20 curiosities about VAGINA

20 curiosities about VAGINA

20 curiosities about VAGINA

The star of any sexual encounter, the vagina hides secrets that many people do not know. For men,as a matter of fact, it does suffice to see the entrance and the (free) road to it. Why should one bother with dull details, when they can perform as well without having a clue about the etymology of the word, about the connection of the organ with the height of the woman, or the one between its natural smell and the fragrance of musk? Just because... Information is power? A trained penis does not guarantee, implicitly, a highly potent penis. However, the knowledge in the field has (at least) the merit of opening the minds of males and of making them somewhat more versatile with regard to the topic in discussion. This besides the fact that the “mysteries” of the little and adorable “character”, are relished absolutely .

Here are the most sympathetic curiosities omitted at the anatomy lesson:

1.-The term “vagina” comes from Latin and means “sheath for the sword”. The significance of it sounds worthy and promising, though, in fact, the diminutive “little sword” is likely to be more appropriate.

2.-The intimate feminine area has extraordinary elastic capabilities. Appropriately stimulated, it can expand up to 200%. The lucky guys endowed with extra inches (in length or thickness) do not have to worry about the tyrannosaurus in their pants. There is room enough! Plenty of it!

3.-How can the “peach” get to look like a sock turned aback? As strange as it may seem, the phenomenon of vaginal prolapse (the “fall” out of one’s the body of the genital apparatus) affects many mothers after birth. Fortunately, medicine has solutions!

4.-Things introduced (inadvertently or knowingly) into the place meant for the erect limb, are not lost. The respective area, however, is not a bottomless bag, a sort of “Bermuda Triangle” that “swallows” objects ruthlessly and definitively.The cervix located at the end of the vesicular cavity, faithfully guards the entrance to the uterus, functioning as a sort of barrier. Only the sperm is allowed to pass. Sometimes...

5.-The natural lubricant secreted in moments of maximum pleasure contains a special “ingredient” also present in the sharks’ (squalene) liver. Could there be more eloquent an evidence of the fact that women have some sort of... fatal origin?

6.-Devoted as if their life itself were at stake, the theorists work with wrath to map the labyrinth between sensual legs. They test hypotheses, establish correlations, identify points. More recently, alongside the famous “G” spot (located halfway between the pubic bone and the cervix), specialists talk about the so-called A zone (Anterior Fornix Erogenous) discovered by a Malaysian sexologist. Further to thorough measurements, this (the point at issue, not the sexologist) lies on the inward wall of the vagina, at the same distance between the lower part of the uterus and its almost twin-brother, Mr. G. Obviously, that stimulation triggers frantic feelings and chain orgasms. In happy cases.

7.-The entrance into the magic tunnel contains many nerve endings (extremely sensitive and thrilling), due to which the owners get to scream. The entrance portion responds excellently to the manually induced stimuli, with the tongue, using various objects or by means of introducing the very spectacular male part.

8.-The smell and taste of the “private” parts of women, also depend on food. Fruits, for example, give them an appetizing, sweet flavour. It may be a good idea for a proper diet to be adopted for this purpose. Thus, partners would never complain again. Of no unpleasant “breeze” (gust) or extra weight.

9.-It is said that a clean vagina smells of musk. And that it would be good... to be so!

10.-Like the eye, the organ located somewhat “lower” has the ability to self-cleaning. That, however, does not eliminate the need for rigorous hygiene. Day by day.

11.-Aging brings with it wrinkles on the face, but also to the place whereby some ladies become famous in life. It is not for nothing that the aesthetic operations address exclusively the improvement of the appearance of vulnerable “little lips” in the face of time. Especially when these constitute the object of work, being a source of celebrity or income.

12.-The title of “mammal with the largest vagina” is indisputable to the blue whale. This marine creature has no competitor at all to this chapter. Its reproductive organ reaches an impressive length of 1.82-2.43 m (5.971-7.972 ft). It is simple to draw conclusions on male whale endowment. Ladies, do not lose yourselves here. Breathe deeply!

13.-The title of “the person with the deepest vagina” pertains to Anna Bates (Swann), who lived in the 19th century. With a height of 2.27 meters (7.447 ft), the respective woman entered the Book of Records due to her own “abyss” of pleasure of “only”... 48 cm (18.89 in). In 1879 she gave birth to a child of 10.8 kilograms (23.809 lb), deceased, shortly after coming to the world.

14.-At the other extreme, there is a tiny orifice, of about 3 cm (1.181 inches). The situation was critical, requiring correcting surgery. Talk to the stallions that they are going through existential crises because of their size...

15.-The lack of sexual activity causes the thinning of vaginal walls. For strengthening the muscles in this area, Kegel exercises (alternative straining and relaxation of circular, internal muscles, for 5 minutes daily) are recommended for abstainers. They suit the “active” ladies perfectly, as they help to enhance pleasure. With a drop of will, true miracles can be made.(a drop of will would do wonders).

16.-The one who trains sufficiently enough one’s intimate “treasure”, gathers the fruits in the bedroom or even... on television. This is the case of Tatyana Kozhevnikov, Russian, able to support 14 kg (30.864 lb) without hands. How? With the help of the vagina. What other “stuff” does the “sportswoman” manage to do with his or her own organ?

17.-The risk of contacting one or more of the unwanted venereal diseases increases with physical actions during menstruation (bacteria multiply more easily). Not that a lot of people would have strived to perform on the “red cod”, but, useful to know.

18.-Representatives of the feeble gender have suffered, over the course of history, a series of injustices, some of them rather stupid. In the Middle Ages, for example, girls were discouraged from reaching orgasm because it was thought that the evil feeling affects their ability to become pregnant. How cruel! Or was it about just stupidity only?

19.-The linguistic inventiveness of the peoples has no boundaries. It is believed that there are over 1,000 slang words associated with the vagina. The “black hole” is one of them. The complete list would absolutely make a certainly a most enjoyable reading.

20.-Vibrators are beneficial today, just like in the past. Physicians from the XIX-th century (the beginning of the XX-th century) handled the artificial phalluses to exhaustion, attributing therapeutic value to the treatment of female patients diagnosed with hysteria. A strange cause-effect association. Still, though...