10 important tips for escorts’ clients

10 important tips for escorts’ clients

10 important tips for escorts’ clients

“Sex is dirty only if it’s done right.”
(from Murphy’s laws)

Even if for many people it comes as a surprise, the use of escort services is not a novelty of our contemporary times. This type of arrangement has been going on for centuries or even for millennia, as the ancients were very much aware of the benefits of those moments of pleasure spent in the company of what they then called “courtesans”. If someone dreams of sex without taboos, then the way to experience it would have been if that person lived in ancient Greece and not in our days.

Greek orgies had a serious motivation in the religious beliefs that predominated in ancient Greece, as orgies were permitted or even encouraged by the gods. Sexual relations were not constrained by the idea of sin or guilt and there was no distinction between homosexuality and heterosexuality. While sex was regarded as a higher form of union with divinity, love or excessive emotions were frowned upon and seen as a form of psychological alteration, a mental disease in the true sense of the term.

Can we still doubt the fact that the cradle of civilization and spirituality was ancient Greece? Greeks used to say (and they were probably right) that the sexual act itself is not evil or sinful, the moments, places or people who do it are. Superbly said!

But, unfortunately, nowadays, after a few thousands of years of “evolution”, political and economic interests brutally and duplicitously shape the way society perceives sexuality. We are forced from all sides, through all the means of mass communication and through all moral levers within the reach of those who influence communities, to settle into such an insidious and hypocritical convenience that sometimes it is difficult to distinguish what is good from what is evil. And messing up the compass pointing to good and evil, changing the rules of human coexistence usually happens so frequently and so quickly according to the interests of those who set the rules that dictate our behavioral models.

Sometimes the blurriness of these rules is not actually the cause of deviant, aberrant or, more elegantly said... eccentric behaviors. Only time will tell what should and what should not remain in the sphere of our interpersonal relationships.

So far, it seems that sex and all its avatars have been undeniably successful in taking precedence although the attempts of some to state the exact opposite are quite often desperate.

And since many of you will want to try out the controversy mentioned so far, here are some important tips to establish a pleasant relationship with those who support eroticism, in other words... with the escorts.

01.-The fact that you pay an escort for her time is not a reason for you to be discourteous or impolite. Precisely because you can afford such pleasures, you should be decent and civilized, earning thus the respect you most definitely deserve. What is more, an uncivilized attitude or (even worse) a cruel attitude, instead of an exciting climax, can determine a very sad ending for such a meeting or can get you into trouble and even into legal disputes. At least out of interest, if not out of conviction, it is worth to try a mannered and gentle approach to the relationship with such women. You will be surprised to see that in 90% of cases, their involvement will be much more intense if you treat them decently and, implicitly, your satisfaction will be greater. Don’t let yourself be influenced by the stereotypes heard around you according to which escorts are vulgar and indecent beings. Even if sometimes some of them are like that, their attitude is only an effect of the traumatic experiences they have gone through because of men who lack common sense and education. Beyond this behavioral “shell”, you will discover that escorts have souls too, just like you, and if you have decided to experience an intimate fantasy with them, perhaps you should discover their sensitive side too... This sensitive side really exists and those who will have the patience and luck to get to discover it will enjoy even more sensual experiences.

02.-If you feel tempted to negotiate the prices of an escort or if, after a couple of visits, you feel that the friendship that connects you to her gives you the right to enjoy discounts or free services from time to time, try to think that that principle can very well work the other way around too. That is to say, an escort can also negotiate a higher price than what she asked at the beginning or, after you have had a few meetings, she can simply ask you for the money, without giving you anything in exchange. You know... out of friendship. NO, such thing cannot be done and the prices set by escorts are not negotiable! You either accept them or refuse them! The only exception to this rule is the case in which, after telling an escort that the prices asked exceed your possibilities and expectations, she asks you how much you would be willing to offer. Only then can you attempt a small negotiation. But be careful! Don’t take advantage of this opportunity to turn it into a petty business. The services you will receive will match your speculation...

