Why do men go to escorts?

Why do men go to escorts?

Why do men go to escorts?

The great question that tormented the women, from ancient times (and, more recently, the specialists interested in the phenomenon), refers to men’s weakness for paid sex. Why do these instinctual beings, but endowed with reason and feelings, need to resort to the primitive act of sexual gratification where emotional involvement and commitment are lacking?

Explanations are not at all philosophical or revolutionary. Because the reasons of males in love with sex have nothing “wow” in themselves, but are dependent on some realities that are legitimate for all those who are able to see outside the traditional box in which they have been accustomed to “sit quietly”. And the discussion should not be about the eternal dilemma of whether the reasons are bad or not, but just have to bring some light in the semi-fog created.

Therefore, in an absolutely random order, among the causes that push men to commit “the act”, there are included the following:


1.-Curiosity. Love at will, uninhibited partners, fantasies without limits? Who wouldn't be, in this case, curious to find out what a whole night (or at least one hour) of pleasure without responsibilities may reserve? The answer is “Certainly, many!” Among these, some may be content with the legends spread by the people, enjoying indirectly the benefits of “imaginary” love. Others, however, aim to get themselves on the spot to experience “counter-cost” sex on their own skin. And when the agenda, the pocket and the boldness allow them... they even succeed. If idealized expectations are confirmed or not after consuming the act itself, only they can tell. What is known, however, is that people satisfy, in this way, at least their curiosity (and not only), being able to calmly dismiss one more experience in their list of unconventional priorities.


 2.-Loneliness. While some voluntarily resort to the “paid” pleasure, others do it for need. Bored by loneliness, cold showers, porn movies and lubricants, not to mention the discomfort in approaching available young ladies, they consider the acquisition of sexual services as the only alternative to their boring existence of inactive bachelors. And even if by visiting an escort, all they get is sex, stress relief and (possibly) ecstasy, without tasting the other ingredients that come in a package with a “usual” relationship, at least they get to be exempt from the diurnal erections manifested as in a conspiracy, in the most inappropriate possible moments.


3.-Stress. For many of us, psychic tension can cause various complications in everyday life, requiring a treatment to match. Mysterious are, however, the pathways of stress and its antidotes. Because some choose to relax by an extended weekend to the sea, a crazy episode of bungee jumping, a box of rotten eggs left at the grumpy neighbor's door or an afternoon spent in “intimacy” with your personal collection of stamps. Unlike them, others simply disconnect from the quotidian when they exchange their nerves and their indifference for an episode of crazy “paid” sex. Only such a meeting may temporarily distract their attention from ulcers, bills, bank loans, monstrous bosses and girlfriends freshly gone to the world with others.


4.-Unfulfillment. The most condemned ones and placed against the wall among the lovers of hot counter-cost sensations are those gentlemen who, although they have a pair, yearn for the “reprehensible” company of escorts. If for lonely people free as a bird, this alternative is somehow accepted by the people's mouth, for the other ones nobody finds attenuating circumstances, and the fact seems to be intolerable, being considered a mere masculine caprice, which could be just as well placed in a nail and forgotten there. The only thing that is lost along the way in all this collective judgment is, however, the potential sexual unfulfillment of the man, experienced within the “domestic” partnership, unfulfillment caused either by his own inability to expose, at any cost, the most daring fantasies, or by the inability of his half to allow him “extravagances” into the couple's life. And since family therapy is expensive, bargaining in bed is tiring and resignation is not an option, the unhappy ones feel compelled to enjoy, at least occasionally, the forbidden fruit. Reasonable... they say.


5.-Freedom. Another reason why men prefer companion ladies is the fact that those do not dictate them the hour of coming home or the leaving one, nor they incriminate the 69 as being the most indecent position from the sexology book, neither name them perverts when they start to bite their bottom, to whisper quite “audible” vulgar words or to beg to be tied up to the bed with the necktie. No! They only dictate the tariff. As for the rest... absolute freedom. “Our client, our master”, especially if he pays as it should. For what can be more exciting for a man, than to know that everyone is at his feet, willing to serve him as he pleases? Maybe just an important football match, a cold beer from the fridge and a few buddies as football fans as he is. 


