The positive effects of one-night stands (on your “official” relationship)

The positive effects of one-night stands (on your “official” relationship)

The positive effects of one-night stands (on your “official” relationship)

Springing up like mushrooms after rain, one-night stands continue to be blamed as some things that destroy lives, marriages or ideals.

In a world where fidelity has virtue status, although it does not represent anything else but a cultural product that defies our natural tendencies (those of jumping from bed to bed with hot thoughts in their mind), many refuses to “take a wrong step”. Or they do it, but they do not admit it. Only naive people could believe that, apart from those self-proclaimed as polygamous, no one deviates from the righteous path of mating with only one person.

The breaks from official engagements have a bad connotation in the eyes of the majority (at least at declarative level), since almost all lovers give the impression that they live only for their “soul mate”, that the others become some kind of non-sexual beings who do not arouse in them any crazy desire.

Beyond appearances, there are truths hard to digest. People have cheated on, cheat on and will keep cheating on others, no matter how vehement the social norms claim to be against infidelity, imputing on the latter bitter dramas, identity crises, traumatic breakups and even spectacular suicides. The negative consequences of love by stealth are intensely discussed and spattered with criticism. It has already been agreed that an affair falls into the category of evil things and it will probably remain this way for a long time from now on.

There is very little talk about the positive effects of ephemeral sex acts. Perhaps this is also because experienced people prefer to keep their secrets. However, it is a shame to commit such an injustice, while the benefits of a round of paid sex (for example) are swept under the rug. Or, worse, denigrated with hypocrisy.

Let justice be done, though!

1.-A big plus of taking a break from your (full-time) job of hormonal austerity refers to eliminating frustrations. You know them for sure. They are those mill stones forming in your stomach, when the eyes spot a magnificent male specimen, while the brain recommends you to ignore him, because it does not seem appropriate for a “serious” woman to drool in the street. This is a frequently encountered situation, if not daily (not, you do not have to worry about it, everybody goes through this).

How could it happen otherwise, since the human heart loves diversity? Your boyfriend at home may have his bratty smile, great endowment and a special humor, but he is... always the same. Meanwhile, you want to vary, to hide under your own sheets other bodies ready to be exploited. For a fee or for free.

The boldness of fulfilling your dream (with or without your man knowing about it) will help you look at your relationship differently, as an entity capable of functioning also in the absence of some morbid restrictions.

2.-The exits from the “regulated” zone have, among others, the merit of giving ideas. Despite the traditional accusations that it destroys trust and attachment, the habit of experiencing orgasms (also) with other people may refresh your basic bond (the paradox resulting from here is a superficial one).

The exposure to the same kind of erotic behavior favors routine: only one penis + two, three banal positions + a few moans = an intimate life lacking challenge.

At the opposite end, exercising pleasure with various playmates intensifies the atmosphere and widens your horizon. Sometimes, “extra” idylls have the possibility to save, from failure, the passion in the couple.

How do they do it? By completing the stable relationship with what it lacks from “nature”: freedom, unusual approaches, new practices.

3.-In some situations, affairs lend a helping hand to the bond between two lovers by taking it off the pedestal. That is, the bond. Not that there is anything wrong with positioning it at a height. On the contrary. But not all romances must be pushed to the top, as if, until them, people lived in a sentimental void, casting a shadow on the Earth for nothing.

Escapades therefore act against the early, illegitimate and absolute idolatry of an overestimated state (and implicitly of a deified partner).

That is, it prevents you from turning X (your lover) into an emblematic figure of your existence simply by having access to comparisons with other characters in real time. Characters that help you understand that not only X performs dangerous maneuvers in the bedroom and resists for 20 minutes in a row without “exploding”. Others too achieve this performance.

4.-The experience of infidelity (or of a parallel erotic episode, lived with the consort's consent) clears your mind and heart, similarly to psychotherapy sessions or a huge box of homemade ice cream. People often indulge themselves in unfavorable situations because they do not know how or do not have the power to leave. Women stay, out of habit, with the guy having the behavior of an African cercopithecoid, while men are complacent in the company of a rigid dictatress.

In such cases, choosing to oxygenate their brain in some stranger’s bed represents a step forward, took in the sense of renouncing to their “torment”.

Breaking up, even for one night, with the lover that totally disappoints you, has the potential to open your eyes, helping you to understand that no male is so precious that he deserves your nerves and goodwill. So, go to escorts, taking with you, besides the strong penetrations, also the confidence needed for a new beginning.

Nothing is impossible. If, for the benefit of some, male and female escorts have resuscitated the feelings for their partner, in the case of others, they have permanently inhibited them, acting like a cold shower. Like a mean of teleportation to reality. That reality incompatible with maintaining their frail love.

Moral? People who function well together do not fret about the possibility of a short “wandering” that might break down their common universe. Furthermore, they understand the value of sex without obligations when it comes to their development as a whole. They hate interdictions and live independently of ideas of possessiveness, jealousy and control.

In their view, freedom as a lifestyle corresponds to an ideal. In the view of conformists, lack of exclusivity represents a major danger.

What do you think?