wife.

I love adrenaline and the idea of ​​being in the middle of “action” with different characters. Even though I am married and have 2 wonderful children, I am a real fan of escorts. In my opinion, this thing even makes good to the idea of​​ couple itself. It may attenuate the unpleasant state of monotony and it refreshes the senses.

I decided that at the beginning of each weekend I should have one such adventure. I know that is wrong in the eyes of many but, frankly, I do not care. It is my pleasure and in no case this “hobby” will make me neglect my family. Some collect stamps or watches, others get drunk until they do not remember their own names, some others waste away their whole earnings with gaming... I simply do nothing but “charge my batteries” in my own way.

I have a favorite place. A very elegant and clean establishment that I would quote with 7 stars if someone would ask me. The girls know me and they are glad when I call to make an appointment. They love me because I'm a guy who is still in good physical shape and I'm not stingy. They call me Daddy.

Once arrived at the place of pleasure, like every Friday, for this is the reason already set for my wife: “the evening with the boys” (my friends really go out to drink a beer or see a football game... and they are extremely happy to do this!), elegantly dressed, I parked behind the building, I put my phones on silent mode, I changed my shirt (I always have a “reserve” shirt that I take personally to the dry cleaner), I entered jovially, and offered to all the present girls an orchid. I always bring something to them. Candies, cakes, champagne, flowers... and they, cheerfully, play with an adorable perversity the role of “little girls” who gladly welcome their “daddy” bringing surprises.

Honestly, every time I find it difficult to choose. I have been with more than half of the girls (even in combinations of two). I knew what their mind, mouth and... pelvis could do. I was walking among them, trying to stimulate my imagination about their attitude in private, when suddenly I see a fragile and shy young lady, at the corner of the bar. I beckon the barmaid questioningly, and she responds me whispering, accomplice, to leave her alone. She is new, it's her first day and she has to get acquainted with the atmosphere.

Tall, with a white face, almond-shaped black eyes, long and discreetly arched eyelashes, sensual and fleshy lips that she was biting from time to time (probably because of emotions), long thin body and legs even longer... like an alien being, coming from another planet. Or was it just my own imagination?

I did not pay attention to the barmaid and approached the newcomer. I asked her if she wanted a drink. She replied almost imperceptibly yes...

Girls get a commission also from the drinks offered by the customer. So I decided to order a bottle of champagne (it is naturally understood that I chose the most expensive one) to celebrate her first day of “work”.

She was indeed a special beauty. Maybe her shyness also accentuated a bit her sex appeal. Or her shy gestures that made me think about vicious, immoral things... Or was it the fact that she did not look into my eyes? That she confused was rubbing her hands slightly trembling? She was scared. She had never experienced such situations before. Probably she never thought she might end up in a place like this. That she will be paid with large sums of money for offering sex.

You could read that in her eyes. I believe that at that moment her only thought was to get rid of me as soon as possible. But she did not know how. And that was exactly what attracted me. I liked that immensely.

When I asked her if she wanted to go upstairs, she looked into the ground and began to breathe deeply and hastily. I liked the idea that she has no choice...

She slowly got up from the bar stool and, resignedly, without saying a word to me, headed for the stairs, not looking back to see if I followed her.

The other girls watched the scene with some tenderness in their eyes. They also had once a first day.

Once in the room, I asked her if she would accompany me to the shower. She answered in a tone became suddenly aggressive that she did not have any choice anyway. I felt almost like a rapist. I had some remorse. She seemed so pure, innocent...

She undressed and hurried into the shower. She had a sublime body and rough gestures. Was it her first naked experience in front of a man? I went close to her and somehow the embarrassing feeling that invaded me, stopped me from touching her. The jet of hot water and the smell of the shower gel almost quenched my perverse desire to possess it.

Once out of the shower, wrapped in fluffy white towels, I asked her if she wanted some champagne or sparkling water. She looked coldly and her answer was definitely not.

With an undisguised aggressiveness and barely moving her lips, she told me in a harsh and hostile tone that she wanted nothing more than to give me a blowjob.

I was stunned. The innocent angel had suddenly become an impulsive and uncontrollable devil. The shy schoolgirl had become a hyena that inspired me fear at the thought that she might touch my “sensitive” areas.

However, something in her attitude was extremely exciting... and it is exactly this kind of situations that incite me.

I could not refuse such a strange experience, not even if my wife would have been beyond the threshold of the room, screaming and banging her fists to the door.

She approached me, knelt down and began to caress my “manhood”, not at all “in shape” at that moment, like being invaded by a certain anxiety. She was playing with it and I think she was even amused by the discrepancy between my arrogance up to that moment and the not very comfortable state I was experiencing now.

She raised her head and asked me with indescribable voluptuousness in her words: “Are you afraid?”

I could not even answer. The words were crushed somewhere between tension and indescribable pleasure.

She continued to caress me and occasionally touched me with her soft tongue until my “little one” took its courage and became erect. All my veins pulsed to the maximum.

Suddenly, while still staring into my eyes, she almost swallowed my whole cock that was not so small anymore, and started to suck it in a completely different way from anything I had experienced before with the women I had met.

Although her movements were relatively firm, everything seemed... silky and soft.

It did not take long until the thrill that captured my whole being, completed into her mouth that continued to keep me captive. I felt the seed of pleasure filling her larynx, then reaching the esophagus.

A few moments later, she stood up satisfied and, cleaning her lips with her tongue, she whispered amusedly: “You know the funny part? I've been working here for more than half a year. You never noticed me. Confident women are probably not attractive to you. You probably like being in control. I guess that's why the girls call you Daddy. But this evening I thought to play you a prank, and the barmaid agreed to play my game. God, sometimes you, guys, are so easy to manipulate. You pretend to be tough and demanding but, in fact, you are only mature children. Extremely predictable. It’s like you think with your penis!”

She was right. She had admirably played the role of a shy, scared “little girl”, at the beginning of her career. And, in fact, she was a beast who could barely wait to devour her prey.


As if my male pride had not been hurt enough, I approached her, I grabbed her long hair and wiped her grin with a wild kiss. Then I pushed her brutally on the silky bed and I almost rushed over her, starting to penetrate her wildly, roughly, crudely... and avidly. I had the pleasant feeling that I was taking revenge for the episode I had just experienced.

Her body arched and her breasts were firm and seething with desire.

She wanted to scream, to yell, to make uncontrolled noises, but she refrained, because she certainly did not want to give me satisfaction for the orgasm that was about to follow. She had the body of a goddess, the face of an angel and the temper of a demon. All these made me obsessed with her. I felt the second ejaculation controlled my mind and body. I could no longer resist and I concluded with all my fluid over her round breasts.

Although she wanted to keep calm, she was clearly satisfied by the powerful jet that splashed her breasts.

I had not imagined that evening could end that way. I was defeated by a satanic deity.
More than likely, I was going to become the loyal customer of that irresistible creature who looked at me with a defiant grin in the corner of her still wet lips.

When I was just about to leave, before I close the door, she shouted sarcastically, still laying on the bed: “If you think you took revenge on me, you're wrong. The only thing you did was to frantically try to make me feel good! But you're cute in your fury...”

Amazingly. Instead of getting angry, I felt I wanted her. And I took her... again.