How to act around a gorgeous escort

How to act around a gorgeous escort

How to act around a gorgeous escort

Do you want to have a dreamlike experience and to choose accordingly (meaning the best the “market” can offer you)? Are finances a minor detail when it comes to the occasional pampering needed for the physical and mental health of all ordinary mortals? Perfect!

However, be careful! If you have encountered difficulties around flawless specimens: long legs, a ballerina waist, a bust “scandalous” enough to cause a heart attack to those who see it and a face of a model presented in magazines, you should know that the reactions in question will not be much different if the partner responsible for the sudden increase of your pulse, keeps you company for a fee.

After all, she is still a beautiful woman, and her presence will intimidate you significantly, triggering (automatically) a whole “exploring” ritual, proven to be not only derisory, but also counterproductive, as it is wasting important resources of time, energy, ideas (useful during the peak moments of the encounter) and last but not least, money.

Because, in this case (as in many others), time is money!

What you HAVE to do in the relation with such an escort, could be summed up to the following suggestions:

1.-No panic. Do not lose yourself by going into “fibrillations” because you have never had contact with such a specimen worthy of the fantasies of every male alive (there was seemingly a hot chick once, in the multitude of people on the subway, but she was not about to intentionally touch your penis and its adjacent areas).

Panic inhibits natural reactions.

The moment is entirely yours, so do not sabotage your happiness because of the lack of erotic antecedents with beings descended from the ideal world of big breasts, round asses and lips soft like velvet.

Take a deep breath and enjoy the moment! If you have already paid the agreed fee, nothing else matters.

2.-Not too many compliments. Although making sparkling compliments to attractive women has already become a reflex action of men, worshiping them explicitly, as the Romans worshiped ancient gods, sometimes there is no need for additional flatteries. Especially during a meeting with an escort. Indeed, it may be agreeable, exciting and liberating to make a note of her overflowing sexuality, but the being in question should not be suffocated with grandiose statements (in this case, the laudatory role being taken over, without any problems, by... banknotes).

Obsessive statements are, therefore, useless. That woman knows she is “mind blowing”, she has probably heard it hundreds of times, she knows she awakens unpredictable passions and, moreover, because of this, she feels entitled to take your money (in exchange for the “attention” she is offering you, of course), not to listen to serenades under the balcony (or “balconies”).

3.-No special endeavors. Males instinctively drool around charming young ladies and have the impression that they have to work hard (in terms of speech, prelude, performance) to gain their admiration. Absolutely wrong! In “commercial” affairs, such efforts are in vain.

Think about it... for a period of time previously agreed, you have no competition, and sex represents a deserved merit (after all, you paid for it!). Why waste the time dedicated to sensual pleasures, with exaggerated attempts to make yourself agreeable, as if you had to conquer God knows what stuck-up diva from the socially mundane?

Chances are “plotting” for you. You are the main character of this spicy play, while your partner has voluntarily assumed the spectacular role to fully satisfy you. The value that is attributed to you is reflected in the price, there’s no need to win it in a particular way, by classical methods of seduction.

The conclusion? Lay relaxed on your back and enjoy the opportunity.

4.-No compensatory praises. Those who do not believe in their own charisma are advised not to insist on their own possessions or the IQ revealed by some lousy test (made online). Is it equal to Einstein's? The finding will leave her cold. Are you proud of a record established at the bowling game? She is interested in it as much as in the weather forecast from seven years ago.

Avoid listing your professional achievements, talking about the stoicism characteristic to the times you are going through, or charities coming from a humanitarian excess, in order to compensate for aesthetic deficiencies or to justify your unattractive physical appearance (especially when compared to her sex appeal). Again, there’s no need! You do not have to prove anything or place yourself on equal terms with the “princess” that impresses by her splendor. Payment and civilized behavior entitle you to fit the ideal client’s pattern.

5.-No disappointments. Sometimes, odds are against a favorable outcome for the “beneficiary”. The universe is not a perfect place. There are also unfortunate events such as wars, accidents, lottery losses or low-quality performances in the bedroom.

In case the meeting differs from the mentally planned one, do not make a guilt trip, blaming your personal incapacity to manage the confrontation with an almighty goddess when it comes to amour. The causes of the alleged failure (estimated to have catastrophic proportions, although the reality blatantly contradicts the terribly critical subjective evaluation) are multiple and sometimes even beyond your will.

Repeating the experience will surely eliminate your fright and paralyzing emotions.

Therefore, encourage yourself. There is always a next time!

* * *

The essential quality of the connection with an escort lies in its “mercantile” character. From this point of view, all those who seek such paid services become equal. In this context, it becomes irrelevant to bother yourself with physical defects or of other kind, which makes you feel incompatible with the seemingly perfection of the “hired” person.

On the field that you want to exploit, compatibility holds a particular logic, formed around the idea of exchange. By paying the requested tariff, all your imperfections are forgiven. And you have the right to dream of anything! Including to the company of this kind of women that in other circumstances you would avoid, as an undeserved reward.