Do not judge yourself wrongly!

Do not judge yourself wrongly!

Do not judge yourself wrongly!

“Sex relieves tension. Love causes it.”
(Woody Allen)

In our contemporary times, in a world that is suffocated by technology and that is moving ever faster, at a pace that seems to exceed our possibilities of adapting, it becomes increasingly obvious that the time dedicated to finding a partner is more and more limited. Paradoxically, despite the social precepts that are still anchored in a superbly duplicitous and archaic foundation, no one seems willing to lose time and innocently interpret a character in the play whose ending is already known, about the shy and romantic adventure of finding the illusive “soul mate”. No one is childishly enthusiastic as to hope in vain that routine and divorce are the only alternatives to this scenario.

Day after day we struggle and work hard to succeed in our careers, to strengthen our social statuses or to make money, but once at home in the evening, in that problem-free silence, we realize we are alone. And, strangely enough, it doesn’t affect us so deeply. This is perhaps because the same society that suffocates us with “traditional” moral principles is the one that offers us the solution!

One of these solutions, until we get involved (nor not...) in a “serious relationship”, is to access internet websites that specialize in publishing ads posted by escorts. They are elegant, beautiful and provocative women who have no inhibitions and who are experienced in the art of sex. Their rates fluctuate according to what Mother Nature endowed them with (from the point of view of physical appearance) but also according to their willingness to provide certain type of services.

Their offer is generous and varied, ranging from the most common to the most sophisticated options, from brief moments of pleasure, to nights, week-ends or even trips sprinkled with sensuality, from simple dinner dates, to eccentric late-night banquets and extremely bizarre and... unusual sexual practices.

Many believe that by resorting to this kind of relationships, they will be considered losers or misfits and the idea of paying for sex covers them in shame and places them in the category of those who are incapable of getting what others call “free sex”. But this is a totally wrong perception that lacks any logical basis. First of all, those who can afford exciting erotic moments for a fee have the money to pay for these sensual adventures, so they are not social misfits; they succeeded in their field of activity and this does not reflect at all the idea of failure.

Second of all, THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS FREE SEX!!! The notion of “free” related to this subject has probably been invented by women precisely to maintain the illusion that keeping a girlfriend, a mistress or a wife, with their endless procession of moods, whims and permanent expenses (that are bigger and bigger) is less costly than the escapades made from time to time with “call girls”. Is this really how things are? If you think rationally and with a little dose of pragmatism, you will see that even the phrase “free sex” used by “serious” women betrays a hidden financial interest that is extremely insidious. No one has SEX OUT OF LOVE any more, right?

In fact, the truth is that by resorting to the services of a professional you no longer depend on all those outdated, archaic, boring and emotionally exhausting ways of proving your ability to have a relationship according to a sometimes very stupid standard. You won’t have to go to endless dates during which your general knowledge is tested, your emotional and financial (!) stability is closely weighed, your “common points” are carefully counted and you are subjected to the eliminatory test of the seductive, movie star behavior as a romantic and tender man who cares about the many needs (which are, of course, much more important than yours) of the one who interprets the role of the “righteous ingénue who rewards this good behavior”.

The “paid” option offers you in exchange the possibility of having sex whenever you want, wherever you want, however you want it and with gorgeous women that you can choose from a variety of “options”.

No, you mustn’t misjudge yourself according to social criteria that are, in fact, full of hypocrisy. Many successful people hire escorts even if they already have the option of “free sex” at home.

Escorts are also useful to recover emotionally after a divorce or a more dramatic break-up. Why is that? Because, after a relationship failure, sexual performance is invariably disastrous. Memories, regrets or other psychological or emotional traumas that impair your freedom to act uninhibited still exist. This aspect complicates things considerably, especially if you stubbornly and quickly try to find another partner. Your mediocre sexual performance can drive away many of the women who would (normally) appreciate you and who would usually stay by your side. Although, as many women say, sex is not the most important aspect of a relationship, feelings, emotions, tenderness and blah, blah are... you will nonetheless convince yourself that, in fact, none of them observe this “virgin” philosophy (except, of course, when it suits them).

Paid sex can help you break this cycle of emotional deterioration. You can have sex a couple of times and no one will criticize you for your failures. At some point, you will feel that you are “in shape” again and you will get more confident. In no time, when the opportunity of a “serious” relationship comes along, everything will be all right!

Good luck... and don’t judge yourself so harshly!