12 true facts about SEX

12 true facts about SEX

12 true facts about SEX


He discovered fire, invented the wheel, decoded relativity, went to the Moon, he made remote communication possible and he was not afraid to tell the truth about his secret desires through pornography. He answers to the name of“MAN” and, apart from his wonderful achievements, he remains a mere depository of instincts somewhat polished. He distinguishes himself by a herd spirit, unlimited patience and high interest in sex. If he is a male, he will do anything to get it. Is she is a female, she will think twice before initiating it... or at least it used to be like this before, during the ancient days. Nowadays, everyone has sex as much as desired and examine the problem in detail every time they get the chance to.

As in this case:

1.-Despite the prejudice that inactive single people masturbate as often as they sleep, eat or drink, while “occupied” people violate themselves only occasionally, some researches in this field overturn this opinion. The body of the diva fans (not just manual lays) produces testosterone in excess and, given that those partners aren’t always at their disposal, sometimes they are forced to fend for themselves.

2.-On one hand contested, on the other hand reinforced by the existence of favourable studies, the correlation between the consumption of chocolate and libido increase, seems to reflect an undeniable reality: compulsive female consumers get excited more easily than those who care for their silhouette and avoid sweets. It’s more of a psychological effect rather than a physiological one, but who cares? That’s why those who show up on a date with their arms full of flowers and chocolate should be appreciated not mocked. They know what they are doing!

3.-In addition to the romantic, syrupy connotation of the gesture, seen at the end of the movies with little hearts in the air and butterflies in the stomach, the kiss also has some miraculous properties, often underestimated:
a)-it purifies... possibly the soul but also the body, as the saliva contains disinfectants (prerequisite: the owners must be clinically healthy);
b)-it improves body circulation (a real kiss involves approx. 30 facial muscles which normally are unworked). Sometimes those who practice it exceed this limit, especially if they know how to properly use their tongue too.

4.-Making ladies hot, i.e. foreplay, implies sacrifices and a lot of wasted time. Time during which men could easily take a nap, drink coffee, watch a game, do the lawn, analyse the sense of life or their purpose on the Earth. They don’t need a huge amount of caresses, kisses and long moans to get into the “mood”. 10 seconds are more than enough. As long as they have “something” in front of their eyes.

5.-1% of the women have a genuine luck (they can reach orgasm by simply caressing their breasts). Actually, the action itself is not easy at all, as it requires a careful, sustained and complex stimulation. But even less common than the ladies’ capacity to get erotic emotions after the touch of their breasts, seems to be the patience of the men determined to start such a mission.

6.-Among the dearest fantasies of the heart (read “penis”) we can also find ejaculation on (or in) different parts (holes, cavities etc.) of the female body. Sometimes this gesture is quite risky, as 5% of the subjects are allergic to sperm. Who’d like to find themselves with their tongue swollen and bulgy eyes because of the interaction with some “seed”? In fact, some gentlemen also have this ingrate sensibility, having to use additional caution when spoiling themselves, on the manual... “mode”.

7.-Gays, bisexuals, pansexuals... And the list continues. Labels meant to describe the attraction or the sexual-emotional desire of people are increasingly diverse, which means that this characteristic isn’t a universal one-way road. Perhaps the most incomprehensible of all sex defiant people are the asexual subjects (people who are generally uninterested in the body fusion), who don’t feel a thing when seeing a naked chest, who remain cold when touching a breast or see a penis getting hard. Of course, it is the right of the “rarities” (10% of the population is said to fall into this category) to stay away of the natural carnal urgings. But the others also have the right to marvel at the situation.

8.-When excited, the clitoris can double (or triple, according to some specialists) its size. Because of its constituent erectile tissues, the little organ designed exclusively for pleasure, swells and gets hard, letting the person who’s paying attention to it know that his efforts are nothing in vain.

9.-During the moments of absolute bliss, the heart goes crazy, the planets align, problems disappear and peace fills every corner of the soul. And in case it wasn’t clear the first time, the heart really goes crazy. Or how do you call it when it reaches over 160 beats per minute?

10.-Everybody knows that men love shaved pubis. The naturalness of the area and its “capillary” adornment has not yet been declared as an innovative method of exhilarating a sad willy. And probably it won’t be too soon, but one of the reasons of the fascination with the hairless vagina (apart from the aesthetic-aseptic one), has to do with the infantilism of the evoked image. Pretty... odd, isn’t it?

11.-Although when it comes to “the most common male fantasy” we can consider them all (so would say intuition and common sense), some statistics indicate oral sex as the clear winner of the competition in question. Predictable fact if we were to look at the reaction men have when seeing a lady putting a banana in her mouth or licking an ice-cream.

12.-Although doctors don’t prescribe it as such, arthritis, back pains and headaches cure with a sane treatment of orgasm. Used in sufficient doses, it eliminates discomfort and heals anyone suffering of such illness. Besides, no side effects or contraindications. So, it is the ideal antidote.