Small tricks necessary to those turning to escorts

Small tricks necessary to those turning to escorts

Small tricks necessary to those turning to escorts

Without any direct connection with the classic idea of ​​love, friendship and spiritual affinity of any kind, the relationship with an escort is a simple business, whose result is that each one of those involved obtains an immediate benefit, measured either (on one side) in pleasure, or (on the other side) in money. And even if it does not flatter the illusion of (absolute) morality, to which many adhere formally (just a few out of conviction), this is the plain truth that not even honey can “sweeten”.

For those found in the position of clients, the initiation of such an approach should take into account some important issues that can save them from certain problematic situations, dissatisfactions or downright embarrassing moments often slipped into the list of enthusiasts unfamiliar with the “procedures” of paid sex.

When intuition, the “mercantile” spirit, but also the observance of some minimum rules based on the wisdom of the experienced “predecessors”, are left to say their word, there is a real chance that things will work normally, in favor of both parties.

Choosing an escort. The websites featuring tempting pleasures for a fee, abound as high season special offers. But, because not everything that shines is gold, when browsing this type of advertising where you are promised the trip to the ninth heaven (round trip... if you are willing to pay enough), do not stop to the first temptation that lures your senses. Show calmness, balance and attention. Because things are not always as they are presented or as they seem to be “at first sight”.

One of the most effective ways to keep yourself away from scammers, individuals with dubious intentions or escorts not enough “qualified” for the sexual marathon that you desire, is the circumspect reserve manifested in front of the posts with obscure, obscure photos, suspiciously mysterious concerning the facial features of the “model”, but also his/her general appearance.

The idea of relying on trust or pleasant surprises (when you get there), having the conviction that despite the photographic mystery, you will spend time in the company of a fairy or a flawless prince (which certainly will not happen), it is just an imprudence that will cost you money, time, and useless nerves.

Another criterion easily applicable to the “recruitment” of those with whom you want to spend some “hot” moments is to give great importance mainly to the pictures that have received the “approval” of the website’s administrators (specialized in promoting such services, of course). Usually, before approving the exposure to the public, they verify the concordance of the images with the reality (via webcam), displaying, if the test was successful, marks such as: “100% Real”, “Verified Photos” or “Profile Validated”. The “official” approval proven by such mentions (or by icons) can sometimes make the dramatic difference between ecstasy and disappointment. Of course, the measure in question does not totally eliminate the possibility that the “offering” character is far from the way he/she is presented graphically, in the often misleading light of the screen.

It should be understood that the “certifications” in question, although significantly reducing the risk of meeting someone less attractive than the virtual suggests, are not a guarantee, given the fact that the intensely used Photoshop or its equally subtle (and efficient) “peers” can quickly put their talent to work, to compensate and correct where nature, excessive consumption of fries, stress or simply indolence, never fail.

Still as an essential rule of procedure code addressed to the beginners in dealing with escorts, is the “search procedure”. So, before calling a phone number (found in the content of an escort profile), it should be checked with the help of search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.) if it does not appear in various other announcements, having the same “target”. Once you've identified it also in other active ads, congratulate yourself and proceed to compare the types of published content.

If the content completely matches, then you are lucky and you can contact, with minor reserve, the person whose collaboration is extremely tempting to you.

However, when the information and photographs associated with the same phone number differ flagrantly, it's a bad sign, because most likely you are facing some tricks meant to attract “clients” by dubious and dishonest ways. Besides the fact that the pictures are usually fake (not really belonging to the escort who trades his/her services), there is also the possibility that the listed facilities do not have much to do with reality or that behind the advertisement itself there is something completely different, unrelated to paid sex.

It is often an insidious but effective strategy: presenting various attractive “beauties” (but of course belonging to other characters who would really deserve all the attention), it is tried to cover a wide range of possible tastes, pleasures and preferences. Those behind the mendacious action with such a “general addressability”, are betting everything on a significant “volume” of interested clients and the probability that these, once “faced with a fait accompli”, to continue the adventure with whoever will generously make themselves available (driven by need, curiosity, lack of alternatives or time, embarrassment or convenience). Even if some refuse, they do not represent a significant loss compared to the abundance of the “cheated” ones, forced (by need or situation) to slip (deeply) the hand into their pocket.

Last but not least, the positive complicity of the search engines also occurs when you want to know the opinion of other people who are already familiar with the charms of the escort who has suddenly become the object of your admiration.

Using the same phone number, you can find more information, being directed to various forums or platforms specialized in online discussions, which form a rich information space, within whose contents both satisfied or less satisfied customers share virtually their experiences, to pay homage and recommend with friendship the activity of professionals in the field or, on the contrary, to draw attention to some issues to be avoided.

