Questions that you should never ask a male escort (for women)

Questions that you should never ask a male escort (for women)

Questions that you should never ask a male escort (for women)

Women have a reputation for being extraordinary talkative. This label hangs on to their neck with many other “qualities” truly or falsely attributed to them by the generous evaluators without a diploma: men.

Sometimes, their fame of impossible chatterboxes coincides with reality and logorrhea seems to be the defining feature of a lady by far. If, in situations such as keeping important lectures, filling blank spaces in a conversation, militating for deporting males in re-education camps, the gift of speech is fundamental, in intimacy another kind of “endowment” matter.

In the realm of mercantile eroticism (that is, of escorts), the obsession to talk a lot and on various subjects can be even prejudicial. Certain topics of discussion create discomfort for male professionals, especially when female clients treat them as some individuals who need to satisfy both their hormones and curiosity.

Anything out of the ordinary is likely to upset the gentlemen: an inconvenient question, an unnecessary observation or a inappropriate admonishment. From here, we can conclude that diplomacy saves relationships and situations. Possibly lives too. You know, diplomacy, that prudent conduct thanks to which people are not at each other's throat because of brutal sincerity.

A calculated attitude relieves you, therefore, of complaints, reclamations or figuratively swollen lips. Among the thoughts spoken (aloud, unfortunately) in the conversation with your dreamy lover, a huge potential to ruin your encounter (and the mood of the other person) have the following:

(From the category of “Questions annoying like mosquitoes in a pond”).

1.-Do you think you could fall in love with me? Here is a complex interrogation, a kneading that suggests narcissism and, at the same time, serious complexes of inferiority, arrogance, but also despair.

Beyond being asked just for the sake of it, what reason could this question disturbing for the soul have? What answer could be appropriate for such a bomb questioning?

“I could hardly wait to ask me. I already fell in love with you and I want to run with you in the world, let us start all over again alone and happily. Tell me, please... that you love me too.”

Such an enthusiastic response should raise serious concerns about the individual's psycho-emotional balance or his predisposition to make subtle ironies. Whatever the explanation, something very rotten lays in the middle. So, do not jump from the bed in an instant, hurrying to pack your clothes, condom boxes and naive hopes for a future in two. The guy is either “gone” or is joking.

2.-Do you have sex with men too? If the investigation refers to your interest in calling a second male character to a subsequent sex game, then yes, obtaining the information is warranted. Although, in this case, the guy does not necessarily have to make love to the newcomer, just to brotherly share you. It depends on the fantasies that you opt for.

If the answer has the purpose of shattering some mysteries that perturb your existence along with the meaning of life and how to stay young even at the age of 80, repress your vigilant investigator tendencies. The gender of your paid partner must concern you as much as his intestinal transit. Meaning, not at all.

3.-How did you not find a decent job, like any normal man? An approach as inconvenient as much as offering. A direct and ironic interlocutor would instantly transform the double standard, the victim of which he is, in an instrument on his side, continuing by saying: “But you, how did you not find an honorable activity in the library or in the kitchen, like any shy woman?”

For you to invoke, as a person who prefers sex for money, the lack of morality when it comes to sex for money (and to put it exclusively on behalf of the male escort) becomes a fact synonymous with hypocrisy. No offense.

4.-Do you have a stable relationship? From the “Tell me everything about you: what passions, traumas or defects do you have?” category, the curiosity related to a male gigolo's sentimental status is appropriate when you want to ask him to marry you or to get him through a job interview during which, for some reason, the wedding ring matters. In any other situation, the desire to enter his private life, measuring his stability in relation to the vaginas that he penetrates, is too obvious. And strident.

What do you hope to actually find out? If outside his work schedule he is a nice guy? If he feels fulfilled when it comes to love? If he has a wife, children and bank loans or, on the contrary, an injured soul and fear of emotional intimacy?

Surprisingly or not, this is only his problem!

5.-How much do you earn per month? In an access of sudden depersonalization, on the basis of which the mind fools you that you are actually the personal accountant of the stallion in your bed, and that the encounter is a business, not sexual, one, you could easily investigate the situation of his monthly income, bank accounts and inheritance from deceased relatives. However, the chances of this happening pale in the face of reality, and checking his financial situation falls under the incidence of intrusive gestures, bringing nothing good out of it.

Your concern should be strictly aimed towards the quality of your orgasms, not to the quality of life of their giver.

* * *

Too many restrictions and “do not” recommendations? Do not worry about the really important actions (those that you paid for), for freedom has no boundaries. Because in the case of escorts, the facts matter. And the happiness after.