Advantages of loneliness...

Advantages of loneliness...

Advantages of loneliness...

You are alone... You have no obligation, you are not tied to anyone specific, you can party until morning, then sleep until noon, and in the evening, of course, you can start over again! And perhaps the most important aspect... there is no one to tell you that you need to behave differently or “to grow up” (by mature meaning in fact, the assumption of liabilities or obligations that normally you would not have, because... they're not yours’). Loneliness sometimes means something extremely pleasant and easy!

It is true, in the life of every man, there comes a time when he begins to put all kinds of questions: “Should I be calm?”, “Should I give up my freedom to start a relationship?”, “Should I begin looking for my soul mate?”

The answer to these questions is emerging at different ages, depending on the experiences and interests of everyone. Or maybe never! Until then, here are some reasons why it would be appropriate to “bear” at lieast for a little more the idea of ​​being on your own:

1.-You have all the time in the world to really find the right person. Every man should give himself period as longest in his existence, to really know himself before engaging in a serious relationship. During this period, you can meet more people, you can experience different moods, emotions, feelings, different opinions to form concerning the features or the physical presence of those you meet or you would like to meet... someday. You can understand more clearly what you like or what not! Only in this way you will be able to avoid mistakes that later can turn into real drama, able to crumble the rest of your life.

2.-You can focus on your career. A relationship involves a huge energy that if you are alone, you can beneficially guide for the development of your own professional destiny. You can stay over the program, you can work on weekends or take any other step necessary to consolidate your career and earn increasingly substantial revenues. And this, without pressing reproaches coming from a potential partner about the fact that he/she is not given the attention or time that he/she considers proper.

3-When you are alone, the whole world belongs to you. You can do whatever you want, whenever you want, and especially... with whom you want. Nobody forces you to do anything and will not reproach you are exactly as you like it to be.

4.-Monotony does not interfere in your private life. One of the best reasons to enjoy solitude, is that you are not bound to the same sexual partner for life. You have no reason to fight with boredom or routine that normally appears in the bedroom (after a certain period of time spent together) and you are free to try conquering any other person. That, will constantly keep you in shape.

5.-You can save money. It's an argument worth taking into account. Especially for men who once became part of a couple, feel forced or buckle under the cheaty “smooges” to show their gratitude for the received attention through gifts, “goings out” or even more directly ... through leaving the card. When you are alone, you have total control over your income and how you make any expense. No one will say anything to anyone of how, when and how much to get out from your pocket. For you must not forget the defining characteristic of women when it comes to money: what's theirs is theirs, what is the partner's, is “ours”.

6.-You can enjoy the peace and quiet around you when you feel you need it. The silence of solitude is sometimes very refreshing.

7.-You are not forced to make compromises. Being alone will guarantee the total absence of permanent middle way. Also, you will not be forced to remember dates related to the first date, first hug, first kiss, first night together, first breakup, first cry, first holiday, first... first... and you will not be stressed to search all kinds of perfect gifts for these anniversaries, at which otherwise you are never celebrated.