Love based on money

Love based on money

Love based on money

We are used to seeing beautiful women arm in arm with men... less handsome and, usually, much older. To the same extent, even the “strong sex” (but young) sometimes chooses to consolidate their financial situation next to a rich woman somewhat more... passed through life.

Why does this happen? It's easy. For the preservation and perpetuation of the species. Since ancient times, when the man was living in a cave and admired his cave paintings (a custom continued also nowadays by affixing posters of cars, women or men on almost all the walls of the bedroom), the survival of the human species was conditioned by three essential factors: FOOD, SAFETY and SEX. Thus, the woman (“the weaker sex”) chose the most powerful man, capable of hunting and protecting the cave, while the latter chose the mate with the largest breasts and the wider hips, so that she could “sustain” the pregnancy and give birth to healthy children.

From then until now, things have not changed significantly. At most... they have evolved (in terms of justification and manifestation), somehow acquiring connotations that society, once with modernism, has felt the need to wrap them in the most sophisticated (and hypocritical) appearances, to give them valences of “morality”, legitimacy and, why not, elitism. And along with the twists and turns of this complicated “progress” has also come a new concept that is very contagious and unhealthy: the MONEY.

Women are still fervently looking for worthy men, wilderness has turned into “urban jungle”, and the power and protection have been concentrated in a single common denominator, adapted to the new conditions of life: financial potency. Even if... physical potency, intelligence or other qualities and skills (determining in a relation versified in romantic poetry) are not always involved, to ensure her own wellbeing and peace of mind, the woman is willing to ignore these... “little details”.

After all, who would want to wander the shops in the company of her lover’s credit card, without worrying about the price of some designer shoes (so appealingly displayed in the showcase), about how much it costs the handbag that matches PERFECTLY those shoes, or about the hallucinating amount of many other “little things”, for toward late afternoon, to make an absolutely necessary and relaxing visit to the beauty salon or to the chic café where “girls” usually meet (her friends, all married to important men). And to make the day truly magical, once arrived at home, after quickly having enjoyed a salad of vegetables or fruits, because she is at diet and she wants nothing more than to lie down in the relaxation room, to call “that” sexy and young guy who makes an incredibly refreshing massage. 

Paradoxically, the seemingly unusual combination like “you give me... I give you”, borrow honestly and totally functionally the character of a fair trade, especially considering the final results: the species is protected and perpetuated, and despite the fact that many do not understand how this is done, the natural selection is fulfilled by criteria known only by women.

If we are to refer to the masculine part involved in the “emotional bargain”, things have not changed much from prehistory to the present day. Their eyes continue to look for large breasts and prominent bottoms (like some real radars specialized only in locating the “prominences”), and the thought of reproduction materializes “visibly” almost all time.

However, beyond the male's specific instincts, it must be admitted that a rich man is more uninhibited, more prone to adventure and, last but not least, he can afford extravagances that a young man with a “starting” salary, still living in his parents’ house and owner of a small capacity car (graduation gift), can only dream of.

To find such “protectors”, every woman has her own plan and well-defined techniques (in advance, in the smallest details). Not infrequently, however, she must also be prepared for refusals, even if her confidence in her own presence and beauty is limitless, and the image in the mirror confirms that she is “the best deal”. The considerable amounts of money in the pockets of men, bring with them a series of demands that are somewhat more refined, more selective. Thus, if the planets are misaligned, Mars is retrograde in the house of love and Karma paints the town red, the female pretenders may encounter a businessman who carefully analyzes their “offer”, just like on Wall Street, concluding with the investor's cynicism that they do not own a stock portfolio that is viable on the sex market. But, that's not a reason to despair. An ancient wisdom says: “Never run after a bus or a man. There will always be... another one!” There are a lot of other “daddies” in the world, who are interested in relationships with innocent and “delicate” women, to whom they can offer their help and protection, just like an artist (a bit vicious) who designs and (simultaneously) admires his work.

Of course, the problem can be seen from the other side as well, as there are also wealthy women (at a respectable age) who focus on living with young men Even if their number is more limited and the cases in question are less exploited by the media, their existence cannot be denied. Sociologically, the explanation of this kind of relations has its roots in the reminiscences of the ancient matriarchy, a period during which the woman represented “the pillar of the house” and held the main family or group responsibilities.

Usually, men perceive middle-aged women as being much more tolerant and understanding, unlike the young girls obsessed with control, jealousy and their own looks for whose “maintenance” or “proofs of love”, the expenses go well beyond the limit of a common sense budget. 

Men like to be cared for and even guided (up to a certain point... very well known by mature women). They rarely find these characteristics in a girl of their age.

Experienced women, possessing (a lot of) money, have some particular wisdom, being considered direct and decisive, especially when it comes to their own desires (mainly in the bedroom). Moreover, they have accomplished long ago the classic desires imposed by the social routine: husband, house, children, so their expectations from a potential new partner (more or less “official”) will take place this time in the realm of adventure, relaxation and emotions lived to the fullest.

Conclusion: Considering that the desire for enrichment (often insatiable and foreseen through the easiest means) determines both women and men to be increasingly selfish and preoccupied strictly with their own interest, making the Platinum Card the supreme purpose of their existence, the relationship with an “interesting” person from the financial point of view seems the best and viable solution. Not for nothing, but from the disappointing experience of too many other “fallen in love”, love is sublime, but... it is completely missing.

And so, we come to the words of Machiavelli: “The ends justify the means.”