The non-verbal language (and the escorts)

The non-verbal language (and the escorts)

The non-verbal language (and the escorts)

Between the thoughts and statements of a man, there is not always an accordance, the more the ”the man” in question is... a woman. 

On the basis of decoding the feminine spirit by the tough sex and not at all complicated, there are made many jokes, all suggesting in unison, that the two categories have distinct notions about the mechanism of communication and its role. 

For them things are clear, simple and straight, while for them, everything works only in combination with the double meanings, ambiguity or claims like “understand me, although I keep quite”.

Things are relatively different concerning escorts, whereas their whole performance represents a role, an interpretation subjected to a clear script pre-established, although sometimes and in their case, the non-verbal language betrays a message opposite to the one involved by the mission assumed.

With a range of elementary explanations provided by the saviour psychology of gestures, the challenge of those who want to discover the world beyond words or gestures of “pleasure salesgirls”, becomes something more affordable, easy to handle and extremely useful, in particular in the case of new faces, whose “tricks” are still unknown.

Rules shall not apply invariably to any possible situation. They reflect, however, a few trends with high chances of correspondence in real plan, being useful to undecided ones who don't know how to interpret observed reactions or how to handle this information in their own benefit. 

To the relief of their task, their movements expose more than some people would like to do, revealing conclusive sides about their real inner status.

The smile. As a general rule, the interlcutour who formally laughs, “drawn” either by complaisance (from her nose down), seeming with a news presenter, totally immune to situations he quotes (his attention beeing directed only to his own performance in front of the tv cameras), bluffing and not considering amusing or interesting the conversation with you, not to mention the assumption that nor even this might accept to you.

In the case of the meeting with a paid expert, the authenticity of the smile is less important (is an already established thing for the interaction itself to reflect a simple implementation in the scene, directed and agreed by both parties to be so). 

If, however, you want to “measure” honesty with a smile, watch both the movements of the lips, and the eyes, being known already that a fake smile, solicits to the protagonist only the muscles around the mouth, and not those in the area of eyes that remain (in this case, of the “falseness”) totally impassive.

The blinking. Clipitul is an “activity” influenced by age, sex, level of concentration, mood or context. And, obviously, by the species (almost all living creatures blink). 

In precipitated form, the continuous movement of eaves denotes nervousness, anxiety, turmoil, being easy to notice and link to this palette of negative feelings. In the event that the temporary partner of “play” blinks often, as though she had just entered a foreign body in her eye, the valid explanations are two: either she is experiencing major discomfort in your company (despite the giggles that color her behavior), or she gets contraceptives (the use of hormonal contraceptive methods determine ladies to blink up to 32% more as compared with the other ones).

You can put a correct “diagnose” only after a careful analysis including of other (visible) signs of nervousness, as well as: biting the lips, hands clasped together in the back (associated, at the same time, with aggressiveness, frustration , the lie) or leaving eyes down (an indication of the need for safety). 

Touching the nose. Devious routes are the paths of human subconscious and revealing are the conclusions scholars in the domain of of mimico-gestual “vocabulary”. One of their findings relate to the close connection between nose and lie, a link existing not under the causal relation imagined by the Italian author of The Adventures of Pinocchio (Carlo Collodi), but in a manner relatively subtle (but not so discreet, as to be ignored).

The theory says that the person who imagines nicely envelopped fictions, tilts toward touching the nose when launching the “skittles”. Of course, it is very likely for him, as a matter of fact, to confess the accurate truth, and the gesture to be determined only by a banal itching sensation of the olfactory organ . An additional evidence in order to clarify the doubt, consists in the eye contact. Its absence or on the contrary, its unjustified extension (that kind of fixed look, uncomfortable by its persistence, willing to show confidence and to compensate for falsehood), strengthens the incriminatory hypothesis.

Be careful, therefore, at the full range of symptoms.

The hair, chin, posture. For women , an powerful indication of positive feelings, is the preference to play all the time with the hair, as when the rite would spontaneously triple their charm, transforming them into “vamps” impossible to be refused (the habit is encountered also in the row of professionals what mime seduction).

Touching the chin has also the equivalent in the atitudinal plan, proving indecision (or, in this case, various contextual oscillations, such as: “classic or fruit flavored condom?”).

In certain circumstances, the gesture also shows, assuming the role of sophisticated thinking, pointed over superior concerns and not of the kind of simple spacious bags or news concerning clothing stores implemented in the profile shops (a “trick” encountered in particular at the moment of approaching any “deep” discussions, after or before the love session).

Opened palms depicts a flexible personality, in contrast with the closed ones, tensed, tight in their fists (sign of rigidity, tension, self-sufficiency or weak capacity of empathy, in relation to the customer’s requests).

Last but not least (to take into consideration), arms crossed determine a defensive or reluctant attitude, but in tandem with legs crossed, betray a total lack of mood or “appetite” as far as you are concerned. 

At the opposite pole, standas leaning the body to the place where you are located, together with the positioning of the whole body in the same direction. The positions are part of a positive cycle of symbol gesture, showing their interest and desire to give you an unforgettable experience. 

* * *

The main benefit brought to the adequate understanding of emotions in the “backstage” of the mind, is reflected at the level of the decision to complete or not a possible “cooperation” with the person in question.

On the other hand, some “purchasers of pleasure” yearn for a “relationship” able to maintain alive the illusion of truthfulness, and the benefit that they can decode the real significance of gestures seised, somewhat erases part of their imagination and involvement. 

So, you can only choose... either you want to find out exactly what an escort located in front of you thinks or feels, or you can resume yourself to feeling good, imagining in a detached way, scenarios to feed your pride, and of course, your potency .

The decision is yours!