Experienced “consumers” can help you get out of the dizzying clouds of your own illusions and land your feet on the ground when the formidable opinion you have in advance about a particular escort is unmatched by reality. At the same time, if things are okay also from others’ point of view... you will get rid of any doubt regarding the choice that incited your hormones, encouraging you not to prematurely leave the race to the “finish line”. Rely therefore on the recommendations of the “experienced ones” and focus on those escorts who have been positively rated with a reasonable number of references.

Taking into account the usefulness of these comments and the precious guidance offered to beginners lost in this online “mist”, it is recommended that in your turn (if you get the chance) to provide post factum, details about any of your eventual adventures lived in the realm of “guilty” pleasures. Certainly, many others will appreciate your gesture, being undoubtedly useful to them.

A perimeter that you should avoid when looking for pleasure or fun is that of the print media. Typically, the ads found in newspapers, magazines, or flyers (printed) belong to a category of escorts that can hold countless surprises, and not of the excessively pleasant ones to remember in the future or to tell your friends (unless you want to be the subject of jokes, ironies or laughter).

The absence of photographs or the existence of ones that are too small and blurry (an aspect that is generally intentional) creates the premises for “blind” meetings with beings that turn out to be far below the standards of physical attractiveness or personal care you desire. And this happens in happy cases, as there may be even worse situations where the invitation to pleasure for money does not represent anything else but a scam beautifully “packaged” to cheat you simply, efficiently and without too many pricks of conscience.

Choosing the right “pair” and contacting him/her should not be influenced by your own self-image. If you have complexes related to age, appearance, or “physical” abilities, that in general you evaluate excessively critical, it is not the case to direct your attention to someone considered “appropriate”, thinking that only by “equivalence” you will be able to feel good. The visit to escorts does not need to be a fair deal in this regard, nor a contest. But only a gift that you offer yourself (and still with your own money).

The uncertainty feeding you fears and inhibitions is totally unjustified in such a well-defined context, where the personal charisma is not the decisive factor, but the number of banknotes. Abandon, therefore, any form of exaggerated “modesty”, because the purpose is not to pass a test, but to enjoy the pampering. In addition, the advantage of escorts is that they do not get “scared” very easily by the real or imaginary “flaws” of their clients, having terms of comparison much more flexible than you can imagine. What they care mostly is not the physical splendor of their occasional partners, but their hygiene, courtesy and, of course, generosity.

Contacting an escort. Once you have decided to take the big step, then you also have chosen with whom (in a documented way, not in terms of conjuncture), what follows is the phone call. Since usually those who "work" in this “field” do not use to answer withheld numbers, it is advisable to give up the “undercover” tactics.

If the first attempt is not successful, not receiving an answer as you would probably ardently expect, do not insist on calling obsessively. Wait for a reasonable time, more precisely... the time that could spend in an average meeting (about one hour), because in most cases this is why he/she cannot take the call. Or, if you still do not have patience, confidently move to plan B: the text message. Write a short and concise text, without artifice and emphasis, to express your interest, and also the day, place and time when you want to schedule the appointment. Last but not least, specify the time limit until he/she can contact you.

So the most important thing at this stage is not to insist! Give proof of understanding and avoid the annoying or impertinent attitudes that can shape you an ungrateful portrait from the beginning, otherwise you may remain only with the portrait, not with the escort too.

When you enter into dialog (by phone), do not be afraid or ashamed to naturally address all the questions regarding what he/she can offer and what not (in terms of intimate practices). These issues should be discussed clearly, in advance, even if your preferences are limited to a simple and traditional menu, devoid of exoticism... or, on the contrary, your wishes are atypical, specific to bizarre scenarios, hard or having nothing to do with the “normal”.

Not all escorts are willing to fulfill any sexual desire that you dream of putting into practice since you were a teenager. It is therefore possible that the interaction not to match to the imagined pattern, and your plans to be gracefully destroyed by a late and miserably failed negotiation (“at the bedroom door”). Therefore, it would be better that the time spent with an escort to be dedicated to the action itself and not to boring talks about positions, limits or curiosities. Complicating the conversation with “issues” like these, make you lose precious moments and hinders the natural unfolding of things, which can become embarrassing or even penible.

Therefore, a telephone conversation on this topic is an important necessity for a perfect understanding of the receptivity, accessibility and professionalism of the chosen partner, thus avoiding strategically any inaccuracy in the common terms and conditions of the “business” plan.