6.-Convenience. In order to have sex, a man has to go through many difficult and boring steps (from his point of view): to buy flowers, to take out his partner to dinner or to cinema, to shave himself, to dress with taste, to perfume adequately and to inspire safety (and, necessarily, comfort). For those who are already in a stable relationship, the “chore” is translated into the daily conception of credible enough compliments, avoiding the other half's trap questions, throwing the garbage on time, frequent caresses “by chance”, yielding the control of the remote, or the total suppression of habits so pleasant from the time of “bachelorhood”. In contrast to the general pattern, where the man has to give in order to be offered, in relation to an escort, although things are basically the same, the satisfaction is still fair, since he is no longer needed to strive so hard in order to get to bed with a woman (after he gave), but only to lie quietly on his back, waiting for the so much waited session of happiness. And it does not matter how ephemeral and illusory this is, what's important is only that the “invincible” feels he deserves it... and, of course, he receives it.


7.-Diversity. Routine into the bedroom and monogamy are not for everyone. Regardless of the fairy delusions which women enjoy in group, most men prefer diversity. Both of sexual activity, and partners. And how could they deepen, at their choice, their experiences if not resorting to the accessibility and professionalism of the most attractive experts in the field? Escorts are therefore seen as an appropriate response to the needs of gentlemen who are either tired of being rejected by their girlfriends set to infinity on the same sexual repertoire, either they reject from the start the idea of an exclusive relationship.


8.-Hurry. We live in, isn't it, the century of speed, such that, sometimes, there is no longer time for love. With a job that takes up almost the whole day, extra-work projects, city outings with the friends for emotional rebalancing and a few other duties of various kinds that can not be bypassed, the program of whose man leaves room for searching, courting and “directing” to the bed a lady of whom, possibly, he had the time to fall in love previously? Certainly, only to the one that puts the sentimental life above (or at least on an equal step) the professional one. For the others, however, the savior option, which helps them saving time, energy and emotional consumption, is remains the being who practices the oldest profession in the world. Only thanks to her, the gentlemen in question can go on further with their busy lives, enjoying both sex, and also the freedom of not being subjected to a stable partner who is constantly asking for their almost nonexistent availability.


9.-Dependence. Women are dependent on shopping and chocolate, men on sports and sex. Or at least, this is what our cultural clichés claim. An oasis of truth lies, however, in the collective creed which is labeling males as eager for carnal pleasures who only use their heads to think once a week, because for the rest of the time they instinctively use their naughty organ vulnerable to nakedness, also known as “penis”. Although not everyone agrees, some men faithfully correspond to the description, being among those who can not breathe, enjoy, cry and sleep if they spend more than 48 hours without having sex. Any kind of sex. And with (almost) anyone. Mission relatively easy to fulfill by the happy ones having a pair (but not just any pair, but one the same craving for physical contact). Problems arise for singles, who can’t simply go out on the street and call the ladies to free love, without implications and commitment, because their efforts would be gloriously rewarded with... failure. Situation which leads inevitably to the foreseeable possibility of sex for money, being the handiest treatment against this chronic “disease”, with whose hot manifestations some of the gentlemen even boast.


10.-Adrenaline. Even in those areas where soliciting the services of an escort is perfectly legal, the act itself continues to be wrapped in an aura of novelty, mystery and nonconformity, given the general attitude still “sensitive” to the topic. The aura of adventure becomes more prominent if it is about societies where having sex for money is not just a gesture labeled as immoral, but also illegal. The challenge of defying social norms or even legal provisions, however, urges many gentlemen in taking their courage to overcome the barrier that marks the camp of renegades, just for the sake of adrenaline and of some experiences “on a knife-edge”. For this reason, some men choose to go to escorts, considering priceless their posture of individuals always unbound to rules, while others are content to urinate in public, to make indecent gestures to the traffic police or to make faces to the public video cameras. Each according to the possibilities.

* * *

As you can see, many, varied and not at all enigmatic are the reasons why men pay for what they could have for free, but in totally different conditions. Perhaps this seems easier to them. Perhaps it seems a bit more interesting. Or perhaps they do not even have other choice. The sure thing is that both their own choices as well as their correctness are entirely their responsibility, whether they have girlfriends or are single, many zeros to the salary or, on the contrary, an absolutely modest income, Manager briefcase or worker overalls, any qualms of conscience or... not.