Alcohol and violence...

Alcohol and violence...

Alcohol and violence...

The escort job is as dangerous as we make it. Yet... there are plenty of risks especially if you are reckless and you don’t really know what to do in certain situations. Though, even when you do know what to do, there are still risks.

My name is Tania, I am 25 years old and I am from Ukraine. I left my country when I was 19 years old. I simply ran away. Being accustomed to poverty and aggressiveness... I have managed to get by fairly well because in the six years spent in this job, I have gathered some money and I haven’t had any bad or frightening experiences. That is because I am careful, because I can “smell” bastards from afar and because I do everything in my power to avoid them.

I have heard many terrible stories from my friends but I have always told myself that it can’t possibly happen to me. And I was sure of this.

Until yesterday...

My bad experience happened with a client that I honestly trusted very much. He was a nice guy who hired my services quite often, who always gave me more money than I asked for, and generally he was very attentive to me. I have known him for 2 years. But, in this job, you never know what the next hour has in store for you.

Yesterday he called me at around 10 p.m. and told me that he really wanted to see me... and that we should meet at the hotel where we usually went together. It was somewhere in the city center. When he was in the mood “for me”, I always went earlier, I rented the room and he would come up to meet me there directly. At the end of our date, he would always leave money for the “accommodation” too. I think he didn’t want to be seen.

He told me on the phone that he was at a party. He had a drink and wanted to have some fun. He probably had not found anyone there. He did not seem to have drunk much, so... I told him okay.

He arrived at the hotel 3 hours later than he was supposed to. I had really started to worry about who was going to pay for the room since I didn’t have enough money with me.

He was really drunk. When I opened the door, he almost fell into my arms. I hate this type of situations and I prefer to avoid drunk people, but this time... I pulled him with some difficulty on the bed and I asked him if he wanted some coffee. He did. After I called the front desk and ordered two strong coffees, he started to tell me that he had seen his wife with another man. She had been at the party too, probably invited by the unknown guy. He told me that he watched them dancing, kissing and finally leaving together. The morning before the party she had told him that she was going to a conference in another city. We had talked about his wife some time ago... she was a doctor.

The coffee has arrived. I pulled a bed stand closer to him to use as a table and, after he took a few sips, he looked straight at me and asked me to take my clothes off.

He asked me to come to his arms and started caressing me, kissing me... as usual. I helped him take his clothes off and I searched my purse for condoms.

I only had two.

I put the first one on but, although he was pulling me towards him with an unexpected brutality, he was not able to get an erection. He looked nervously at his “instrument” and, after a few seconds, he pulled the condom off annoyed and threw it towards the window.

He told me that he wanted to really feel me that night.

He seemed quite determined and, at that moment, I had for the first time the feeling that things were not going to go so well. I asked him to understand that, without a condom, we couldn’t have sex, but he insisted and he pulled me towards him increasingly firmer, trying to spread my legs.

I pretended to take his gestures as a sort of play. With some difficulty, I freed myself from his grip and jumped off the bed in order to look for the second condom. I even made a few dance movements with my bottom, as if I was very relaxed and confident. Usually this calms down those who try to exaggerate. It's like telling them that this is nothing new to you and you're not impressed by their “macho” behavior... you are even amused by it.

Suddenly, however, I felt a tremendous heat in my temples, as if someone had thrown a glass of boiling water over my face. Then, the burning sensation turned into terrible pain. I realized he had slapped me really hard.

I turned around and looked at him stunned. I couldn’t believe he had done such a thing. I didn’t even know how to react...

At first I wanted to run away, but it seemed he realized what was going through my mind and he grabbed my hand very strongly. He pulled me and started insulting me. I never expected him to do such a thing either... He was terribly angry. I did not think anyone could come so suddenly and unexpectedly to such a frightening state of nerves.

He started punching me all over. My hair was in my eyes. I could only see flashes of what was happening. He was pulling me from one side to the other. I was feeling dizzy. I heard him, as if from afar, yelling that he wanted me to give him oral sex. I thought it could calm him down.

