The benefits of having sex with an older gigolo

The benefits of having sex with an older gigolo

The benefits of having sex with an older gigolo

Age is not defining in regard to a man's skills in the bedroom. Young, beautiful, muscular male escorts are usually chased by the majority of female buyers; but also the less young ones, equally beautiful and muscular, do an excellent job.

Despite the ladies’ fears that the appearance of those over a certain age leaves to be desired, they have a neat look (the profession itself forces them to be presentable and take into account the doctor's advices), which is why you should not let yourself be misled by the possible (but not mandatory) absence of biceps and abs packs if you are vulnerable to such “stimuli”.

Chevaliers with a long experience in the workforce also excel in the “behavior” aspect, being familiar with all the good manners in the world (that is, you could also take him to the office party as your future husband, because he will not make you to be ashamed).

Practice represents their number one trump card. The advantage of having gone through many “professional” situations translates into their great knowledge to approach individually the circumstances in which they find themselves at a certain point. Which means increased comfort for the female client.

Regarding sex, you have no reason to develop gloomy prejudices, engaging in clichés attributable to their advanced age. Sex is great.

It is said that things repeated infinitely, become routine, boredom, lack of innovation. On the other hand, repetition has a positive effect: improving skills and identifying interesting possibilities to deal with the same problem.

Did you think that you hold the absolute truth when it comes to physical pleasure? That you have nothing new to learn? Well, an experienced lover can “teach” you, among other things, unusual variations of classical positions and sex “games”.

The only “disadvantage” of the aforementioned is related to their accessibility (contrary to the false belief that they have few female admirers), mature specialists cannot be found everywhere, waiting disappointed and unemployed at the corner of the street. They are just as sought after as their younger counterparts. Therefore, you need to book timely a “mature” piece of pleasure.

Other benefits of a paid adventure lived with a “grizzled” guy:

Adaptability to the woman's rhythm. Male escorts know how to respond to any need felt by the female client. However, those with a rich history in the sphere of paid love have a special naturalness when they satisfy the princesses’ demands: a prelude having the length of a tennis match, intensity increased step-by-step, a honeymoon atmosphere.

Not that pretty men of a tender age are declared hyperactive, inattentive to details, but the top category (in terms of number of “springs”) possess a phenomenal patience, thanks to which even the most difficult woman is treated with the due “sweetness”. With their magical hand, they disarm any “precious” presence as if they were defusing a bomb, only to make it explode loud after.

Well... the experience, ladies!

Experience. Speaking of experience, this brings with it a great plus, thanks to the numerous sex acts under their belt. And not only.

It is impossible for someone to spend valuable time in the company of “females” and not become “aware” of some things. Important ones.

Having come into contact with various female typologies, with caprices, fetishes, restraints, frustrations and extremely diverse pleasures, makes the men gone through life to develop an extraordinary intuition. And the continuous and, of course, “intense” interaction with the multitude of fair sex representatives, turns them into connoisseurs of their psychology.

In the presence of such a gentleman, you will have the feeling that everything comes naturally and you do not have to give too many explanations about your own intimate desires. It may even be that the “master” “guesses” your thoughts or “reads” in your eyes the desire to be dominated, put in handcuffs and to be sublimely devoured.

Yes, they are able to reach that level.

Discovering new things. The next advantage on the list possibly called “why seniors are goodies too” refers to the unusual things that you can discover alongside such charismatic characters.

Experts who have long been active in the field have superior wisdom, being ready to transmit it to their female beneficiaries, through words and orgasms.

Limitation inhibits creativity, escaping from limitation awakens it. How could have the older ones in the industry resisted without a severe “sharpening” of all their senses?

So make your move confidently. From such an encounter, you will leave with at least a sensual revelation and the radical reinterpretation of the phrase: “old fashioned”.

The feeling of safety. The feeling of balance characterizes the dynamics between the female client and the versed stallion (another pro argument in favor of matures).

Of course, women are not looking for protection and shelter when they go to be loved for money, but to be wildly “dishonored” by the one who knows what he is doing, who is not making a face when seeing the extra 2 kilos fixed on their thighs or stubbornly insisting that he wants to go to a beer with his buddies.

But the fact that they are at the disposal of an experienced guy, gives women the courage to try original sex positions and to explore their deepest sexual fantasies.

The idea of ​​“unknown” seems different next to a self-controlled person, who emanates confidence through every pore of his body.

Why is this happening? Because age is involuntarily associated with the ability to properly manage some situations, be it financial crises, fire outbreaks or... commercial affairs.

The specification in question particularly favors timorous beginners, to whom a “parental” presence, ready to take them by the hand and guide them gently to ecstasy, is extremely beneficial.

* * *

If the above mini-pleading did not convince you of the advantages of a sexual encounter with an agent of pleasure who officially passed his first youth, all you have left is to check out by yourself. Be careful though! Prepare yourself properly (physically and soulfully) as the surprises will come one after another. And you will want more...