Escorts and breaking up

Escorts and breaking up

Escorts and breaking up

A breakup is a chore. Except when the ex boyfriend has cheated on you with the secretary, made sex like a baboon or worse, he thought that if he brought you flowers, he did not have to “perform” in the bedroom anymore. In this case, you are better off without him!

Regardless of the extent of the break up, women usually resort to the same consolation mechanisms: they abuse ice cream, cakes, chocolate or any other similar product that is responsible for their reconciliation with the Universe, and/or they take refuge at home, watching revolted movies that highlight openly just how stupid men are.

This popular recipe for healing has major flaws. It works for a day, two or three from their “misfortune”. In the long run, however, it achieves exactly the opposite of its expected effect, burying the victim even deeper into the abyss of dark thoughts or self-compassion. Not to mention the risk of gaining extra weight because of the love for the fridge.

How can ladies recover emotionally? Do the remedies listed on the pages of women's magazines work, those that suggest embracing optimism, learning some important life lessons, discovering the hidden beauty of things and other platitudes (sorry, “Zen” precepts), meant to distract the attention from unhappiness? They probably work up to a point, for they instigate to action, one different from the “lobotomization” in front of the TV, with the popcorn bucket, a box of napkins and a voodoo doll (with the face of your ex) at hand. “Measures” needed, but not enough.

Besides these wonderful solutions for mental resetting, there is one with real chances of success. Simple, but also useful: SEX.

Sex as an antidote after a breakup should, however, be administered with caution, since it promises success only under certain conditions. Amour with a co-worker, with your boss, plumber or the stranger “picked up” at a street corner may further complicate your existence. The ex is not even a problem anymore...

Let us take them one at a time. If after the awesome party at the workplace, going crazy with your boss or colleague seems to be the best idea since ​​the invention of the vibrator up until now, do not let yourself be fooled by appearances. Does it matter that your ex is showing himself on Facebook or Instagram with a voluptuous blonde with silicone breasts? Yes, revenge is sweet, however not him, but you will have to face your lover the next morning in the elevator, at the job meeting or during the coffee break.

Also, the blue-eyed plumber presents some guarantees that he would pass the test of a wild night. His buttocks and pectorals are a testimony to this. In addition, no other obligation binds you to him. For he is not the only one who knows the secrets of your bathroom sink. Theoretically, he would be just fine for a round. Practically... think again! Do you think it will be just as exciting when you will get death threats from (his) “Mrs. Wife”?

With the charming stranger, picked up from bars, cafes or restaurants, the risks are predictable. The individual may be, not necessarily in this order: a serial killer, impotent, hunting for serious relationships or an (apparently) “ideal” boyfriend that you will not let go, entering the same mirage of overwhelming feelings. Although you did not want anything else but sex. A carnal relationship, stripped of inhibitions.

So many complications when things are, in fact, very simple, solvable with a phone call. Why do you think there are male escorts? Precisely to fill existential voids. And there is no metaphor included here. The attitude of “Woe, only women who are unattractive, nymphomaniacs, trampy and married to guys of their grandparents’ age turn to gigolos” is no longer true. Couple therapists too would prescribe nowadays regular visits to “gentlemen escorts” if they were not afraid for the reputation of their profession (so subjectively endorsed by the values ​​of society).

The paid escapade has more advantages than any other purely erotic adventure, because:

1.-It ensures maximum satisfaction - the physical act with some guy is susceptible to failure. The physical act with a man whose profession consists in satisfying women (probably) daily has all the chances of success. Just as cavities are fixed at the dentist, nerves at the psychologist, conflicts at the mediator, sexual appetite is taken care by those trained to handle it well. Experts (regardless of field) are not found at any street corner, smiling at anyone who would need their services, but they charge a fee in exchange for the offered help. The same goes for male escorts. They live for the happiness of their female clients. They make efforts to be on top. Which cannot be said about any anonymous man invited in your bedroom to show what he knows.

2.-Feelings are missing from the “equation” - not everyone believes in the practice of sex without love, although the “story” is plausible. For those who believe this (or want to discover), professionals are the best source of bodily satisfaction. Fully aware that they are desired due to their body (and availability), not to their soul, intelligence or its depth, they play their role perfectly. They do not require to be placed on a pedestal and venerated with fervor; they do not want love, sincerity, admiration or eternal commitment. They do not even offer that. Their territory of action is limited to the physical part, which eliminates confusions from the start.

3.-It determines similar expectations - in addition to the poor performance of at least one of the protagonists in a couple in general, many temporary affairs unfold or end up badly also because of the different expectations of the two. One wants to be called the next day, the other does not call... one dreams of a rougher sex act, the other refuses to be tied to bed and “caressed” with the spatula... one hates foreplay, the other needs substantial warm up (plus a romantic dinner, roses and cinema). In a predefined setting, the differences are blurred. Everyone knows what, how much and how it is going to happen. The risk of disappointments, panic attacks and neurotic conclusions that men do not deserve anything drops considerably.

4.-It gives total freedom - the majority of paid male lovers lack inhibitions, willing to try them all. Some specialize in more or less conventional practices, others get deeper into the classical area. For every woman and her whims, there is at least one suitable male, trained to turn into reality into her fetishes or “normal” erotic preferences. The female client decides the limits. If they are pushed to the extreme, it is even indicated the involvement of a professional. Who would be willing to initiate a BDSM relationship with any guy, for example?

* * *

The advantages of a “friendship” with paid males do not end there. You can find out more on your own. Give them a chance!