Escorts’ sexual fantasies... according to their sign

Escorts’ sexual fantasies... according to their sign

Escorts’ sexual fantasies... according to their sign

After a short analysis of this phenomenon, one could say that erotic fantasies depend to a large extent on the chilhood “histories”, on the personal imagination or hormonal frickleness. Zodiac sign is probably between the last reasons why someone would insist to have sex in front of the neighbours or blindfolded with a pair of coloured tights.

But those concerned with decoding astral influences and destinies formed this way, argue that sign is actually the main cause of the intimate behaviour. In which case, porn movies you are watching every day, or your friends’ advices wouldn’t be responsible for the “naughty” encounters hunt, but simply... celestial bodies positioning.

In other words, compatibility in bedroom is written in the stars (literally) and when choosing a partner, you must (also) consider his birthday.

Why would the buyers of pleasures be interested in this perspective, when ordering the “menu” of their dreams, along with the desired body? Because it gets a more “empathic”, more sensorial relationship. If you like this idea, here are some indicative elements, characteristic to each sign:

1.-ARIES. Aries natives are as inventive in intimacy as actors in an improvisation show. They belong to that kind of people that would never avoid an adventure (be it outside, in broad daylight, possibly beside to a statue in the central park). Sex in the elevator, in the office or in the back seat, is too little for their inventive minds. Big adrenaline lovers, they hunt for extravagant places and ways to provide orgasms (“on demand”). Not recommended to cardiac or conservative people.

2.-TAURUS. Proficient in doing all kind of quirky combinations, Taurus love to bring a new element to the scene: food. Their weakness is divided between food and sex. Light food and appropriate to the “moment”, of course (whipped cream, fruits, chocolate, etc.). It would top of it all to engage in steaks or sophisticated garnish, to be consummated between two loving hugs and an uplifting blowjob. The representatives of this sign are to every gourmand’s liking. Not just figuratively.

3.-GEMINI. If it was possible for them to perform always in front of huge mirrors, Gemini would be the happiest people on Earth. Having an exaggerated consciousness of the personal value, they feel perfectly in situations flattering their physique, skills or personality. They want to be admired both internally and out loud. Their favourite reveries involve role playing, wearing costumes or accessories intended to emphasize their charm and also their irresistible desire of power manifestation. For yes, they tend to dominate their partner.

4.-CANCER. Cancer natives are used to act beyond preset patterns. Responsive to novelty, they resonate with atypical expectations, able to take them out from the comfort zone. They are not afraid to think and do what others don’t want to, aren’t able to or they are simply afraid to. So that they are perfect for those individuals tired of commonplaces and routine. Their supreme fantasy is the very desire to overcome their limits, to permanently surprise their partners. They are amazing at resuscitating the libido.

5.-LEO. Like Gemini, Leos also show a chronic form of narcissism. They wilfully persist in being in the spotlight but, for the right amount, they also accept secondary roles, diligently fulfilling the desires of those who prove themselves generous. Their most frequent dream is to film their extraordinary performances, to be able to subsequently admire themselves, in detail. And of course, in order to correct any potential “omissions”. The obsession with perfection is troubling them a lot. They are perfect together with playful and extravagant people.

6.-VIRGO. Committed enemy of mediocrity, Virgo yearns to come and go from famous people’s bed. They content themselves with an engineer also instead of a TV star or with a lawyer instead of who know what duchess. By contrast, they compensate with imagination, turning their act a real victory... strong, dramatic and unpredictable. Mostly theatrical, Virgo natives are prone to role plays.

7.-LIBRA. Libras live by the principle “The more, the merrier”. They don’t suffer from attention deficit, so that this formula is perfect for them. Places with sex parties or exciting orgies are their second home. They feel challenged by the idea of multiple partners and they are perfect for the couples interested in testing their limits.

8.-SCORPIO. Scorpios are attracted by surprises. From their point of view, every sexual encounter seems a nicely wrapped gift. They like to surprise and to be taken by surprise. As unpredictable characters, they induce strong palpitations as they don’t full around with soft “perversities”, but they resort to heavy artillery. Handcuffs, outdoor sex, role play, are just a tiny part of what Scorpios know and can do.

9.-SAGITTARIUS. Sagittarius have various fantasies when it comes to carnal satisfaction (whether paid or not). Their fantasies overcome XXX screenwriters’ imagination, while shyness has nothing to do with them. They feel good using sensual adult toys or even other accessories from the “weird” category. Their major weakness is sex on wheels. If moving, even better.

10.-CAPRICORN. Capricorns dream about being seduced by influential people in society. State presidents, celebrities or personalities from any field, are an attraction hard to refuse. Their “dirtiest” imagination is to be disciplined by their superiors... by their employers. For the company ladies and gentlemen things are just as they like them to be.

11.-AQUARIUS. Unlike other signs, who also know disappointments in life, sexually speaking Aquarius escorts live their dream come true. While socially and financially they might have some problems, on an erotic level they are jubilant, completely excited by the mystery of the strangers approaching them. Stars seem to be on their side, as Aquarius live almost every single day (even “workday”) their secret fantasies.

12.-PISCES. Pisces have an extremely passionate spirit, which makes them desirable partners. And expensive... also! They involve themselves body and soul. Even though they don’t have an extraordinary imagination, they manage to conceive special things and put them into practice, defining their pathos and exuberance.