How do escorts have sex... depending on their zodiac sign

How do escorts have sex... depending on their zodiac sign

How do escorts have sex... depending on their zodiac sign

Among the vital “weaknesses” of women, there is also astrology. Many of them do not even cross the street without consulting the horoscope, let alone have sex.

Men, on the other hand, are indifferent to activities such as reading the palm, coffee or stars. When it comes to choosing the “prey”, their selection criteria are limited to age, bust, silhouette and possibly... tariff. Apart from the situation when they want to get attention, posing in individuals with a mature mind, males never ask a lady under which zodiac sign she was born or how happy she is with the personal ascendant. Why would they bother with such useless details? Answer: because they do not know that the zodiac sign influences sexual behavior. Yes, in addition to appearance, experience and native skills, the date of birth has a very strong influence. That's what astrologers say. And who could contradict them?

1.-For example, the ARIES woman refers to sex as a purely physical act. She does not dream of great love declarations, flowers or the assurance that, although she is an escort, she has found a special place in the heart of her (temporarily) partner. She does not vibrate to pompous gestures. She is not impressed by “correct” foreplays. She wants to see action and not to hear sugared words. She frantically experiences aggressive amour and jubilates to the sound of some dirty words, matching the encounters seasoned with latex, handcuffs and whips. Warning to amateurs: Mrs. ARIES prefers to be in control.

2.-Despite the name, the TAURUS woman looks for tenderness and thinks that any erotic episode should awaken the sensual side of the two partners (or, when applicable, the group involved in the “hot” action). Given her predisposition towards poetry and atmosphere, the mistress “with horns” could be perceived as a real danger to the mood of the guy willing to quickly finish his job. The good news is that statistical data attests her ability to use her energy, if necessary, not to persuade her partner to recite sonnets under the balcony, but for the sake of his supreme satisfaction, proving an extraordinary capacity for sacrifice. Interesting, right? Who would refuse an escort who is fully involved in doing her “duty”?

3.-The GEMINI woman adores diversity and spontaneity. She avoids ruthless repetitions and always looks for fresh ways to savor adrenaline in intimacy. Complex in her approaches, she embodies the perfect antidote for the bored clients who go to “girls” to resuscitate their senses a little. The only condition for maintaining the interest of the goddesses in this category (apart from the agreed payment) is that the partner should also actively contribute... to make some efforts. If he is just staring at the ceiling, with his limbs inert, he risks to totally discourage the lady. And to miss things that otherwise would have seemed unforgettable to him.

4.-Preponderantly a “housewife” (outside working hours), the CANCER woman tends to give a conservative aspect to professional relationships (those based on penetrations and orgasms, of course). She has a high degree of compatibility with people who want a slow, calm adventure, which does not require at least 3 days of horizontal recovery combined with music therapy and intense hydration. Thanks to her job requirements and the need to adapt to any situation, the “serious” lady, however, also has the resources indispensable to an encounter slightly more exciting than a literary cenacle for seniors. So, keep her on your list!

5.-The LEO woman shines in formulas capable of giving free rein to her imagination and authoritarian spirit. Whoever longs to have their ass spanked or, on the contrary, to serve just like a “slave”, will get along perfectly with this dominant woman. Even when she receives money in exchange for the services provided, the “queen of the jungle” strives to be in the spotlight. “Pride” is her main “sin”, unpleasant to those who are similarly narcissistic and domineering as she is. But there is also an advantageous part in the equation: the female escort with royal ambitions fully compensates by her willingness to try anything related to oral (and not only).

6.-Perfectionist, passionate and not at all innocent, the VIRGO woman has all the assets of a dreamlike mistress. Although she assumes the image of a good girl, perfect for being introduced to your relatives, the Virgo offers incredible surprises in intimacy, wanting to surpass herself each time. She masters the art of seduction like a true expert and loves to tease her victim with the exasperating attitude of “I want you, but leave me alone”. Next to her, the bed becomes a territory of extremely tempting negotiations.

7.-With no particular preferences in terms of repertoire and positions, the LIBRA woman desires to be taken to the high peaks of ecstasy. She has the habit of cuddling during the act and demands a lot of pampering treatments. She is incompatible with lazy partners who pay to lie on their back while she is conscientiously doing her work. Despite the lack of initiative that characterizes her, the “undecided” lady gets points for “passion”, so the balance is kept and everyone goes home satisfied. And with less tension...

8.-For clients who are uninterested in negotiation, romance and chatting, the SCORPIO woman is perfect. Wilder than the rest of the other signs together, this little “devil” knows what she wants, but also what she has to offer. She has a direct, aggressive style that can sometimes be full of savor and strength. Aware of her native potential, she often intimidates her visitors who are taken by surprise. Not recommended for the faint of heart!

9.-The SAGITTARIUS woman accepts challenges, being open to new experiences. She may oscillate visibly during the same sex “session”, this trend being either interesting or tiring (depending on the expectations of the other). When she succeeds in camouflaging her emotions, she manages to assume her role and bring big smiles on the face of the “solicitors”. In other words, to do her job. She makes a great team with characters with no fixed ideas and tolerance for variations.

10.-Equally avid for experimentation is the CAPRICORN woman. She enthusiastically welcomes new proposals, coming (in turn) with original ideas. Even unusual ones. She is almost perfect to be swept off her feet, taken to your workplace and presented to your boss as a future collaborator. She does not disappoint mortals who believe that they have seen, heard, felt and “endured” everything.

11.-Apparently cold and distant, the AQUARIUS woman hides multiple talents for those who are willing to “look” beyond appearances. Often leaving a non-inviting first impression, she holds the key to absolute satisfaction. She takes seriously her duties as an erotic “utensil” and never misses an opportunity to prove that she is an excellent choice (she does the demonstration in a practical manner, without too many superfluous comments).

12.-The PISCES woman shares the Leo’s desire to be venerated and the Taurus’ obsession to breathe romanticism. At the strictly “commercial” level, both extremes are corrected with professionalism, which does not mean, however, that they disappear completely. Do not be surprised, therefore, if the “aquatic” escort denotes a relative cult of personality or is waiting for her client with scented candles and a strong ginseng fragrance.