An attitude marked by reserve, hesitation or incomplete answers, may suggest that the only thing that interests the escort is your money and not the fulfillment of your most precious fantasies (which, if not taken seriously before receiving the money, even less it will be later...).

One of the measures considered taboo in relation to an escort, does not refer to the fulfillment of some scandalous sexual perversions (in this respect, anything is allowed as long as there is mutual agreement), but to the... negotiation of the price.

The “specialized” articles equal the approach of this (highly sensitive) subject, with the reckless gesture of opening Pandora's Box whose fateful effects are reflected, in this case, on the client.

Many believe that the client and only the client would be the one to suffer in case he has the courage of showing his negotiating skills, because his effort to get a lower rate than the one requested (by an uninspired “bargaining”) will be rewarded as such: either by the final loss of the “opportunity” to be happy (for a short period of time), or by the qualitative reduction of benefits received (escorts know exactly how to dose their performance according to the generosity of the payers).

Countless experiences seem to show that there is more than a grain of truth in all these “guiding” contraindications, aimed to widen the eyes and the pockets of those who want special treatments.

Even so, the fear of remaining without the “rented” pair or contenting yourself with a boring and sometimes disappointing “match”, should not lead you to the acceptance of any amount of money you are asked for. But neither to give up the idea.

There are several alternatives, and your buyer status (and owner of the papers having such a nice rustle...) allows you in this context (of multiple offers) the luxury of manifesting your selectivity as drastically as possible. You just have to look for the variants that suit your interests and your budget, taking into account the cost-benefit ratio, but also the fact that not always an exorbitant price guarantees the five star quality of the contracted services.

Frequently, the amounts in question reflect only a certain level of the market, determined by the best (and most beautiful) providers, taken immediately (unjustifiably, of course) by a majority, usually far below these standards. So do not be fooled by appearances and the “market price” slogan. The expression is valid for the products or services of the same kind. In no case for the so different postures in which escorts present themselves.

Meeting an escort. The long-awaited meeting will not be a romantic-sentimental one, with butterflies in the stomach and arrows stuck in the aorta, but it will serve its main purpose: to take your long awaited portion of “madness” and to do it, of course, under a contributory regime The need for profit (on one hand) and the sexual desire (on the other hand) are the only mechanisms that set in motion this entire course of events, whose satisfactory outcome has nothing to do with any kind of emotional involvement that you may think to claim or manifest from the infinite generosity of your soul.

In case you still experience certain inner “calls”, redirect these vibrations only to the physical act, without deviating from the fact that the relationship with the escort is one based on an already established exchange of interests.

The touching love stories, the idyllic atmosphere or the emotional possessive impulses are completely incompatible with this position and can only be accepted at most in a disguised form during role-playing, with an intentionally sweet air. Otherwise, not complying with the borders inherent to the situation, it could put both you and the person with whom you have fun in an embarrassing and uncomfortable situation.

So, avoid overly personal approaches, take advantage of the fact that you are in an exciting company and invest your time (measured in money) to feel good with someone who really knows how to do it! Nothing more!

When discussing about the place of the meeting, you can choose, depending on escort’s availability, your personal residence, a hotel or the place where he/she normally performs.

All these options must, however, be treated with caution. If you launch the invitation under your own roof (or in a rented room), choose for the first contact to take place somewhere near the house, not standing directly in the doorway, naked to the waist and with a red rose in your teeth, or in the case of the ladies, wearing sexy stockings and having a flavored condom between the lips.

The neutrality of the public space can be useful when the person does not match the photo, the description or the expectations, offering you the surprise of a decade more (age) or a double weight compared to the one shown in the pictures (total weight).

In a public area, you can formulate more easily a refusal, not only in the unpleasant situation of the physical mismatch between the virtual and the reality, but also when the character uses expressions or gestures that betray an inappropriate or at least dubious behavior (to the point where, sometimes, it is necessary to ask the authorities for help).

At such moments, when a diplomatic settlement of the unforeseen is necessary, the entrance hall of your home or of the hotel room may seem too “narrow”. It is, therefore, preferable to prevent the inconvenience. This field of activity sometimes forms protagonists with a special training in refusals (fully justified), or abilities in formulating endless arguments capable of transforming the moment in a difficult, embarrassing and useless negotiation (with the declared purpose of “not having come all this way for nothing”... as if the way itself had been the goal of the meeting).

Unfavorable turns of situation may occur also when a meeting is scheduled at the escort’s place. If he/she is living in an unsafe neighborhood, famous for the high crime rate, it might be best to think twice before accepting to go there.

