5 benefits of no strings attached sex (for women)

5 benefits of no strings attached sex (for women)

5 benefits of no strings attached sex (for women)

We, people, tend to complicate things a lot. We give sophisticated names to some rudimentary actions, we are excited about sumptuous forms, we prefer “flashy” packages and, in general, we hide behind appearances.

The desire to adorn reality is probably the most difficult (and chronic) disease of humankind. We do not make sex, but love. We do not want to dominate, but to fulfill our dreams. We do not unleash our instincts, but want to be spiritual beings. We do not contest the majority, but we want to preserve universal harmony. And... we are afraid of originality.

This is exactly the case with the main activity of people everywhere: the erotic one. Although its conducting rules differ from one culture to another, in principle some well-grounded patterns are created. Rigid ones, most of the time.

In some cases, love depends exclusively on marriage (there are still such customs in different corners of the world), in others, it happens after the first “I love you”, after at least three dates or after the visual evaluation of the potential for success (the one in the pants, of course).

And yet, why so many rules, restraints or annoying headaches imposed on some adults who do not even want to set themselves for life nor to assign any superior connotation to their intimate act (such as the claim of love, fidelity, commitment or other similar grandiose aspirations, inherited from generation to generation), but just want to feel good?

Yes, they want to have fun! Does fun have to be limited to sports, television, beer, bungee jumping or bombing metropolises in computer games? Why sexually exuberant people are forcedly placed into the category of incurable frivolous people?

Was a mistake made somewhere?

Fortunately, nowadays, free will is compromised only at social level. If they respect the law and common sense, anyone can do anything, including weekly orgies (preferably on weekends).

As the connoisseurs say, “penetration” could also move mountains out of place, chases away depression, relieves pain, clears the nose, burns calories and much more... In other words, it also works instead of medication.

Whether it materializes with paid men (preferably, because they at least know what to do), whether it involves the participation of some vigorous male volunteers, the initiative in question, stripped off of the sentimental devotion’s pressure, overcomes itself.

And this, in spite of any attempts of discrediting it advocated by the adepts of matrimonial rigors. How good is for the psyche, find out in the next few lines. The rest, you can discover it on your own.

1.-It eliminates the stress of emotional complications. Affection-free sex has only one stake. Namely: the sex. By entering such a game, you do not have to worry about other compatibilities that are required between you and your lover. Since the guy has the necessary equipment for the bedroom, does it really matter that he has not finished his studies, that he hates soap operas cleared or that he wakes up late in the morning?

In addition, with such a male specimen alongside, jealousy also disappears. You already know that he does not belong to you for life, so you can live quietly, without obsessively watching him 24 hours a day. And he does not have to do the same with you. Relationships often get “stuck” precisely because of the huge expectations of the partners or their ill-feeling sense of ownership. Where emotions come into play, it is practically impossible for things not to complicate (uselessly).

2.-It saves time. What if the long-awaited “prince” is late? Do you swear eternal fidelity to your old vibrator or do you go out to dates arranged by your female friends in the hope that eventually something promising will come your way and only then you will open your heart and the other important areas to be invaded by thrills?

The strategy is risky. Even damaging. Who knows how long you will have to wait until an interesting HIM appears on the horizon? The one you expect to be both tall and beautiful, and smart, and rich. And, of course, good in bed. By choosing the “no string attached” option, claims are limited to only one and indispensable requirement: good in bed. However, as this feature does not appear in the suave eyes of a potential regular candidate (it may be, at most, intuited), you will need to test his skills by yourself. That is (often) quite embarrassing and time consuming. Or you can go safe, opting for a “specialist” who can guarantee a... happy ending.

3.-It increases self-confidence. Are there women who dislike to be admired in privacy, adored, spoiled by the male who makes the effort of taking them to the heights of happiness? Of course not!

Loneliness, the absence of physical contact affects self-esteem. The ladies who have not seen from the days of Prehistory a naked male over, under or next to them, start to feel suspicious doubts about their personal charm. The fact that they are courted by different individuals or satisfied by a careful professional, simply feeds their ego.

Therefore, do not wait until you reach the point where you sincerely doubt your femininity. Get into action right now, knowing that a daring affair has miraculous effects on an ego thirsty for validation.

4.-It “opens” the mind. Everywhere there are discussions about the fact that stable relationships predispose to routine, to the same reheated soup, to the same “missionary” lacking vitality (as it is the case with anything else trivialized by repetition).

Boredom is the number one enemy of life itself, let alone of austere and quiet relationships. Unlike them, spontaneous escapades do not have time to be “consumed” by monotony, for they end as quickly as they have begun. They activate certain resources of whose existence even their female owner might likely have no idea. How does this miracle happen? Thanks to the disinhibition encouraged by the context. Whoever dares to roam into the territory of one-night experiences is forced to leave their timidity at home.

If you start an affair with the single thought of having fun, you will surprise yourself. Maybe your partner as well, when you will tempt him to tie you to the bed and confidently bite your buttocks.

5.-It clarifies your preferences. The more frequently you engage in fleeting affairs, the better you will understand your own preferences (on the principle of “doing and seeing”). No matter how philosophical it may sound, no one has gone too far (inside themselves) by remaining in a crystal ball and refusing new experiences. The same happens with the expansion of sexual knowledge. Some feelings and fantasies are accessible only through short-term “follies”: dating a stranger, for example. Or spending a night with a “stallion” specialized in “dangerous” eroticism. There are countless examples.

How else could you feel the adrenaline of a purely physical encounter, if you never try it?