6 sexual positions that are not tiring

6 sexual positions that are not tiring

6 sexual positions that are not tiring

Women are often accused of being too domineering, inseparable from their imaginary and rigorous whip, or too comfortable, waiting for the orgasm as it was an old friend not seen for a long time. But among the male companions, tolerance towards the feminine extremes is very common.

Professionals accept anything as long as their life, penis and olfactory sense are not jeopardized. They are glad to provide their services even under “unfavorable” or precarious conditions, such as when the ladies come to visit them tired and barely make any gesture, or when the “environment” where they have to perform (outside their own location) leaves much to be desired.

Except the situations where clients' obsession with passivity strikes the pathology, the occasional tendency to prefer apathy in the bed, has mitigating circumstances. However, in this case, the female culprits do pay... and often not so little!

Beyond the benefit of ephemeral “pampering”, the lack of energy can “strike” at any time. Because of the job, colleagues, husband, parents, parents-in-law, neighbors, the morning coffee, weather, own temperament or simply because of the many useless worries that usually revolve around the fervent female universe. Sometimes, due to the unfavorable stars’ plot, it does happen right on the festive day when meeting the paid male lover, also attracting a slow pace, an atrocious sleepiness, and, implicitly, an acute predilection for less demanding sexual positions.

For those ladies who find themselves in such situations, here are some suggestions:

1.-The missionary. Extremely blamed among those who definitely want to revolutionize sex, the “missionary” proves its usefulness if the female protagonist is half-asleep, has a migraine, muscle fever, the pretense of not moving a single finger, chronic laziness or other similar existential states (specific to the “delicate” gender).

To put into practice the plan of “missionary” love, you only need one piece of endowed male and a comfortable mattress.

Once you have checked these two requirements, you can lie down quietly, staring at the ceiling like at a huge screen from which fireworks will explode soon. However, try to look as sexy as possible in this posture. And try not to fall asleep in the first 5 minutes.

2.-On one side. As its name suggests, this position implies that you lie on one side, with the guy behind you, tightly attached to your body and with your legs placed to create an angle favorable to the vaginal... “invasion” (with the upper leg slightly raised).

Unlike other related positions, just as lazy and inviting to sleep or to transcendental meditation, this one has an extra advantage. Namely, it allows you to control the rhythm and depth of penetration.

If you dream of a moment of pure inertia, in which the hypostasis of mere expectant presence flatters you to the maximum, abandon yourself in the arms of sedentariness and cease the last drop of control to your partner. Do not complicate yourself with the obsession of “who holds the reins”.

Here is a dream of all dames uninterested neither to lose weight, to strengthen their muscles through sex, nor to consolidate their provocative image.

3.-On the belly. The reverse of the “missionary”, lying on the belly with a pillow under the abdomen, follows the same pattern of the comfortable woman... and the “hard-working” man.

For a guaranteed effect, the position is adopted with confidence and with no regrets that the male partner is exploited as a corporatist at work.

If even with escorts you are not entitled to a large dose of selfishness, then when?

4.-Doggy style. The popular position known as “doggy style” (a very suggestive name, otherwise) makes the joy of many intimate moments. Men love it as they love sports or beer, and women practice it, feeling bold and relaxed at the same time.

Since the escort does not see your face or breasts, it would be advisable to compensate for this “visual” deficiency with the classical auditory stimulus... moans. Satisfaction will be on both sides.

5.-The starfish. Ladies who like to get everything on a silver plate, pleasure being no exception (since this is why they pay consistently), have many options at their disposal, the “starfish” being among the most satisfying and rewarding alike.

The name reveals its characteristics right away. It is done as follows: the female part lies on the bed with her arms and legs spread apart (facing upwards), while the man... will do all the “work”. To maintain the rhythm, the lovers can hold hands, collaborating for the same purpose of ultimate pleasure.

Due to the friction of the thighs (which exert pressure on the clitoris), there is significantly accelerated the orgasm’s reaching. Therefore, this position must be on the to-do list, because it ensures a spectacular result, with a minimum investment in physical effort.

6-The triangle. Do not be intimidated by the mathematical connotation of its title. You will not have to turn to calculations, measurements or the theorem of Thales of Miletus.

Sex in the triangle position is performed as follows: the “princess” lies on her back (with the bottom on the edge of the bed) and the legs slightly flexed, and the occasional male lover sneaks between them (with his knees on the floor), perpendicular to the body that he intends to fully satisfy, eventually leaning with one arm against the bed and stimulating the clitoris with the other (if he coordinates his movements well and arthritis is not bothering him). At the same time, the female character can “encourage” him with “hugs” of her legs crossed behind him, not to mention that she can caress her breasts, to the partner's visual joy, receptive (without exception) to such exciting views.

* * *

Useful for female clients willing to escape cheaply after the visit to a gigolo (cheap not from the financial point of view, but energy consumption), these simple positions can be approached sporadically, in a relaxed and alternating setting. Promoted, however, from the state of exception to that of general rule, they significantly narrow the possibilities, compromising some extraordinary discoveries and experiences in the field.