While it is not necessary to turn every time the area of ​​residence into an essential or single criterion of selection, in some situations caution may prove to be more than inspired. And it can even save you from unwanted... “adventures” (of course, by no means amorous ones)!

Although the nymphs and the studs that provide pleasure for an attractive price are usually located around the periphery (“downtown” professionals charging directly proportional to the “area” where they operate), the spirit of saving does not always justify the incursion in all sorts of marginal, unhealthy or potentially unsafe places where you could get something extra besides the sexual services themselves... for example diseases, invitations to give up your wallet, not to mention bruises, wounds or other injuries (including mental ones), following certain demonstrations of “skills” on your physique (this time for free), more or less sporty or Olympically approved.

The rule of “priority retreat before combat” applies also when, although you are not in a neighborhood of the most notorious ones, your attention is drawn by the presence of some individuals with questionable appearance, posted at the entrance of the building, stairways or even inside the house where you have to enter. It is not a rule that these people necessarily have bad intentions, but you should consider them at least with caution. So, give priority to your self-preservation instinct and do not allow things to degenerate in a direction that is difficult to manage later.

Punctuality is also as important as the emotional detachment or caution. It may happen that something unexpected intervenes in your program, thus affecting the secret plans that you have planned and suddenly... they may have to be canceled.

Whether he/she is waiting for you in his/her own apartment, whether you play the role of the host, make proof of a civilized and honest behavior, announcing the escort about these changes. Otherwise, the absence of a phone call or at least a text message, can downgrade you on the list of his/her favorite clients, more precisely far out of it (which usually means that you should not hope for a new appointment).

The same polite notice should be initiated also when you do not plan to abandon the meeting completely, but only to postpone it (if possible) for later. It is be possible that the delay accompanied by a dead silence suggests to the escort that you no longer have the slightest intention to show your face, reason for which he/she will probably move very quickly to a legitimate plan B: reallocation of your time to certain clients left on hold or appeared at the “last minute”.

Even an announced delay may result in a postponement of your visit for another time, as the escort certainly has also another obligations that she cannot adjust according to your personal “schedule”, announced at the last moment. Respect, therefore, his/her time and honor with responsibility the part of agreement that belongs to you!

The attention to the time of the escort should be manifested also when you want to extend your love session... for reasons of intense hormonal ecstasy. Since you cannot constantly stare at the clock, in order to end the performance right when the time conveyed expires, you may have the blessing of an extra time needed for any triumphant completion. But the companion's courtesy should not be interpreted as a gift resulting from the wonderful feelings that (suddenly) he/she has for you. There is no such thing, even if your personal pride would be tempted to believe the opposite! Time is money and every indulgence granted to you, in addition to the services originally negotiated, must be rewarded with honesty. So it would be nice, right and elegant. And so should you do!

Do not bet on an unjustified gratitude, in order to get more for less money. The lack of gratitude will be later charged accordingly, running the risk to get labelled as a client: “to be avoided in the future”.

One of the “ten commandments” of sex for money, says that once the price negotiated it is no longer “questionable”. It is quite unpleasant that after you have agreed on a certain amount, to allow yourself frivolous revelations and once come at the beginning of the “action”, to try getting a super-discount (most often, just because of the pleasure to reconfirm yourself the status of “skilled person”).

If, after setting up by phone all the details of the meeting and the tariff, you reevaluate calmly your reactions and regret the easiness manifested in accepting the conditions imposed, it would be indicated to find another escort, more affordable financially, than to annoy the already chosen one with arguments and marketing techniques. Such cheap attempts are not only embarrassing, but also dangerous, especially when you decide to accompany your “strategy” also with a studied but totally unfortunate physical or verbal aggressiveness. The attempt can be easily countered and “dismantled” by one or more guys long “worked” at the gym, appeared out of the blue, with a vindictive smile on their lips and a deeply intrinsic motivation to detail you patiently (and also with possible “technical” demonstrations, painful if necessary) how “ugly” was your behavior.

In these circumstances, it is good to balance the possibility of having a black eye, the humiliation to ask for forgiveness (voluntary or forced), the possible “vocal” (and not only) manifestations of the escort, suddenly seized by irritability, along with the few mooring percentages that you wanted to gain so stupidly from all this “deal”... and to ask yourself if such an approach is of any use.

Often, people who are the first experience on the realm of paid sex, under the pressure of the moment, are tempted to give themselves a helping hand by consuming alcohol or various substances (most often prohibited) having the firm conviction that by this method they will get rid of inhibitions, clumsiness or emotions. The strategy, however, can do more harm than good, especially when it comes to excessive quantities.