I don’t know how, but all of a sudden I saw him having an enormous erection. Quickly and aggressively, he pushed his cock into my mouth, as if he was trying to punish me for something very bad that I did to him. He kept yelling that I mustn’t dare bite him. He squeezed my breasts and grabbed my buttocks and shoulders mercilessly... At one moment, he grabbed my head with one hand and pressed me hard towards him, flattening my nose against his belly. I had the feeling I was going to choke on his penis. I couldn’t even swallow my saliva that was dripping through the corners of my mouth.

He grabbed my temples with both hands and forced me to lower my head. He screamed that I had to lick his asshole. I submitted... I didn’t have any other option anyway. Although I think he liked it, he was still nervous. From time to time he lifted my head, holding my chin, he looked me in the eye with satisfaction and he slapped me on the face quite hard. But I had already gotten used to that and it did not seem so painful anymore.

He pulled my hair again... to get back to “oral”. This time I really felt him penetrating me viciously, to the middle of my throat. I couldn’t breathe but through my nose, and when he pushed my head down, my nostrils were pressed against his abdomen and I almost felt dizzy because of the lack of air. He kept pressing me... and in those moments I felt he was going to ejaculate. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen. He lifted my head, he slapped me and he started to penetrate my mouth again violently. He went on like this for a while...

I felt pain in my cheeks and throat and I was uselessly trying to make room for some air with my tongue. Just when I was about to faint, I felt my mouth filled with sperm, forcefully having to swallow everything because otherwise I would have chocked. I felt like coughing, but I kept feeling his last contractions that seemed to never end. Even my nostrils were full. I had to swallow everything. When I finally felt I could breathe, I had tears in my eyes...

He relaxed a little and at that moment I thought I really had to do something... anything... to put an end to that state of insanity. I had the feeling I had been there forever and all my life had begun an hour ago. I thought that outside there were normal people who were probably watching a movie or sleeping at that time and they had no idea what was happening to me. But all this seemed so far away... as if it was in another world.

I freed myself from his hands and jumped out of bed. I wanted to move, to shake my hands, to be angry... to shake him off me as if he were a spider web. I yelled at him and started looking for my clothes to get dressed quickly and leave. But it was a bad decision.

While I was gathering my things, being firmly convinced that I have a few seconds during which he won’t be able to react too quickly, I saw him out of the corner of my eye trying to get up and come to me... not exactly calm. From the tone of his voice and the way he was insulting me and threatening me again, even more aggressively, I felt that the situation would turn into something extremely bad.

I was desperately looking for a way out. The bathroom door was open. I took my purse and I wanted to get up, but I tripped on my shoes. He grabbed my leg. He couldn’t manage to hold me because I pushed him aside with all my strength. I almost crawled and managed to sneak inside the bathroom. I locked it and leaned back against it... I wanted everything to end. It was like a nightmare I could not wake up from. I felt him kicking the door with his feet.

I thought about calling the Police, but it would have taken a long time until they came... Then I saw that there was a landline to call Reception, near the mirror. I reached the receiver and called. I screamed for help and asked them to come and save me...

They arrived quite quickly. They knocked loudly on the door and because no one answered, they used their key. They got in and I heard them asking what was going on.

Only then I felt like I regain a little my self-control. I opened the door and looked inside with caution. The receptionist was accompanied by a few men from security. When he saw them, the client calmed down a bit. Unbelievable... he threw himself on the bed and fell asleep.

Suddenly, I did not think of anything else, took a deep breath and walked out quickly without saying a word. I picked up my clothes from the floor, dressed quickly in front of them, I gave them all the money I had and ran away barefoot, shoes in my hand.

Only when I got home I looked in the mirror. I was swollen and full of bruises. On my face, on my body...

I have no idea how long it will take until they heal and, most of all, until I have the courage to get close to a man again.

I’m writing these lines to tell all the girls that men, when they drink alcohol... they turn into brutes.