7 reasons to call an escort

7 reasons to call an escort

7 reasons to call an escort

“Love is the self-delusion we manufacture
to justify the trouble we take to have sex.”
(Dan Greenburg)

In the infinite hypocrisy that characterizes the human race, especially when it comes to recognizing the physical pleasure (eroticism), as a completely different and absolutely independent side of what we are accustomed to call affection or love, for thousands of years, people have been trying (with no remarkable results) to convince themselves (most of the times in a lamentable way) that sex and love represent an unitary, inseparable whole and that the “rebellious” attempts to treat or even experiment them separately, are only worthy of public outrage or social disapproval.

Nothing more wrong and frustrating or disillusioning!

However, few are those who live their lives (at least from time to time) contrary to the artificiality of these behavioral impositions, suffocated by inept appearances, usages and customs, savoring the “forbidden fruit” and assuming impassively the label of non-conformists.

If, nevertheless, you happen to be annoyed, at least in some moments of your life, by the idea of infantile amorous games and social rituals that you must follow to fulfill a set of criteria that have nothing to do with reality... if you are bored of foolishly trying to decipher the gestures or the clues hidden in the tedious words exchanged during endless socializing dates with a partner that stubbornly wants to be conquered “à la carte” (even if she also secretly yearns for smoldering “non-protocolar” sex)... then perhaps you should turn your attention to a slightly more direct option: the escorts.

There are some who say that enjoying the services of an escort is exciting, interesting and provides much more intense (even if fleeting) emotions. Others, on the contrary, virulently oppose this option, claiming that this choice is simply artificial, lacking emotional involvement and dehumanizing.

Perhaps the diversity of attitudes and, implicitly, the interpretation of feelings of pleasure in different ways, from one individual to another, will make impossible drawing a pertinent and unanimous conclusion concerning this dilemma, but we... have easily discovered at least 7 reasons why it’s not worth waiting for its solution.

01.-Assuming you feel the need for sex, naturally, you will also need a partner. But very soon, in your searches, you will stumble upon the first nonsense that has to do with the ridiculous “etiquette” of conventional relationships. Who makes the first move? Nowadays, this question is a very debatable aspect and, at least for the moment... an unresolved one (as it will probably remain). For example, if a man is the one who makes the first move, he is likely to be considered oversexed, cheeky, blunt or just a frivolous guy that no way can be trusted. If a woman makes the first move, she will of course be labeled as a whore, opportunist, impertinent or, at best... desperate. So what can you do? Until fate sets up a possible divine date for you, above such questions and interpretations, it may be better to call an escort! Escorts will certainly not blame you if you take the initiative. Guaranteed!

02.-When you have a date for the first time with a person with whom you hope to get involved in a “traditional” relationship, it is only natural that you do not know each other and that the other person’s tastes, pleasures or habits are unfamiliar to you. Since none of you have the ability to read the stars, many of these intimate needs of each of you will remain unanswered or unattended by the other person. And this, unfortunately, is a common reason for which partners return home disappointed and tired of so many unsuccessful attempts. No one is capable of anticipating all the desires of a person, but the routine of the social models promoted up to stupidity in the media, has made us think that the “soul mate” actually... EXISTS!!! Moreover... it is exactly how we want it! Apparently (by following this inept logic), all we have to do is to look for it! But until you discover your idyllic half or, on the contrary, you realize that your efforts are in vain, we have good news for you: escorts do not expect you to be a clairvoyant nor do they expect you to fulfill their secret needs or desires. With them, things are much simpler and much more “at sight”. The only expectation they have, will be communicated to you when you call to schedule a possible meeting. As for the rest... although they are not endowed with paranormal powers, they will know exactly what your most intimate fantasies are.

03.-Jealousy. The devourer of the soul. A love game as stupid as it is popular among people. If love invades the soul of two partners, most certainly one of them will feel compelled to “play” the role of flirting (more or less innocent), with different other persons, in order to test the other one’s reactions... When you are truly interested in someone and when you feel that you have fallen in love deeply with that someone, this type of experiment can be one of the most frustrating, painful and disgraceful there are. If you don’t want to be involved in such stupid attempts and if you don’t like the role of guinea pig... call an escort!

04.-“I am yours forever if you buy me...” Perhaps not exactly expressed with these words, but for the same purpose, the strategy used by certain women who call themselves “serious and absolutely moral” is essentially similar to that of escorts. If in the case of “easy women”, the role is assumed with sincerity and their claims are much more honest and acceptable in relation to what they offer, the “ingénues” are downright pathetic, tiresome and disappointingly insidious in their extravagant demands in exchange for a little physical release (offered under the hypocritical mask of an emotional connection). Women in general (and lately, the man too) use their sexuality as a very elaborate bargaining lever to obtain money, clothes, jewelry, cars, holidays, luxury services or even houses. No matter how we look at it, it is still a form of sex trade. Not to mention the fact that, to a careful and cold analysis, the social cost of “ethical” relationships turns out to be much higher, and the complications that come with the characters in question can take extremely arbitrary directions, sometimes for long periods of time. Conclusion? Value for money, as well as sexual satisfaction, clearly in favor of escorts! So... call!

05.-What wouldn’t you do to see your girlfriend extremely happy?! From buying her gifts that match her expectations and desires which she doesn’t hesitate to make known long before the event when the gift is meant to be given, to satisfying totally ridiculous whims meant only to maliciously test your “interest” in her, all, of course, in the name of love, romance, tenderness and so on... And if by chance your involvement and commitment does not rise to her expectations, she repays you with nervous fits, crying and tough accusations. When you decide to save your neurons and the time wasted for illusory moments of happiness, pick up the phone and call an escort. She doesn’t have friends or relatives whom you must please, she doesn’t have emotional problems or depressions, she doesn’t need endless and expensive proofs “of love”, she doesn’t have cravings, moods or crises... She will only ask for a small financial favor (at the beginning of each meeting) and, in exchange, you will get everything!

06.-After an affair with an escort, you will never have to remember dates that recall your first date, the first embrace, the first kiss, the first night together, the first break-up, the first crying fit, the first holiday, the first... the first... and you will never have to look for all sorts of perfect gifts for these anniversaries where, actually, you are never the person celebrated. But if you call on an escort, it would be possible that, paradoxically, this time to be you the one who remembers very deeply the pleasure that you will want to “celebrate” as often as possible... without having to let pass a certain interval between “celebrations”! Not to mention that you will not have to rack your brains to find suitable gifts for these happy events. A small fee (paid at the beginning) solves all the problems.

07.-After an affair with an escort, no one will ask you to grow up, change or become a “serious man”... in other words, to work conscientiously and without too many comments, in order to pay for cosmetics, hairdresser, jewelry, clothes, shoes or any other type of “shopping mood”. The same list of tasks includes the dream holidays, where you will not only have to be a good planner, but you will also have to assume the romantic, seductive or passionate role of all those ridiculous male characters in all the soap operas that will invade your life.

It’s true, all these problems are felt every day by a large number of men on this planet and many of them even managed to overcome them or to adapt to them. You can even try it yourself.