The benefits of having sex with a younger gigolo

The benefits of having sex with a younger gigolo

The benefits of having sex with a younger gigolo

It is said that experience matters enormously and that men who “gone through life” have much more to offer than the fresh ones who are at the beginning of their journey. Not surprisingly, under the often circumspect eyes of those around, the 20 year old exuberant girls parade at the arm of some individuals who can be easily mistaken for their own father.

At the same time, some vocal opinions claim that young men, with their intact and natural vigor, represent the future of the planet and the ideal choice for the bedroom. Why would ladies with high erotic requirements head to this sexually promising category?

Both relationships with mature males as well as affairs with juveniles available on the “market” have their advantages and disadvantages. Keeping the proportions of rigor, they are also transferred to the idyll with a male escort, whose choice is also influenced by the variable called “age”, not just by his impressive muscles, endearing eyes and the vicious model smile.

Women who still postpone the possibility of spending a night of debauchery with a “newbie” gigolo (newbie due to the date of birth, not the professional reorientation occurred in the middle of his life because of an existential crisis or bills not paid on time), fearing that the situation could turn them into unprecedented quasi-pedophiles, must take into account the various benefits of such an adventure with a fresh and energetic guy.

Young partners are characterized, above all, by an obvious appetite for new, revolutionary and unconventional things. This does not mean that experienced paid service providers refuse to adapt their repertoire to the various trends and needs of the market (their own status excludes shame, traditionalism, temperance), but in the case of the latter the risk of limitation and of certain patterns deeply rooted in their erotic behavior is most significant.

Routine puts its mark in all areas of work, including the one in question, so a male playmate with remarkable experience may surprise in a negative way, with inflexible attitudes or apathy between the sheets. Which is not hard to understand. The man has seen, heard and tried everything, no one should criticize him for having lost the enthusiasm he had 10-20 years ago.

In total contrast, a vigorous low-age stallion behaves in a nonconformist and bold manner by definition. Being young, he is in that thriving stage of his “career”, when he wakes up with a smile on his face and goes to work with pleasure. He is living like a real lucky person - time has not damaged his hinges badly and repetitions have not yet standardized their performance.

He easily accepts any crazy proposal and even contributes with original suggestions in order to delight his female clients and their vagina.

He has an incomparable enthusiasm, which is an extremely important quality in an intimate act.

But beyond enthusiasm, we should not forget about his energy. A huge one (identical to the “armament” in his possession), natural and contagious, packed with enviable stamina, materialized “practically” in a generous interval of performance. Sounds good, right?

How many women do not complain about the difficulty of reaching orgasm, a dramatic situation to which nonchalantly contribute the husband, the neighbor, the concubine, the lover, the workmate and sometimes the well-paid man?

Youth is not an automatic guarantee of the ability to carry out a true sexual marathon. But it usually gives serious clues in this aspect.
One more point, therefore, in favor of those fresh as spring.

Another major difference between the individuals born long ago and the others who came to the world more recently is the time needed to reactivate themselves. If the first ones need to take some time to get ready for a new number, while the lady can quietly take a nap, watch a soap opera or read, without any problems, half a long novel, the young ones ask: “are you ready?” when their female partner did not even fully recover from the previous “shock”.

Male escorts have certain secrets useful to get back on track, not restricting their options for autosuggestion, verbally encouraging the little friend in their pants or the ideal alignment of the planets. In other words, they know how to deal optimally with the problems related to the ability to satisfy, with stoicism, the insatiable female.

However, youngsters do not need the many subtle tricks, secrets or subtleties, since nature is on their side. And it is extremely generous in this regard.

They may also surprise by their availability to start the show next moment a client, who is completely uninterested in boring and endlessly long preludes, enters the door. Any male escort, regardless of age, should be prepared to act spontaneously, according to the buyer's wishes and rhythm.

In most cases, professionals are able to adapt perfectly to the circumstances.

Nevertheless, the easiness specific to “freshmen” is noticeable from a distance, it is extremely natural and, more importantly, it is felt on one's own skin, in a way that justifies all the money in the Universe plus the self-blame of committing “shameful” things with a man that has just reached maturity.

Another important advantage of the relationship with an “unripe” knight comes to the help of ladies eager to have control, an easy task to achieve when the one who has to be “dominated” does not appear to have been born before the phone was invented. Interaction with a man equal or superior in terms of age, sometimes inhibits the female individuals who are tempted to assume the role of a cruel, heartless dominant woman. Next to a younger guy, the ease of showing the “dictatorial” side happens by itself, being directly supported by the age difference and some classical fantasies such as “teacher and student”, “boss and subordinate” etc.

* * *

Whether out of pure curiosity, passion, necessity, a bet lost in front of female friends, student nostalgia or just the desire to experience something new, both the regular female clients and the recently initiated ones in the mystery of paid love, should try, at least once, the charm of love with a young representative of the guild.