Even if, on one hand, stimulants induce a great state of euphoria and eliminates the “self-censorship”, on the other hand, they cause the decrease of the control capacity and attention, the loss of the reference points, the deformation of perception over reality, consequences that will have a negative impact not only on how the episode “prohibited to minors” will be carried out, but also on their personal security, intensely vulnerable in a situation of this type, with uncontrolled dynamics.

Regardless of the angle from which your motivations would be interpreted, the choice to start your “mission” with staggering walk, confusing thoughts and many pathetic hiccups, is still called pure negligence. A negligence that can endanger both your “performance” but also the chances to leave unharmed, without having any problems.

An alternative position to better handle the unknown from the ungrateful position of the beginner is the absolutely natural method of sincerity: get rid of the embarrassment or false arrogance (the falseness is obvious), and confess to the escort, with the hand on your trembling heart like of any novice, that you live a historic premiere in your personal life. If he/she proves professionalism, he/she will certainly know how to adapt his/her behavior, adding to the list of his duties, an extra one... to initiate you (with patience and understanding).

Since the zone of good intentions specific to the person you are about to meet is relatively uncertain, be careful about the value and number of goods you have with you during the meeting. Without plunging into a free paranoid circumspection, however, choose to leave at home your watch bought with a small fortune, the two latest generation smartphones or the cash that gives a nice “aura” to your wallet.

Be careful even when the escort comes to your own home to provide you the thrilling “dose” of euphoria. To avoid any kind of spontaneous slippage (which might occur in such situations), be cautious and do not leave in sight or close “at hand” the valuables that may easily attract attention.

Of course, this does not mean that you should hide all the expensive things in the garage, to your friends or neighbors, keeping only the extensible sofa in the middle of the living room.

Another equally important aspect that contributes to the success or failure of the experience of reviving your senses, is the banal, elementary and indispensable action... of personal “refreshment”. Even if you are late, the planets are misaligned, there is no hot water, the shower gel is almost finished, or simply you do not have the mood necessary for the bathing process, you should fight against the fate and negative instincts, avoiding starting your adventure before being “closer” with water, shampoo, soap, antiperspirant, and if you are in a good mood with that special perfume that you use only for “special occasions”. A person who has offensive body odor will be sanctioned by the escort not only with a shameful note given through the authority of his/her sense of smell, but also with the lack of “appetite” to delight his/her client with some “passages” from his/her rich repertoire. The little hygienic “effort” could be surprisingly rewarded with the great prize of the complete and dreamed “symphony”.

It goes without saying that to convince an escort to share his/her body and time with you, there is no need to declare your eternal love, gratitude or personal sympathy, nor even to address him/her with kind stereotypes on health, weather conditions or international political-economic instability, but only to honor his/her pragmatic requirements related to money, place, duration or performance. Only after you get the verdict of compatibility at this level, all dreams will come true... Dreams of a sexual nature, of course.

There's no need for a romantic dinner, compliments or flowers. The action is purely “physical”, so any attempt to turn it into something “more” becomes inappropriate, uncomfortable, pathetic or even destabilizing.

Do not try to reshape the boundaries of your relationship with professionals within the sex industry, ignoring the reserve that the “protocol” requires (emotionally). Keep to yourself the curiosities about the tumultuous existence of the character to whom you pay money for an ephemeral refuge for love. Avoid personal details, value judgments, the temptation to get sensational revelations about what lies beyond the brilliant appearance of the oldest profession in the world or “spicy” stories about other clients. Every person hides a tumultuous life history and the escorts certainly hold the record in this regard, but for the need of intrigue, drama and suspense, there are books, websites, blogs, cinemas or the own friends that you can question according to the whims of your heart. But, if you remember, when you started searching the Internet, you were looking for a completely different kind of fun!

Live, therefore, the moment, respecting the traditional boundaries of this type of interaction! Because, in the end, you also would not be happy with a series of “sensitive” questions relating to topics that you do not have the will or the interest to discuss.

* * *

Regardless of the reasons one might have to choose this method of being satisfied (intimately), the relationship with an escort represents a special kind of “closeness”, where the classical notion of “love”, “romanticism” or “affection” should be completely eliminated.

The universe of paid orgasms is one of pragmatic needs (material gain or sex) and has no correspondent in the aspiration to share spontaneous emotions, spiritually remarkable experiences or melancholic stories. Learning this important lesson can save you from many unnecessary and annoying complications, which would be a real shame to favor at the expense of an incursion into the world of high-class eros.