What should women avoid in their relationship with an escort?

What should women avoid in their relationship with an escort?

What should women avoid in their relationship with an escort?

Working with people is not easy. Those involved in practicing the world's oldest profession can fully confirm this. Because, like any other specialists in the field of “sales”, “erotic agents” are facing a diverse, capricious, sometimes even ruthless clientele.

However, the practice teaches them to deal with these inconveniences with professionalism and not to react at the first impulse.

Parallel to the benevolent behavior they show in almost all situations, the escorts (be they women, men or transsexuals) still have major reticence (sometimes a real intolerance) to certain female typologies. Although experience partially immunizes them against the effects of contact with “strange specimens”, there are cases when the “meetings” are far too difficult to endure or manage.

Among the most annoying manifestations specific to the ladies who buy sexual services (information paradoxically useful mainly for clients), there are the following:

1.-Criticism. The representatives of the “fair sex” are characterized by their aspiration to perfection. In their opinion, everything must be subject to improvement, including intimate relationships.

Between four walls, female experts in critiques act as if they had the mission to revolutionize love services. In reality, they are just a nuisance... a sinister one!

They solemnly trace the mistakes, comment every 5 minutes and do not forgive anything. If their impetus is cut off in a civilized manner, they mutter between the teeth, irritated and faithful to the same undeniable conclusions: “something is wrong, the involvement leaves to be desired, the intimate lingerie seems outdated, the perfume is seemingly too strident, the movements are a bit lazy and, anyway, everything could have been... different!”

Needless to say, in such circumstances, the performance of the targeted “subjects” loses its quality. Who can do their job calmly (to warm up the atmosphere, for example), while being bombarded with countless accusations that question their skills?

2.-Coded language. Coded speech represents the attribute of women everywhere. As if all of them were spies in a past life and the reminiscences are still manifesting.

Ciphered expressions find their place even in the vocabulary of female fans of eroticism and escapades. They appear, for example, in phrases like: “There was nothing wrong. You probably had a bad day.” In translation, this means: “You should have had more patience!” or “Yes, I liked the improvisation, but let's not repeat it too soon!” which in reality must be interpreted as: “It was horrible and it turned my stomach!”

The phrases used (due to a false diplomacy, fear of “confrontation”, pure habit or “thanks” to the pleasure of materializing the thoughts in a tangled wordplay) can confuse anyone, often making the conversation impossible.

3.-Jealousy. Between jealousy and the relationship with those who work in the “branch” of mercantile eroticism there should be absolutely no connection. And yet, in some cases, there is. Some ladies are born to be jealous. It does not matter that the person on whom they suspiciously focus their attention “belongs” to them for an hour or one night at most. They want to be “special” (as usual) in relation to “the others” and thus become suspicious if the rented character is periodically postponing, rescheduling or refusing them by invoking various pretexts. He is surely lying, just so he can meet who knows what an infatuated anorexic woman...

The excess of zeal and the investigations initiated to clarify the truth, turns them into unpleasant presences. Not even questions like “How many women did you meet last week, come on, tell me frankly” (?!), are not pleasing the ears of the incriminated ones. Such obsessions do not fit the context in question.

4.-Invading the personal space. In the crowd of female “solicitors” of sexual favors for money, inevitably appear those interested in knowing EVERYTHING: the past, the passions, the number of female clients, the studies, parents, illnesses, depressions, regrets, secrets, plans, affinities for certain clothing or for certain female physical prototype and so on.

Like some real female “conquerors”, in their enthusiasm (and curiosity), the intruders look for a way to connect emotionally, but not in a normal and natural way as would be appropriate, but in a totally inadequate one (particularly) to the given situation. Without worrying about the fact that they are invading someone's personal space, violating their right to privacy. And not realizing that they fall into the category: “Not like this! Never! Under no circumstances!”

5.-Dependence. The dependence on a person who shares paid love translates into extreme behaviors and declarations such as: “If we don’t meet tomorrow, I’ll go crazy. I will get upset on you and lose my balance”. The desire to be regularly together, the persistent requests to adjust the schedule according to the own needs, and other signs of almost unhealthy weaknesses, are totally inappropriate for situations of this kind.

Women suffering from this syndrome have the gift of irritating and annoying by their lamentations, perseverance, no respect for boundaries (inherent to any human being) and suffocation, and they must be totally avoided. Sometimes they even need specialized help, but that's a whole new story.

Like most healthy-minded beings of the Universe, escorts love their freedom. Both personal and professional. This is a warning for women prone to clinging, more than it is appropriate, to the existence of ephemeral illusions.

* * *

Commercial sex should be practiced in a transparent, flexible and relaxed context, without being confused with the chaos or a mentality like “the client can do whatever she wants because she is paying and, if she wants to, she can play with the nerves of the escorts”. No one has to endure treatments inappropriate for their own principles or affinities. The task of the protagonists in the field of Eros is limited to sex and, possibly, to... conversations (more or less sophisticated) on common topics. That and nothing more!