Image matters

Image matters

Image matters

If men also would spend the same time as women in front of the mirror, probably the fragile harmony of the Universe itself would suffer. But, as gentlemen's are very good at being fast, pulling a pair of trousers and “something” else, randomly chosen, no one and nothing is in danger. Except perhaps the eye health of the people who admire them. Because, sometimes, the clothing choices of the males going out “to promenade”, are quite shocking by the lack of inspiration (that's diplomatically said).

What is the relevance of these little things since you planned to pay a visit to escorts and not to parade on an international fashion catwalk? What’s the use to waste time with “textiles” when, however, the main action of the evening will be carried out completely naked?

Although it can look like an unnecessary excess of zeal, the interest for the personal appearance, (yes, even on a date held under the slogan “clothes off and money on the table”), helps from many points of view, the most important one, however, being the self-esteem.

The negligence in relation to the own person will be legitimated (with a bit of luck for the lazy individuals) once with the invention of a unique dress code (a sort of uniform imposed to all) or teleportation (from home directly to the specialist in the art of love, where you show up right in the “Adam’s costume”).

Until then, you need to pay a little bit of attention to your overall look, whether you go (without other stopovers) to the “establishment” of your dirty fantasies, or you pamper yourself before, having a good time at a bar, with a few buddies.

What does it mean to pay a little bit of attention to your overall look?

Beyond the traditional cleaning of the body, hair, teeth, ears and other orifices equally important, the effort proposed refers to a few basic principles of style, suitability and good taste.

Therefore, seeking the triumph of matter over the spirit by going out dressed in sport suits and sneakers is an unacceptable solution. The combination fits in case you want to take a few laps of the park before performing in bed. But wasting your energy on a round of running doesn't seem a very bright idea, isn't it?

On the other hand, ultra-stylish clothing, ultra-luxurious, ultra “I feel so unsure of myself that I need to compensate with some special clothes”, suggests that you have something more or less, compared to the ordinary earthlings (which isn't always a good thing).

It would be ideal, therefore, to opt for a decent, clean and comfortable outfit. An outfit saying about you that you have your head on your shoulders and your spirit anchored in reality.

On the other hand, it is essential to also take into account the area you are going to visit, the time or the outdoor temperature. 

That's because you wouldn’t like to: 
1)-tremble on the grounds of ostentatious display of biceps; 
2)-get hot prematurely and over the limit because you adore thick socks and the double-necked turtleneck.

Avoid seeming “too...” in a context that does not fit.

You've got it right, the balance matters. And also the details. Those annoying things endlessly invoked by “princesses”, in their complicated existence.

In the chapter of details are included (also) the colors. You are not a rainbow, a chromatically supersaturated painting or an invisible presence for the rest of humans, so do everything possible to give up fatal combinations, such as having the trousers in one color + shirt (T-shirt), shoes, belt, jacket, socks, etc., each in a different color. 

Strive not to traumatize the retina of those who are watching you, choosing harmonious colors or at least shades, relatively neutral (save the pink color for your bathrobe, known only by your pet).

Pay special attention to the visual effect created by your whole “costume”. Fashion rules vary from case to case, from season to season, but the main recommendations (generally-valid) could be summarized as it follows:
-match your belt and socks (not white!) to the shoes; 
-in the absence of a tie, unbutton your shirt to the top button; 
-do not wear any undervest under your shirt (especially if it is transparent); 
-do not wear patent leather shoes with blue jeans; 
-in no case sandals with socks.

The option of wearing a suit must be analyzed in advance (here the indications multiply). Therefore, it would be preferable to opt for casual clothing, ideal in increasing your freedom of movement and compatibility with a wide range of “landscapes”, characters or situations.

Good luck!