6 signs that your date with the male escort was a failure

6 signs that your date with the male escort was a failure

6 signs that your date with the male escort was a failure

Unlike the traditional one-night stand, the quality of a date with a male escort is measured on the basis of other parameters and it is not confirmed by the classic phone call of the next (third or tenth) day which he, the stallion pleased with what happened, is making in order to receive another “serving”.

For an inveterate gigolo, it does not matter if you have cellulite, you are 50 years old, you have a phobia of anal sex or bizarre preferences in the bedroom. As long as you respect the “schedule”, showing up bathed, with cash and without displaying an attitude of superiority, the chances of becoming the female client of the year reach their peak.

Deviations from the unwritten rules of a paid relationship are consequently sanctioned by the males attentive to details. Not to any kind of details. Only some will lead them to reject your call next time.

Among the mistakes because of which paid men categorize a first meeting of this kind as a failure (relatively pardonable), there are also the following:


1.-Reopening the negotiations. After long and intense searches, you spotted a person only good to devour from head to toes. You have contacted him, clarified the details of the problem and then “reunited”, with butterflies in the stomach (yours, obviously) and exaggerated libido.

But, once being face to face with the guy and betting on your own (feminine) strengths, you have told yourself to obtain a price cut. An uninspired attempt, by the way. There is no ruder suggestion of lack of respect than this “temptation”.

Tip: once you have agreed on a certain price, do not try to change it. You did not go to the usual shopping session, but to access a sexual service. Offered by a person. And his performance has a price. Is that okay for you? Great! It is too much? Choose another one! Do not offend him by breaking the deal made beforehand.


2.-A sick curiosity. “Why did he become a seller of pleasures? Does he have a wife, a mistress, children? How much does he earn per month? Does he like what he does? Is he at peace with himself? Did he think about changing his job?” And many other personal questions that can find a comfortable tiny place in your head and on your lips. A wrong move, again.

Few “male companions” are available for such “revelatory” interviews. And they easily stand out, since they begin to tell their existential story unasked, expecting sympathy, admiration or sympathy from the interlocutor (rare cases, as we have already pointed out).

The others refuse to share their intimacy with a female stranger having a sick curiosity. They prefer to remain “simple” professionals, not case studies available to anyone used to invading people's souls.

Tip: try to understand the real meaning of the concept of “private life”.


3.-A critical spirit. When you notice some problems in a male “partner”, it is advisable to tell him about them with tact and diplomacy. And with the necessary amount of moderation. Who sees catastrophes and errors everywhere, means that they have a sense too critical in the context of such encounters.

Would you have preferred to be welcomed with caviar, champagne, compliments stolen from famous authors and emotions of a guy deeply in love, and he, the impudent one, only meets you with a smile on his face and the promising penis?

Do you think that he came too quick and think about criticizing his performance? Do you have secret wishes and you require that he should accurately guess them, being ready to punish him in case of failure?

Congratulations, you just have gotten an exclusion from his female client list!

This is what you will experience each time in a similar situation. No one likes to be criticized, commented and ridiculed for absurd reasons.

Tip: express your opinion when the male in question exceeds the limit or does not follow, somehow, the “work plan”. Otherwise, keep secret thoughts such as: “I think that even a clumsy beginner would do better than you!”


4.-Spontaneous “BDSM”. Whoever says that games involving dangerous eroticism are exaggerated, is wrong. Any approach to sexuality has its charm, if people know what they are “getting into” and consent to in advance. This dogma is true regardless of circumstances. Which means that it is also true when it comes to escorts.

In the absence of a previous discussion about limits and tolerance, it becomes dubious and even counterproductive to engage in BDSM-like behaviors... to get the whip, blindfolding bandana or handcuffs out of your bag or to whisper in the ear of your partner that you would want to tie his testicles with a special mechanism for “pleasure”.

All these things are set before moving to the job because not any person is practicing them, anyway and anytime. Not to mention that you definitely would not want to be responsible for any panic attack or uncontrolled reactions provoked to the unannounced male who is about to have his ass paddled.

Tip: make your intentions known from the very beginning. A pinch on the nipple can be greeted with joy. An entire scenario in which the “partner” is forcefully turned into a slave... certainly not.


5.-Love declarations. Some female clients fall irresistibly in love with men hired by the hour. This is a fact. Others are only turning them on in order to confirm their skills of fatal women who are being attractive to the opposite sex. Both situations are complicated and should be avoided. Professionals in the field want to do their job and they do not think too much about suddenly born romances due to the ease of women (of some of them) to fall in love or their constant need for being adulated.

They probably have enough problems in their life to not want one more.

Tip: before you start bombarding him with inappropriate “I love you” declarations, think about doing something good by recommending him to your female friends or verbally rewarding his performance. It is healthier this way. And it “goes away” faster.


6.-Surprise guest/guests. The number of participants to a dreamlike debauchery should be established during the initial negotiations. The hired male lover obviously needs to know in advance that he will have to take care of only one lady, two or three, a couple, a bachelorette party and so on.

It is important for him to be informed about the unfolding of the action. If you leave him the impression that you are the only person who has to be pleasured, then meet him at your home or knock at his door with a group of lusty women, his reactions can be at least reticent.

Numerous female clients indeed bring “extra” income and exoticism to a sexual encounter, but the unannounced change of the program creates confusion. And probably irritation, which cancels the entire plan. So, remember... in such a context, spontaneity sometimes turns out to be useless.

Tip: avoid introducing some surprise elements in the planned erotic episode. Otherwise, you may also have a surprise. And not a pleasant one.

* * *

No one was born knowing everything. Neither the women who “hire” male gigolos to oxygenate their brain from time to time. This is also known by sex industry specialists, generally willing to “forgive” the novices who are at their first offense and to overlook the eventual failed date.

It would be good, though, not to get there.