03.-If you have set a date with an escort, don’t invite your friends like you were going to a bar! Everything you have agreed was for the time spent exclusively with you, not with a group. And then... the escort might not be the kind of person who accepts “crowds”. It is better to call and ask!

04.-You shouldn’t be shy or nervous. Even if, for you, this is the first experience of this kind, acting tense or agitated won’t help. Try to relax and let the “professional” suggest what you should do. She has undoubtedly gone through similar situations and she will certainly know how to lead you towards achieving your desired goal. If you want to know something or if you have any questions, just ask her. If she knows the answer, she will most certainly give it to you. The escort works in a very unusual world, and your curiosity, as strange as it might be, is certainly not something she has not heard before. In such circumstances, communicating and talking are always the keys to success.

05.-You shouldn’t cancel a date without prior notice! Nothing is more unpleasant than making someone wait for you in vain. Let alone the fact that, all this while, the escort could have scheduled another date. When something unforeseen comes up or when you simply change your mind, it is much more decent to communicate your unavailability. Otherwise, next time you call, you are likely to be refused.

06.-You shouldn’t ignore the limitations or rules that the escort makes known to you from the very beginning (either in the escort’s ad or during the telephone conversation you will have with her to establish the details of a possible date). You are free to accept or refuse them! Everyone is entitled to their own choices when it comes to their intimate preferences. Trying to defy these rules or relying on the premise that “at the scene you will make sure things go your way” is one of the worst ideas you could have. Escorts know exactly what they want, how they want it and if they want it and they retaliate vehemently when someone defies their rules. You might have to leave just when the atmosphere is getting more exciting. Don’t rely on the fact that those who work in this field are aroused like any other person and in those moments, they might succumb to momentary emotions or to your attempts to control them emotionally. It is out of the question! If you imagine that the baker still feels a craving when he smells his own freshly baked bread, you are seriously mistaken.

07.-If by any chance you believe in the stereotypes seen on TV with sweaty gardeners or workers who radiate sexuality, well, we have to ruin your fantasy right now and tell you that the eroticism of such characters is strictly visual (if it exists at all). No one wants to caress a moist and fowl smelling skin. So... a shower is worth more than 100 images of sweaty muscles. And one other thing! If the escort asks you to take a shower before (even if you took a shower at home a short time ago), don’t feel offended and accept the suggestion. Such attitude reveals respect for personal hygiene and this is a most welcoming aspect.

08.-You shouldn’t let your personal belongings out of your sight because, although it is nice to imagine we live in a perfect world, reality is not quite like that. Not all escorts are honest and trustworthy (as is the case for people working in any field of activity). That is why the smart thing to do on such a date is not to let your wallet, mobile phone, watch or any other valuable object out of your sight. You should keep these personal belongings in one place or you shouldn’t take them out of your pockets. Your identification documents are as important – based on them, the escort’s potential “friends” might “visit” your home when you are not there. And their purpose, of course, will not be to vacuum your carpets... Unfortunately, with some sexy help, in bed you are predisposed to “forget” very quickly about your valuables.

09.-You shouldn’t lend money or offer services of any kind to escorts. It is certainly hard to resist their ardent pleas, but your gesture might create a precedent and a personal connection that exceeds the limits of the relationship you have established at the beginning. And that is never a good sign. An additional problem in your life, whose evolution is hard to anticipate, even if you have the illusion (because it is just an illusion!) of discounts or free services in the future, is still a problem. Never forget the reason for which you hired an escort!

10.-You shouldn’t start a conversation or talk about your personal or intimate life or about your partner’s intimate life. You have not come to see a therapist and you are not the guest of a talk show about the spicy details of an escort’s life. Besides the fact that such conversations can ruin the eroticism of the moment, often evolving in sad directions, the clock is ticking and every minute... costs!