There is life after breakup

There is life after breakup

There is life after breakup

Whether it comes after a long and agonizing dysfunctional relationship, needlessly prolonged, whether it naturally crowns the female partner's affair with the dentist (or who knows which other man), the breakup is an unpleasant and difficult to manage job.

As the motivational quotes appealing to housewives, emotional sufferers and unemployed inform us, any ending means a new beginning. Although forcefully optimistic, the logic of popular wisdom is to some extent right. Closing a life chapter brings the opening of another one. It's not empty words, but the reality proven by so many others. The important thing is to not remain stuck between pages, regrets, lamentations or attitudes like: “I am the saddest man on the face of the earth”.

With such an impetus, you will not get very far (maybe just to your neighborhood bar, where you will waste the salary on drinks and the time on dull philosophies).

No one says that once being single, you have to throw a mega party with the theme “Finally, free!” noisily marking the resumption of a life of celibacy reconciled with the Universe. You need a period of “mourning”, necessary to reevaluate priorities and to gradually detach yourself from the past event.

Following this, melancholy and self-pity can no longer be an option. The main domains to fortify for an exciting post-breakup existence are:


1.-Sex. Many guys newly separated from their girlfriend, use sex as a weapon against being off the beam, trying to reconfirm their masculinity in their own eyes.

Besides the minutes of ecstasy spent next to someone new, those people also hope to gain a different view of tomorrow. Unfortunately, most of the times, this does not happen, because despite sex having a number of remarkable qualities, resetting the whole existential perspective exceeds it.

However, what could do a single man who just escaped from a relationship where even noticing cleavages on the street was reproached for hours in a row? Precisely what a smoker would do, edified that abstinence does not protect him from lung cancer or a hardened carnivore, after completing the vegan regimen prescribed by the specialist.

Obviously, sex (cigarettes and steaks in the case of the other two).

The optimal choice in intimacy restricts the searches to an escort (or even two, three). Why? With the bitter taste and vibration of the word “Adieu!” still on their lips, some males are not ready to go back to “hunting”. And they do not have to venture to something more serious, especially when they can find comfort for a price.

Just think for a moment about it! The “love for money” alternative relieves you of the effort to retrieve from memory old texts for hooking up, to carry insipid conversations prior to an uncertain debauchery and, above all, to avoid the disappointment of potential rejections (desperation repels women) or unexpected sexual disappointments.

So, find someone trained to give you exactly what you want, but do not make the mistake of considering the professional chosen a panacea, starting to weep on her shoulder while she, naturally, is expecting something else...

A night in the company of a sensual “courtesan”, used to offer “consolation” services, will not fill your inner void, but it will make your life a tad more beautiful. It will not remove from your “system” the longing for your ex, but it will help you to distance yourself from the problem. And, of course, slowly, slowly, it will help you to fully appreciate the status of bachelor who can afford anytime... anything.


2.-Friends. A good remedy for adapting to the new status is spending your free time with your friends. Isolation, neglecting your own appearance (under the motto “what's the point of so many showers and morning shaving rituals?”), immersion in porn movies or boxing matches, are not good at all.

For reasons specific to female logic (futile to explain, therefore), the time reserved for going out with the boys was disadvantaged at the expense of couple activities. When you were “together”, your partner was dragging you to shopping, love movies and family meetings, instead of letting you (at least from time to time) to a beer with your buddies. As for striptease, noisy carousals or missing from home without serious reasons (mandatory of professional nature), it was out of the question.

Now, limits and restrictions have no power over you. Freedom is your middle name, because the times of having to give explanations are gone. In this context, merging with the couch and remote control, constantly self-pitting, while friends have fun outdoors, does not seem like an inspired idea, right?


3.-Passions. One of the advantages of being on your own is represented by the amount of free time available to someone and, consequently, by the possibility of being preoccupied by himself or by passions close to his heart, like: fishing, collecting spicy magazines, lifting weights, watching sports matches...

Certainly, under the ruling of an official relationship, you have often been forced to give up personal pleasures on behalf of the idea of ??“common good”.

More recently, the impediments of doing what and how you like are suspended (at least temporarily), so nothing can obstruct your supreme happiness, translated into practices of all kinds. From the “domestic” ones such as engaging in video games or masturbation, to the “outdoor” ones like encounters with female strangers or gambling games (the last two options having quite a few elements in common).

In the absence of previous hobbies, good to reanimate the atmosphere, you can anytime direct your attention to some new, still not experienced ones. The options are countless, each of them surpassing apathy, contemplating your ceiling or seeing photos from the time when...


4.-Places. Changing the sentimental status also involves changing the landscape.

Despite the previously created habits, celibacy has to be celebrated by invading new territories. Attending the same restricted circle of “landmarks” (restaurants, bars, teahouses, etc.) keeps alive the mark of the past and prevents the progress to the next level.

The “market” abounds in interesting offers, with the flavor of a new beginning. Do not be afraid to explore foreign places, populated by strange faces, tempting opportunities and a drop of mystery or adrenaline. Propitious places to relaunch your social life, where you will turn from “the poor guy with the failed relationship” into “the cute guy well dressed” (this, of course, if you will bother to look at least “adequate” during such a periplus), where there is a certain probability, or even a chance, to start all over again.

* * *

Do you remember the claustrophobic feeling of captivity in the leash? Your dream of spending an entire weekend away from the amalgam of contradictory moods, from her abusive requirements? The tantrums thrown because you supposedly undressed with your eyes the female cashier at the store? The failure of negotiations to organize a threesome?

Well, those times are gone. The future belongs to you.

PS: You can keep the leash if you have an explicit fetish in this regard.