A gay experience

A gay experience

A gay experience

We’ve been married for 15 years. We know each other from the elementary school and ever since we’ve been together. First friends and then spouses. We do not miss anything, we're happy, peaceful and love each other as few people manage to do it. And this is not a boast, but simply a fact, especially when we look around us.  

We learned to live well, but with moderation.

We arrived to understand each other even by looking at each other, by gestures, and to fulfill wonderfully whenever we feel that the other needs something. It may sound a bit corny, but that's the truth. We talk about everything, we engage maturely into the decisions we make concerning us, and perhaps right for this reason, the moments we spend together are extremely relaxing.

Sexual life is like an exotic cocktail we both drink avidly. Sweet and sinful.

Sometimes too sinful! Excessive... kinky... frantic in glasses.

We are involved in a group of swingers, we satisfy all our curiosities and fantasies and live by the principle: your wish is a complete pleasure for me. We are open to anything, we are excited by new things and always want to exceed our limits.  

We have tried many things. We have special memories and that is why we are glad that we have each other.

When we get bored, we are the clients of an escort agency. They are professionals, discreet and never disappointed us.

At first it seemed a little strange to pay for such services. But, over time, we realized that it is much more convenient. No emotional involvements, no boring sounding, no time wasted with inept pseudo-socializations... only pleasure and sex.  

They are escorts that really get involved in what they do, they totally offer themselves and often come with their own ideas. They do not treat their clients with that air of indifference or the desire to jump as quickly as possible over the episode in which they have to do something for the money they receive.  

So it was last night. After opening a bottle of red wine and spending a few hours gossiping about everything, we both realized that we did not feel like sleeping at all, and the wine had awakened in us a terrible desire to play. We were like two crazy kids whose parents were out of town... left home alone. We rushed to the laptop and started looking on an escort website if there were any “news”. There was nothing interesting enough. A quarter of an hour later, we suddenly decided to try something more... depraved. More extravagant.

By that time, we experienced adventures in common with single girls, even lesbians, single guys, couples... There was only one “unexplored” chapter. The gays! And for the madness to be greater, we have decided not for just one, but for a couple. A gay couple.

We called, we talked and...

It did not take long until the guys rang the doorbell.

We introduced ourselves, we gave them the money, we chatted a little in front of a cup of coffee with a drop of brandy, after which the two asked us if we would like to see an erotic show (between them). We were curious and we both said yes. I put a slower music, as they requested, and I got back on the couch next to my wife who seemed very excited. What we were about to see was somewhat... unusual for us, but interesting. The guys were moving like professional actors, but not like those in adult films. They had a special naturalness in their attitude that seemed extremely artistic.  

This “introduction” lasted about 30 minutes. I personally found some parts a bit unnatural or even repulsive. The intimacy between men, however beautiful and perfect they are, is not exactly something very “sexy”. We are accustomed to the idea that men generally represents strength, power... beings that are by definition meant to be in constant competition. Especially among them. A boxing match, for example, seems more natural than the frivolous touches between two ballet dancers.

It's like seeing two tigers crocheting in grandmother’s rocking chair.  

But it's probably just a matter of perception... of habit.  

They approached us and asked if I was bi or if at least I was attracted to the male sex. I replied that I had never tried or thought of such a situation, but that night I was ready for everything... It was a border that I wanted to cross. Fuck the boundaries.  

My wife was clapping happily and almost shouted enthusiastically that she absolutely wanted to “direct” the whole action. And as I usually love her fantasies, I stood up, “put” myself at the disposal of the two and agreed to be the prey of her immoral “instructions”.

In a first phase, the two began to caress me and undress me with gestures a little theatrical for my taste, but since that night I decided to overcome any preconception, I joined their game, trying to get involved.

Once I was completely naked, they knelt in front of me and, with very feminine movements, they started giving me a long blowjob.  

On the one hand, I felt uncomfortable and embarrassed in front of them, on the other hand, probably it was precisely that strange feeling of excitement of my penis through very unusual methods, that made me want to continue the experiment.

I could not say it’s as I have always heard: “men give better blowjobs than women”. Primarily because they have a more robust facial structure. The lips, the tongue... everything is a bit tougher. But it was not unpleasant either. What men really know to do very well, is how they move their hands along the organ identical to theirs. It is probably more familiar to them, and that gives them some special skill.

I looked at my wife who was simply ecstatic. She stood with her legs apart towards me and began to caress her private area. Her image, with her shanks arched by her high heels and with her skirt raised vulgarly up to her thighs, excited me greatly that in a few seconds I ejaculated in the mouth of one of the guys. Only then I realized that my movements, until that moment, were unconsciously impulsive. I grabbed their heads alternately and, pressing them frenetically with both hands, I had forced them to take my manhood somewhere beyond the middle of their throat.

But it seems that they really liked it because, to my surprise, they did not stop caressing with their mouth my intimate areas until the moment they had the clear, visible proof that I was again “in good working condition”.

The two stood up and, leaning against the edge of the couch where my wife had made them room, they showed me their young asses that really had some wave of femininity in their shapes.

My wife showed me with a brief gesture what I had to do.

It was quite difficult for me, but she was the one who had come to help me again. She came behind me and started to lick my asshole or better said to gently penetrate me with her tongue. It is one of my favorite pleasures. And that was enough...

I grabbed one of the guys by the thighs and, right after I fit my penis as I knew better, I pushed it forward until I felt I managed to get relatively easily into his ass. I felt an interesting sensation, along with that caused by my wife...

After a while, I did not need her stimulation anymore and I beckoned her to step away so I could become a little “wilder” in my movements.  

I practiced the bizarre experience of male anal sex with both of them. 

Towards morning, my beloved one asked me insinuatingly and with a really perfidious look if I did not want to give the guys a blowjob.

The orgy was already at its peak...  

I did not think about it too much, and I told myself that since I had come to that point, nothing matters anymore. I had to try everything.

I pushed the guys on the bed, lying on their backs.

I grabbed their penises with my both hands and masturbated them gently, exactly as I would have liked it. Then, with a certain shyness, I started doing what my partner for life and depravity asked me to. I passed from one to the other, with an unimaginable frenzy, motivated by the satisfaction of doing something that I would have liked to be done to me. I did not let any of them wait too long. At some point, I brought their bodies close to each other, trying to introduce both their “lollipops” into my mouth. They were visibly vibrating, and their moans I could hear among their very passionate kisses confirmed to me that I was doing well.

It was interesting, especially at the end when they both hotly ejaculated on my face, on my lips...

My wife approached and licked me for a long time, savoring the taste of the two.

She turned toward them and jokingly reproached them for not liking also women. She also would have wanted them.

The guys left pretty late, and I got one more blowjob in bed before falling asleep.  

Honestly... nothing compares to a woman's lips and mouth.